Friday, February 27, 2009

Givenchy Spring 2009 Collection - Maharani Spring

This spring, Givenchy released a collection that is based on India and the looks of India women. This reminds me a of spring version of last fall’s collection from Lancôme. There is not much different in the colors but I really wasn’t a fan of that one and I doubt that I will be a fan of this one. Here is the description from Sephora, “Inspired by the sensual and refined beauty of Indian women, this precious collection offers touches of bright, joyful oranges and pinks that are evocative of the culture's ornate clothing and makeup. Together, the sultry shades create a seductive look expressed through a soft healthy complexion, sensual lips, and—most of all—intense, magnetic eyes.” The collection itself is called Maharani Spring (Lancôme’s was called Maharani Jewels). I might be a fan of the pinks in this collection but I will be skipping the oranges.

The collection…

Sari Glow Iridescent Blush - Givenchy Sari Glow Iridescent Blush produces a naturally luminous complexion. Its terracotta texture is silky soft with iridescent mother of pearls that add a gleaming pop of color to the skin. The powder is customized with Indian bindies for the ultimate twinkling and color touch.
- 43 Maharani Pink - luminous rosy pink
- 44 Maharani Orange - luminous golden peach

Prismissime 22 Maharani Apricots - Givenchy Prismissime - 22 Maharani Apricots contains a collection of pearly and matte shades for a radiant complexion that looks and feels completely natural.

Prismissime 21 Maharani Pinks - Givenchy Prismissime - 21 Maharani Pinks contains a collection of pearly shades for a radiant complexion that looks and feels completely natural.

Magic Kajal Eye Pencil - Givenchy Magic Kajal Eye Pencil reveals the beauty of eyes with a very intense carbon black shade to apply around the inner rim of the eyelids. Inspired by the kajal used by Indian women, the pencil contains wax and oil—making the texture creamy and generous. The formula is enriched with vitamin E for a smooth application and is long-lasting—allowing your dark, eye-catching look to last all day.
- 1 Magic Black - carbon black

Precious Sari Glittering Eye Shadow - Givenchy Precious Sari Glittering Eye shadow allows you to reproduce the shimmering effect of a mirror-embroidered sari on your eyelids. This glittering gel formula is non-sticky and non-oily, and it creates a fresh sensation when applied to the skin. The unique packaging features precious golden Indian bindies on all four sides.
- 1 Maharani Silver - true silver shimmer
- 2 Maharani Gold - true gold shimmer

Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick - Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick - Spring 2009 is the Maharani version of the brand's emblematic lipstick. Inspired by earthy and henna tones, these shades create naturally lush lips
- 40 Maharani Rose - deep vivid rose
- 41 Maharani Henna - warm brick red

I think I will be passing on this whole collection. It could be pretty for a women with a deeper skin tone but will not work on my super-pale face.

photo courtesy of Sephora

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upcoming MAC Collections

After reading through the blog, I found the list of upcoming MAC collections with their release dates. I am super excited for Sugar Sweet and A Rose Romance.

- MAC Grand Duos - 3/12
- MAC Sugar Sweet - 3/19
- MAC VG6 Special Edition - 3/19
- MAC Colour Ready - 4/2
- MAC A Rose Romance - 4/23
- MAC Double Dazzle - 4/30
- MAC Style Warriors - 5/28
- MAC Naked Honey - 6/11
- MAC Electroflash Anniversary - 7/9

It will be an exciting next few months at the MAC counter…

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Mascara Number 2 - Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara

The second mascara that I decided to try is the one that I was looking forward to the most. And in my experience, when I really look forward to using something, I usually get let down because I build it up to be something so big that no product can ever live up to. I am referring to Givenchy’s Phenomen’eyes, the mascara with the brush that resembles a medieval torture device. This mascara has been lauded and highly criticized at the same time, producing a somewhat a cult like following.

Givenchy has a ton of information available on this product so I have a lot to review and write about. First is Givenchy’s overall description of the mascara, “Its innovative new design and high-precision application method will make all existing mascaras a thing of the past. For many women, applying mascara is still a difficult process. Without a steady hand, it is hard to get precise results. That’s why Givenchy has taken a leaf out of this daring new design offering a brand-new way to apply mascara. Givenchy’s groundbreaking patented spherical brush reaches everywhere. It simplifies application, for perfectly shaped eyes and spectacular panoramic results.”

Here is their description of the ball shaped brush, “The Phenomen’Eyes brush is made of an elastomer that helps it glide over the lashes. Shaped like a perfect sphere, with carefully distributed bristles, it offers precise application of the product and optimal separation of the lashes, with no clumping. Its spherical brush allows for high-precision application with freedom of movement through 360°. It seeks out every single lash, even the most difficult to reach, coating and shaping them from the base to the very tip.”

The description of the texture of the mascara, “The formula is based on water and a cutting-edge polymer. When the mascara is applied, the water evaporates, allowing the polymer to put its shaping, separating and lengthening powers to work in an optimal way. A dense, structured network forms on the lashes, which are shaped into a lasting supple curl with a spectacular panoramic effect. The formula contains D-Panthenol, which fortifies and restructures the lashes from the inside, making them denser and thicker.”

This was the hardest mascara so far that I have ever used. First, the directions said to start at the outside of the eye and sweep it all over the lashes, working your way to the inside of your eyes. The first time that I used it, I started by doing that then took the brush and starting at the inside of the eye, did the exact same thing to the in the opposite direction. Not a good idea - I ended up with about two huge, clumpy lashes. The best way to use this product is to start with the strategy that the company recommends then to take the ball and go over each lash by itself.
The result - huge, perfectly defined lashes!

