Sunday, September 30, 2012

LUSH Halloween 2012 Bath and Body Products

I have finished up with all of my fall makeup collections however