Of course there are several things about this mascara that I don’t love. The formula is very wet and I feel that it never really dries so it smudges and clumps all the time. Also, it is hard to remove at night and usually takes some scrubbing with the eye makeup remover. Even after the scrubbing, I am still usually left with some traces of black residue under my eyes. This mascara gives a very dramatic effect and I have found that it can overwhelm some of the more minimal makeup looks that I do sometimes. So I alternate this mascara with Awake Stardom Mascara (more on this one later).

The verdict - I love this mascara for dramatic lashes and I feel that the drawbacks are not enough to stop me from loving it. I do recommend to alternate this mascara with another one because it gives a very dramatic effect. This one really didn’t disappoint like I was afraid that it would.
photo courtesy of Sephora

Friday, February 20, 2009

My New Haircut

My dreams of having Twilight hair are definitely over. The longest layer of my hair now only hit’s the top of my shoulders with the shortest reaching just to my chin. In total, I got between 6 and 7 inches off of it. This new style definitely calls for the flat iron and would be horrifying with a curling iron… The daydream was fun while it lasted…

Thursday, February 19, 2009

YSL Spring 2009 Collection

The amount of spring collections that we have to look at yet is beginning to dwindle down, but there are still a few more that need to be reviewed. The Spring 2009 collection from YSL is based on bright colors and reminds me of a sunset. I can see this collection being very popular this spring because this is the only collection that I have looked at so far that is embracing the bright tangerine trend that is in all the fashion magazines. Quite unique when reviewed against the others. The description of the collection is, “Contemporary art inspires this year’s Spring Look. An explosion of vivid colours, graphic lines and sensorial textures reveal a strikingly modern interpretation of beauty.”

Here is what is needed to create this look…

Touche Eclat Radiant Touch - Instant highlighter. The best selling must - have take-anywhere pen-brush for adding a touch of light or banishing shadows and signs of fatigue from the eye area, the hollow of the chin, the contour of the lips and the sides of the nose.

Palette d’Artiste Collector Powder for the Complexion - This palette knows all the secrets of dazzling spring beauty. A bronzing powder to warm and sculpt the face; two vivid shades, orange and pink, to enliven the cheeks; and a pale rose highlighter to highlight the rounded parts of the face. Gently mixed around and applied on the cheekbones, they promote an instant healthy glow. Extremely soft and fine, this powder ensures long-lasting comfort.

Palette d’Artiste Collector Powder for the Eyes - This daring quartet has been designed to enhance any eye colour and to endlessly “customize” your look: pale yellow, tender pink or sage-green to dress the eyelids and deep violet to structure and intensify. Perfectly adjustable, easy to apply and mix, they will turn your look into a work of art.

Easy Liner for Eyes Automatic Eyeliner - Easy Liner For Eyes is not only ultra-glamorous, it is also easy to use. Its calligraphic brush offers great precision and its continuous but ultra controlled flow delivers the exact quantity of formula at each application. It guarantees an even line and gives an intense look all day long.
- #2 Easy Brown - mink brown
- #3 Easy Blue - bright blue

Everlong Mascara Lengthening Mascara - Innovation dedicated to seduction. Everlong Mascara is the first mascara that offers a double lengthening effect: instant make up result and long-term lengthening action thanks to the association of a new generation moulded brush with an exclusive complex encouraging lash growth.
- #7 Ever Steel Blue - blue gray

Fard a Levres Rouge Pur Pure Lipstick - Colour with care. Lip colour and care in one, Rouge Pur stays fresh for hours while ensuring hydration and protection to the lips. Available in a sensational range of shades.
- N 144 Silky Apricot - peachy apricot

Gloss Pur Pure Lip Gloss - Pure colour and high shine. YSL's newest lip gloss is everything you need to achieve an ultra-sophisticated every-day look. Based on YSL's top selling lip gloss, Golden Gloss, GLOSS PUR delivers a sparkle-free beautiful and glossy sheen to the lips.
- #3 Pure coral - bright coral

Nail Touch Nail Lacquer - A clever pen brush, incredibly simple to use, to varnish the nails anywhere, anytime and very quickly! In a single click, the nails are adorned with a veil of pearly shine or glossy colour.
- N 6 Coral Touch - bright coral

Mehhhh…I don’t like coral, so really this collection holds little to no appeal for me at all. So, I really doubt that I will be picking up anything from this collection. However, I do like that it is more unique than all pale pinks and beiges that we have been seeing this spring.
photo courtesy of YSL

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stila Spring 2009 Collection - Barbie Loves Stila

I am going to assume that most people reading this remember the Barbie collection that MAC did about two years ago in the spring time. If not, here is a quick recap; very popular, lots of pink, and spawned lots of imitations over the next few months after the release. The latest company to imitate this collection and use Barbie as their muse is Stila. This year is Barbie’s 50th birthday and the company is helping her to celebrate in high style. The collection is called Barbie Loves Stila and I would too if I was her. I loved playing with Barbie when I was young and had amassed quite the collection of them through birthdays, Christmas, and the generosity of my family.

Here is the description from Stila. “A beauty trendsetter and style icon, Barbie has had all eyes on her for 50 years. Now it's your turn to get all dolled up. Each paint can in this cute-as-punch collection features a famed Barbie look from the past five decades and all the beauty essentials needed to make it all yours. And the palette? It literally talks you through every step for scoring classic Barbie-pink eyes. Play time just got prettier.”

The collection is right here…

Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can - 1959 #1 Ponytail Doll - Stila Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can - 1959 #1 Ponytail Doll is modeled after the first Barbie doll—with striking red lips and black-rimmed cat eyes, this doll is the epitome of 1950s glamour. The three-pan palette contains eye shadows, a cheek color, and matte red lipstick so you can create the iconic look with just one kit at your fingertips.
- 3 Pan Palette with a deep blue eye shadow with white shimmer, a matte black eye shadow, and a luminous coral cheek color

- Lip Color in Ponytail (matte cherry red)

- Liquid Eye Liner in Black

Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can - 1971 Malibu Doll - Stila Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can - 1971 Malibu Doll contains aqua eye shadow and pink lips for a sunny, beach look that symbolizes the fresh, natural beauty of the 1970s. The three-pan palette contains eye shadows, a bronzing powder, and pinky-peach lip glaze so you can create the iconic look with just one kit at your fingertips.
- 3 Pan Palette with a soft shimmering pale pink eye shadow, a sky blue eye shadow with white shimmer, and a golden bronze bronzer

- Lip Glaze in Malibu (pale pinky peach)

- Lash Visor Waterproof Mascara in Black

Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can - 1980 Foxy Doll - Stila Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can - 1980 Foxy Doll delivers a warm, sultry look that features coral lips and earth-toned shadow—the very look that made this doll the epitome of bold 1980's glamour. The three-pan palette contains eye shadows, a matte-berry cheek powder, and sheer tangerine lip glaze so you can create the iconic look with just one kit at your fingertips.
- 3 Pan Palette with a shimmering soft wheat eye shadow, a shimmering golden brown eye shadow, and a matte soft berry cheek color

- Lip Glaze in Foxy (sheer tangerine)

- Lash Visor Waterproof Mascara in Black

Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can - 2000 Jewel Doll - Stila Barbie Loves Stila Paint Can - 2000 Jewel Doll delivers a hip, sparkly look featuring shimmery shadows and glossy pink lips—the very look that exemplified "new millennium pretty." The three-pan palette contains eye shadows, a mid-tone blue pink with white shimmer cheek color, and a pale pink lip glaze so you can create the iconic look with just one kit at your fingertips
- 3 Pan Palette with a tan eye shadow with pink shimmer, a brown eye shadow with gold and brown shimmer, and a shimmering pink cheek color

- Lip Glaze in Jewel (shimmering vivid pink)

- Multi-effect Mascara in Black

Barbie Loves Stila Talking Palette - A palette that contains four wet/dry eye shadows and a glitter eyeliner, and it literally talks you through each application step!
- Palette includes shadows in cool pink shimmer (base), bright pink lilac with gold sparkle (lid), deep burgundy pink (crease), and dark purple with blue sparkle (liner).

I love these little Paint Cans, they are the some of the cutest packaging that I have ever seen. I also love that someone can buy one of these as a gift and the recipient gets everything they need to create the look. I really want the 2000 Jewel Doll because it seems to be the only one that will really work with my complexion. However, pale blue eye shadow is in many of these collections and while I that it is Barbie’s signature, it is not mine!

photo courtesy of Sephora

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update To Twilight Hair...

Remember about a month ago when I made a huge fuss about hating my hair and wanting to go for the look in Twilight? Well that actually ended up never happening and my haircut appointment is this week, so depending on how much I get cut off, it might never happen.
The reason that it never really happened? I never got a chance to run out and buy the correct sized curling iron. Also, my flat iron died and I need this to live and style my hair everyday so that had to be replaced before anything else.

I’m still trying to figure out what I will be doing to my hair at my cut, but if by some chance that I can still do that Twilight hair, I will be going out and getting the correct curling iron sometime soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lippmann Collection Spring Shades

From the very first time that I have ever used Lippmann Collection nail polishes, I have been seriously in love with them. The line was created by Deborah Lippmann, who first began as a manicurist to the stars and after the suggestion of Mariah Carey, created her own line of high quality hand products and treatments. She got her start in the Fekkai salon in Bergdorf Goodman and was discovered by Bobbi Brown.

Her polish collection includes shades that were inspired by celebrities and named after them and shades that are named from jazz songs (Lippmann was an aspiring musician throughout her life and was able to bring out her own CD several years ago). My favorite colors from her are Sarah Smile, which was created with Sarah Jessica Parker. Lippmann was the manicurist on the set of Sex and the City and many of the products in the collection were created for the show. Sarah Smile is a sheer, sexy pink and is the best selling shade in the collection. My other favorite color is called Just Walk Away Renee, created with Renee Zellweger. This color is the perfect black cherry red. I also want to get Tiny Dancer, another pale pink created after the Elton John song (one of my favorite songs ever).

Her new collection for spring contains two new shades. The first one is called Purple Rain and was created with Zac Posen for his spring collection. The color is named after the Prince song from the 80s and it is a beautiful twinkling lilac and is sure to be a huge hit this spring. This shade is not available in stores yet but with all the hype around it, I predict that it will sell out in about two days. The other color is named Icing on the Cake, which is a beauty queen pearly pink frost and is named after a song (I assume).

I like both of the colors but I want Purple Rain really bad. Lippmann Collection has never turned out a bad product and I would never hesitate to purchase anything from them, sight unseen.

photo courtesy og Lippmann Collection

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-Day to Me!

So today is Valentine’s Day. In between the launch of Hello Kitty and my large group project for class, I actually somehow forgot about this holiday. But, really, I hate Valentine’s Day and my thoughts on love and marriage can be summed up with these quotes from my favorite show.

- “Who needs a wife when you have a life?” - Richard Wright

- “Marriage doesn’t guarantee a happy ending. Just an ending.” - Samantha Jones

- “You're engaged!” - Charlotte York

“I threw up. I saw the ring and I threw up. That can't be normal.” - Carrie Bradshaw

“That's my reaction to marriage.” Samantha Jones

- “All married couples stop having sex eventually.” - Samantha Jones

“That's not true, you've had sex with plenty of married people.” - Miranda Hobbes

“That's how I know!” - Samantha Jones

- “Did they actually use the term ‘soul mates’. Then I give them three months” - Mr. Big

In the tradition of the holiday, I woke up in the morning to find a beautifully wrapped gift addressed to myself. I opened it up to discover a little gift from me to me. I received the Dylan’s Candy Bar Strawberry Licorice Soda Pop Shower Gel, Strawberry Licorice Body Smoothie Lotion, and the Philosophy Frosted Pink Layer Cake 3 in 1.

I had raved about the Dylan’s Candy Bar line when it first came out and came to love the Chocolate Cupcake products. I was so in love with that scent and I was really excited to try the Strawberry Licorice products to use in the warmer weather.

The shower gel description is right here, “It's time to indulge in a delicious shower with Dylan's Candy Bar's Strawberry Licorice Soda Pop Shower Gel. This skin-moisturizing, super-lathering Re-Treat Body Wash combines Soapwort Extract with an ultra-moisturizing blend of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Jojoba Seed Oil to create the ultimate cleansing experience.” The body lotion description is right here, “Re-Treat Body Lotion is rich in vitamins A and E, as well as hydrating herbal extracts of Aloe Vera and Chamomile to moisturize and soften your skin.”
Gifts like this make this icky holiday very bearable…

photo courtesy of Sephora

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bobbi Brown Spring 2009 Collection

Several days ago, we looked at Bobbi Brown’s “reject” palette, now let’s look at the products and colors that actually make the cut to be in her collections. Her spring collection is called Blushed Pink and is series of shimmer-based, sheer shades. From the Bobbi Brown website, “Pure Romance - Sparkling eyes are paired with creamy blushed pink cheeks and lips for a look that's soft, refined and absolutely effortless.“ Here is a quote from Bobbi herself about this collection, “Pairing different textures on the face is what’s new for spring”.

The collection is right here…

Sparkle Eye Shadow - New Sparkle Eye Shadow is a featherweight formula that instantly lights up eyes with a unique combination of shimmering pearls and glitter in a translucent base. Creamy-soft powder shadow glides on smoothly and clings to lids for crease-free, long-lasting wear.
- Ballet - light pink glitter

Lip Compact - Blushed pink lips are the perfect complement to the season's soft, sparkly eye. Bobbi has created three gorgeous options, each with a different finish: high shine, glittery and creamy.
- Baby - soft pink with glitter
- Blush - pale nude pink
- Nude - neutral pink

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow - available in a range of shades for lids, lining eyes, and defining brows. This silky, matte formula glides on smoothly and blends easily.
- New Mink - deep brown
- New Birch - soft brown

Everything Mascara - An innovative, all-in-one formula that lengthens, thickens, and defines - without smearing, smudging or clumping. With special conditioning and strengthening ingredients for beautiful, luscious lashes.
- Black - black

Blush - Bobbi Brown Blush is a silky formula that glides on smoothly and offers a matte finish with long-lasting wear.
- Peony - bright pink
- Pale pink - light pink

There is couple of things in this collection that I wouldn’t mind having. I really want the Pale Pink blush because I have heard wonderful reviews about how well her blushes apply and how amazing their pigmentation is. I also would really like to try the new Sparkle Eye Shadow in Ballet. The last item that I want is the lip compact, I really like all three of the shades and they would really work well for new skin tone. I think that I prefer Bobbi’s collections to her “runway only colors”.
photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown

Thursday, February 12, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty

The day has arrived, Hello Kitty has finally been released by MAC! I have been hearing about this collection since last fall and the secrecy around this collection is only rival to that of the Inauguration speech made several weeks ago. The pre-orders are in and everything that is left of the collection will be sold out by the end of the day. Hello Kitty is one of the only cartoon characters than women of all ages with pay top price for the memorabilia and will even make it onto the red carpet.

The big question will be, “Was this collection worth the wait, the secrecy, and all the hype?” Well, we are now able to find out. First thing to realize is that the collection is broken down into two parts, Hello Kitty Wild and Hello Kitty Mild.

The description from Hello Kitty Wild from MAC is, “The icon adored by millions around the world is causing a commotion with our special, limited-edition collection of colour, finishes, glitter and shine, and a fanciful range of exclusive, It-Kitty accessories: the season's most sought-after collectibles!”

Hello Kitty Eye Shadow x 4 - Four Eye Shadows – including three new limited edition shades – in a shiny black Hello Kitty compact featuring her iconic image with a pink bow on the front.
- Yogurt, Romping, Too Dolly, Stately Black

Pigment - Pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect. Does not streak or cake. Easy to blend and long-lasting.
- Deep Blue Green - rich, deep bluish green
- Milk - frosty, pale silvery pink

Hello Kitty Lipstick - Limited edition Hello Kitty Lipstick featuring shiny black casing with Hello Kitty figure on a pop art pattern background. Cap features the logos of both M∙A∙C and Hello Kitty in this collection’s signature pink.
- Fashion Mews - sheer pale lavender
- Strayin’ - frosty mid-tone mint
- Most Popular - sheer deep berry

Hello Kitty Lipglass - Limited edition Hello Kitty Lipglass featuring a shiny black cap with Hello Kitty figure on a pop art pattern background. The vial features the logos of both M∙A∙C and Hello Kitty in this collection’s signature pink.
- Nice Kitty - sheer neon pink with blue pearl
- She Loves Candy - pale blue pink with gold pearl
- Fast Friends - sheer bright intense purple with pearl

Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner - Limited edition Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner featuring a shiny black cap with the Hello Kitty figure on a pop-art pattern background.
- Pink Fish - soft neutral pink

Hello Kitty Beauty Powder Blush - A limited edition Beauty Powder Blush in a shiny black window-style compact. Features both M∙A∙C and Hello Kitty logos in pink.
- Tippy - mid-tone blue pink

Glitter - M·A·C Glitter can be applied directly to the skin or combined with products to create high-level glitter and sparkle effects on all areas of the face, skin and hair.
- Reflects Blue - sparkling blue
- Reflects Very Pink - sparkling fuchsia pink

Hello Kitty Nail Lacquer - Limited edition shades of Nail Lacquer in a bottle featuring Hello Kitty and M∙A∙C and Hello Kitty logos.
- Something About Pink - blue pink fuchsia
- On The Prowl - light creamy grey
- Vestral White - creamy white

Now for Hello Kitty Mild. This is the description from the MAC website, “Hello Kitty Mild, meet Hello Kitty Wild! Sweet and innocent or out on the prowl: when she's good, she's very good, but when she's bad, she's unmistakably M·A·C!” As we all know, I am completely Hello Kitty Mild but sometimes attempt to be Hello Kitty Wild, so this might be the better of the two collections from me

Hello Kitty Eye Shadow x 4 - Four eye shadows – including three new limited edition shades – in a shiny black Hello Kitty compact featuring her iconic image with pink bow on the front. Limited edition.
- Crème Royal, Paradisco, Stylin’, Lucky Tom

Glitter Eye Liner - A glitter liner that goes on fluidly, evenly to sparkle the eyes with micro-fine glitter. Good for evening: beautifully eccentric for every day.
- Girl Groove - clear/white teal reflects and multidimensional pearl
- Kitty Power - pink with multi-dimensional glitter
- Glitterpuss - orangey bronze with multi-dimensional glitter
- Her Glitz - blackened gold with multi-dimensional pearl

Plush Lash - A mascara formulated to instantly plump up lashes for extreme voluptuous effect. Works fast. Builds volume smoothly and evenly from root to tip. Delivers a silky, flexible, full fan of lashes. Fluid formula lightly coats lashes one layer at a time without smearing, smudging or clumping. Goes on via an innovative, specially patented wand with a v-shaped groove that prunes the bristles on one side while leaving the other side full and lush. The short bristles coax the lashes upward to an extraordinarily sophisticated yet flirtatious curl, while the other side separates and combs the lashes root-to-tip creating a long, well-defined glamour lash. Volumizing, lengthening, curling, lifting. This mascara features everything you want, with all the top mascara no’s: no clumping, spiking, smudging or flaking.
- Plush Black - black

Hello Kitty Lash - Exclusively created for the Hello Kitty collection, a half-lash with criss-cross overlapping effect on the outer corner. Provides the look of big, wide “kitten eyes.”

Hello Kitty Lipstick - Limited edition Hello Kitty Lipstick featuring shiny black casing with Hello Kitty figure on a pop art pattern background. Cap features the logos of both M∙A∙C and Hello Kitty in this collection’s signature pink.
- Fresh Brew - creamed coffee
- Cute-Ster - sheer peachy pink with pearl
- Big Bow - sheer bright intense blue pink

Hello Kitty Lipglass - Limited edition Hello Kitty Lipglass featuring a shiny black cap with Hello Kitty figure on a pop art pattern background. The vial features the logos of both M∙A∙C and Hello Kitty in this collection’s signature pink
- Mimmy - light creamy pink with pink and gold pearl
- Nice to be Nice - sheer bright intense orange with pearl
- Sweet Strawberry - sheer berry with blue pearl

Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner - Limited edition Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner featuring a shiny black cap with the Hello Kitty figure on a pop-art pattern background.
- Popster- lively coral pink

Hello Kitty Beauty Powder Blush - A limited edition Beauty Powder Blush in a shiny black window-style compact. Features both M∙A∙C and Hello Kitty logos in pink.
- Fun and Games - soft orange peach

Hello Kitty Beauty Powder - A limited edition Beauty Powder in a shiny black compact featuring the logos of both M∙A∙C and Hello Kitty.
- Tahitian Sand - soft coral pink

This collection also includes a range of other products with the Hello Kitty insignia on it, including makeup brush holders, charm bracelets, makeup bags and other items designed to appeal to the Hello Kitty lover. MAC really went all out on this collection, the packaging is amazing and even the lipsticks have Kitty printed right on them. If I loved Hello Kitty, I would buy every single product in both of these collections.

So what do I want? I will break it down by each collection. From Hello Kitty Wild, I want to get the Milk pigment, the She Loves Candy Lip Glass, and the Pink Fish Lip Conditioner. And of course, I want much more from the Hello Kitty Mild line. I really want the Plush Lash mascara, the Hello Kitty False Lashes, the Glitterpuss and Her Glitz Eye Liners, the Mimmy Lip Glass, and the Eye Shadow Palette.

This collection will inspire madness. If you want it, get to your local MAC counter now.
photo courtesy of Nordstrom

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lilly Pultizer Wink

I am so in the mood to pick up some new fragrances, something spring like and pretty. In the January issue of Glamour, I noticed the new Lilly Pulitzer fragrance called Wink. I really liked it upon first reading the quick description and after looking it up on the Sephora website, I know that I really want to get it.

This is the description from the Sephora website, “See the world in pink and green with Lilly Pulitzer Wink. Enjoy every moment of every day with this delightfully pink, pretty, flirty celebration of feminine style and gusto. The fragrance unfolds with notes of sparkling pear nectar, watery pink freesia, and lush gardens, while a bouquet of rose, lily blossom, and sun-drenched violet reveals the scent's enchanting heart. The party wraps up with warm amber and sensual musk. This delightful floral captivates every Lilly Lover, whether she is shopping, lounging, or entertaining. Wear pink and make the boys wink!” I love both pink and green so this is my kind of fragrance. And we all know how I feel about roses!

Here are the notes - Pear Nectar, Freesia, Rose, Lily, Violet, Amber, Musk

I haven’t gotten a chance to get out and smell this fragrance yet but this is one that sounds so good to me that I might just have to order it without giving it a sniff test first. And the bottle? OMG! It is a pretty shade of pink with a bit of Lily fabric tied on it.

To match this fragrance, I will be looking at some Lilly dresses this spring and trying to channel the 1960s sophistication of Jackie O. Think it will work for me?

photo courtesy of Sephora

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dior Spring 2009 Collection - Parisian Nude

The first time that I saw the Lady Dior palette in the February issue of Allure, I knew that I had to have it at any cost. Never mind that I have no idea what the product is or does or even what shades come in, I just love the little purse compact and fell madly in love with it. The new spring collection from Dior is called Parisian Nude and is a collections of soft neutrals and delicate pinks.

The collection…

Lady Dior Palette - One of Dior's greatest fashion icons, the legendary Lady Dior handbag, inspires this exclusive mini-bag compact with sparkling metal and faux-leather accents and a ring clasp to attach it to your handbag. Open to enjoy the sheer chic of Dior cheek highlighter plus a glossy lip tint.

Dior 5-Colour Iridescent Eye Shadow - Your eyes have never beheld such brilliance. Shimmering palettes created with Dior's phenomenal new Wet Reflect™ technology. Ultra-reflective. Ultra-luminous. Ultra-incredible. Five metallic-rich shades in each palette. Silky-smooth and weightless
- Parisian Lights - Eye shadow palette include neutral pink shimmer, peach shimmer, iridescent ivory beige, taupe gray shimmer, and white pearl shimmer plus two double-ended sponge applicators.

Dior 2-Colour Eye Shadow - A play of shadow and light. One color sculpts and deepens, the other highlights and opens up eyes. Use wet (for intense, long-wearing color) or dry (for a delicately powdered, transparent look).
- Nude Look - medium brown and taupe

Dior Waterproof Cream Eyeliner - A long-wearing eyeliner that's not afraid of water! Glides on a perfect line with mistake-proof ease. Plus features: a blending brush-tip and a sharpener.

- Elegant Taupe - taupe

Dior ‘Rouge Dior’ Lipstick - A luxurious, satin finish. Luscious, long-wearing color. Moisturizing, contouring benefits. Fabulous ultra-glide application. In a signature Couture-designed case
- Actress Chestnut - creamy red brown
- Rita Beige - creamy mid-tone beige

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect -Lips go high-tech with Ultra-Gloss Reflect this season. The world's most glamorous lip gloss gets even better, shimmering with multi-dimensional reflective pigments for mega-watt shine and color. Innovative 'water-like' formula goes on smooth and fast with a silky brush applicator that keeps you in perfect control.
- Clutch Pink - mid-tone brown pink
- Ribbon Beige - deeper toned beige
- Satin Pink - blue toned clear pink
- Trenchcoat Beige - mid-tone beige

Dior Vernis Nail Enamel -Rich, high-gloss, long-wearing nail color in shades from subtle to sensational.
- Porcelain - pale pink

This is another collection with universal appeal but that has been done already (about 100 times over). I predict this collection will sell with the professional women, these shades are perfect for that kind of environment. The Lady Dior palette is going to become a best seller for novelty purposes more than the product inside. It is the only thing that I want from this collection but boy do I REALLY want that product.

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

Saturday, February 7, 2009

MAC Creme Team

I’m not quite sure why MAC launched the Crème Team collection in the same time frame as Hello Kitty. With all the hype around the Hello Kitty launches and all the parties and pre-orders, Crème Team just kinda slipped in there and wasn’t really noticed quite as much. Which is actually kind of sad because I think this collection is a lot more wearable and will have much wider appeal than Hello Kitty will ever have. From MAC, “Double desire. Love-me-two-times lips. Introducing Cremesheen Lipglass, the perfect performance teammate for Cremesheen Lipstick. Creamy, quixotic colour, and super-sexy shine. Lips talk a glamorous game.”

This collection only contains lip products; Lipstick, Lipglass, and Lip Liner.

Lipstick - Colour plus texture for the lips
- Crème Cup - light blue pink
- Shy Girl - creamy neutral coral beige
- Crosswires - clean pinky orange
- Lickable - bright clean blue pink
- Lavender Whip - light cool lavender
- Crème in Your Coffee - creamy mid-tone pink brown
- Spice is Nice - creamy dark warm brown
- Hang-Up - deep berry

Crèmesheen Glass - A lip finish that fuses the creamy, sheen-filled nature of Cremesheen Lipstick with the shine of M∙A∙C Lipglass. Soft, comfortable, non-sticky. Applies with a doe-foot applicator. Use as a top layer to its namesake Lipstick or on its own.
- Ever So Rich - sheer lilac
- Partial Pink - light creamy yellow pink with light gold pearl
- Boy Bait - light neutral beige with pearl
- Fashion Scoop - pale cool baby pink with light pearl
- Melt in Your Mouth - mid-tone creamy clean pink
- Petite Indulgence - mid-tone bright blue pink
- Crème Anglaise - mid-tone neutral mauve
- Looks Like Sin - sheer deep berry

Crèmestick Liner - A creamy, highly pigmented, retractable lip liner. Lightweight and smooth to apply: very long-lasting. Use as outline or as a “fill.” Helps prevent feathering and bleeding. Use with any M·A·C lipstick or gloss
- Caramellow - sweet caramel brown
- Sublime Culture - pink/caramel fusion
- Pink Treat- deep cool pink
- Velvetella - blackened plum

I’m not really a fan of these lipstick colors and I don’t use lip liner so neither of those two products really appeal to me at the moment. But as we all know, I have become a huge sucker for MAC Lipglass and even though these shades are more expensive than the average Lipglass, I still want to get a bunch of them. I want to get Boy Bait, Fashion Scoop, Crème Anglaise, and Looks Like Sin. This little collection of glosses might take some money away from my Hello Kitty budget…

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

Friday, February 6, 2009

Fekkai Creme Luxueuse

Even though winter is beginning to come to a close, my skin is still deadly dry and the whole season has taken a huge toll on my skin. I feel like I have tried every kind of cream and wash to lessen the problem and now that I have run out of my LUSH Buttercream, my skin is right back to where it was before I started using it.
I have decided to dip into my most luxurious and coveted body care products, the Fekkai Shea Butter collection. I was rather surprised to learn that there is body product line from one of the kings of haircare and I really don’t think that this line gets the recognition that it deserves because it is often overshadowed by all the hair products. The most decadent product in this collection is called La Crème Luxueuse. Here is the description from the Sephora website, “La Crème Luxueuse, the ultimate luxury in skin treatment, is rich in pure, natural shea butter to help protect from moisture loss. Infused with vitamins and botanicals to provide superior conditioning, skin looks and feels silky, soft and totally indulged.”
This product smells like shea butter and the only way I can describe it is smelling rich and pampered. This is what I would expect the spa at the Ritz to smell like, yes it is just that amazing. This is the only product that I have that I actually ration because I just love it so much and lately it has been harder and harder to find.
And my skin? Much better. It is not near as nice as it is in the summertime but at least I don’t resemble a crocodile. I have just come to the conclusion that I need spring to begin before my skin will be fantastic again.
photo courtesy of Sephora

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bobbi Brown Brights Palette

One of the most talked about products that has come out in the past month or so is the Bobbi Brown Brights palette. Bloggers and magazine editors have been discussing it non-stop and the line between those who love it and those who hate it is deeply divided. This palette consists of 35 eye shadow shades that were inspired by the work that Bobbi herself did at Fashion Week. She has never offered these shades before because they radically different from the other products in her collection. These shades were the rejects from her other lines and ones that she only uses in runway and print makeup looks.

This is the product description from Bobbi Brown’s site, “Recently featured in "Allure" Magazine (Feb 2009). Inspired by Bobbi at Fashion Week. This collector's edition palette is designed for the woman who wants to play and experiment with bright color. Features 35 soft matte shadows in a colorful shade range that includes everything from pinks and greens to blues and purples. All the shades are new and exclusive to this palette, which features a unique, fold-out design and full size mirror.” Also, here is a quote from Bobbi about how this palette was inspired, “The idea behind Bobbi Brights is simple. It's a library of beautiful bolts of color that a woman can pick up anytime she wants to add a little fun to her look."

In a nutshell, the purchaser gets 35 bright eye shadow shades for $70. Sounds way too good to be true. And it is. This is the controversy over the product, it is the size of credit card. Each shadow is the side of an Altoid. I am being completely serious, if you don’t believe me, check out for picture evidence. On one hand, I get that the shadows are small, these are all bright and high pigmented colors and would never be used for everyday. In the Feb issue of Allure, Bobbi stated that if a woman is going through this palette very quickly then she is using it wrong. These colors were meant to create a special going out look or to add a little something extra to a daytime look. These are not shades that will work when going to the office or in any professional environment. Also, when you buy this palette, you get to try and work with 35 shades of eye shadow and chances are very good that you will find a bunch of shades that you really like and wouldn’t have ever thought to try if this palette did not exist.

On the other hand, when looking at that palette, I can easily spot at least ten or so shades that I would never, ever use and about the same number of shades that I would go through very quickly. For the price of the Bobbi Brown palette, I could go to MAC and have their sales associates help me to find about five bright shades that would look amazing on me and that I would really wear all the time when going out. If many of the shades will be going unused in the palette, then it is useless to purchase because all the buyer will be getting is a few shades of very small shadows that will be used through with a couple of months.

My verdict - I like the idea of a Brights palette and I understand Bobbi Brown’s logic in the creation of it. But, I can’t see the point in purchasing it when I will mostly likely never use half of the shades in it. I will be passing on this one.

photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jessica Simpson Fancy

With all the emphasis this season on the bohemian trends and the return to the 1970s, plaid shirts have made a huge comeback and are selling out all over the place. At first, I hated the whole thing but ended up coming around. I actually found out that I like them when they are in a lighter fabric and tightly fitted. And I ended up buying two of them. Looking at them reminds me of two things; when Madonna wore one in her video for “American Pie” and Jessica Simpson. Which takes me right back to my love/hate relationship with her.

I still love her hair and Tony Romo (even though he plays for the God-awful Dallas Cowboys) and then I remembered that someone had bought me a bottle of her perfume when it first came out and I haven’t opened it up yet.

To begin with, this was not a scent I expected to like. I put it on myself one day, assuming that it would be overly sweet, childish, and Paris Hilton-esqe. Well, boy was I wrong! The scent is strong but not in your face and exactly the opposite of what I was expecting and somehow I ended up falling in love with it.

Here’s the description - “Fancy Jessica Simpson The Fragrance. Feminine. Sensual. Flirtatious. Memorable. Top Notes: Inspired by the layers of Jessica Simpson’s award winning talent, beauty and captivating personality, this sensual fragrance is feminine, versatile and memorable. It’s red carpet ready while maintaining the subtle flirtatious charm of the enticing girl next door.” The top notes are pear, apricots, and red fruits. The middle notes of the fragrance are gardenia, jasmine, almonds, and caramel. The base notes are sandalwood, vanilla, and amber.

Like I said earlier, somehow I just fell in love with this fragrance. The sweet notes are grown up and balanced out by the opening fruity notes and the strong florals. Normally, I don’t even really like strong gardenia scents, but this fragrance just works perfectly somehow for me. I must say that Jessica has created an amazing first fragrance. I will be pairing it with plaid shirts and trying to lure in Tony Romo with it…

photo courtesy of Macy's

Monday, February 2, 2009

NARS Spring 2009 Collection

After checking and rechecking the website every few days for a couple of weeks, NARS has finally put up their new spring collection. Just on first glance, I can see that the wait was worth it and there are several pieces that are already standouts for me. The description of the collection from the NARS website is right here, “A striking brick-red eye shadow, made infinitely more wearable in combination with a pearly white shadow or simple black liner, is tempered by a sweet, baby pink glossy lip; while eyes painted in pastel hues are a fitting match for a statement making berry lip. And everything should be paired with the only cheek for spring: sparkling and sculpted.”

Here we go…

Duo Eye Shadow - The same longwearing crease resistant formula as NARS single Eye shadow, in a series of uniquely paired color combinations. Worn together or alone, all duo eye shadows can be applied sheer or built up for a more dramatic effect. All powder eye shadows can be used wet or dry.
- Hula Hula - strawberry with gold particles and hazelnut with gold glitter particles
- Egea - frosted sage and smoky lilac
- Hungry Heart - iridescent gold ivory and pink sand with golden sheen

Single Eye Shadow - Longwearing, crease resistant color in sheer wearable formulas. All NARS eye shadows can be applied sheer or layered for a more dramatic effect. These richly pigmented powders blend effortlessly and can also be used wet for precisely lining the eyes.
- Grenadines - matte garnet
- Baby Girl - cotton candy with golden undertones and gold particles
- Night Sun - bright marigold with gold particles

Multiple Bronzer - The iconic NARS Multiple is now available in three bronzing shades to compliment every skin tone. This multi-use stick-style Bronzer is formulated to strengthen, support and repair the skin while creating an all-over warmth and contour for the entire face. Just like the original, ever-popular Multiple; the Multiple Bronzer can be used on the eyes, lips, cheeks or body. With an effort to stray away from the look of heavily matted skin, François Nars' Multiple has an oil free, cream to powder texture, which is safe for use on the entire face or the body.
- Cap Vert - medium to dark complexions with red undertones

Lipstick - A wide range of captivating shades designed to provide the look and style the color dictates.
- Shrinagar - metallic raspberry

Lip Gloss - Serious shine and sexy color in sheer, creamy and semi-sheer formulas. Extremely wearable and versatile shades may be worn alone or over other lip products for heightened drama.
- Sweet Revenge - sheer pink grapefruit

Duo Concealer - NEW! Since the skin on your face is not created equal, one shade of concealer may not suffice. The NARS Duo Concealer palette features two complementary shades to suit an array of complexions. The lighter shade brings brightness to the eyes, while the darker one can be used to blend directly with skin tone. Duo Concealer is lightweight but still able to provide smooth, opaque coverage to eradicate skin redness, imperfections, and under-eye shadows.
- Vanilla/Honey - fair complexions
- Custard/Ginger - light to medium complexions
- Praline/Toffee - medium to dark complexions

Multiple Duo - New! Two shades of the iconic NARS Multiple featured in one sleek compact. Each chic shade pairing can create countless combinations of healthy flushes and gentle shimmering effects for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. The easily blendable formula makes for mistake-proof application. Encased in a NARS signature black, mirrored compact.
- Orgasm/South Beach - peachy pink with shimmer/shimmering apricot

Well what all do I want from this collection? Pretty much all of it with the glaring exception of the Grenadines eye shadow shade. I especially love the Hula Hula and the Hungry Heart duos, the Baby Girl eye shadow, and the Sweet Revenge lip gloss. I am curious about the Duo Concealer, it reminds me a lot of Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage and I wonder how it stacks up to it in a quality comparison. I will definitely be making the trip to Sephora within the next few weeks to find out for myself.
photo courtesy of NARS

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Most Wanted February 2009

The best thing about February is that is it is only 28 days of winter instead of the usual 30 or 31. And when the month is over, then spring is right around the corner and then it is time to bring sporting new makeup and fragrance. Otherwise, I hate winter and I hate Valentines Day. So let’s make this month not suck quite so much with some new spring products, shall we?

- Philosophy Candy Hearts Lip Duo
- L’Artisan Parfumeur Drole de Rose
- Shu Uemura Spring Mode Makeup Eye Shadow Palette Fantasia
- Zoya Twist Nail Polish in Jo
- Shu Uemura Spring Mode Makeup Lip Duo Tint and Gloss
- Chanel Satin Lip Cream Palette
- Dior Lady Dior Palette in French Chic
- Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT
- Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum
- Ole Henriksen Lift Eye Gel

I guess that I will just have to make the best of this month by getting ready for the next few months…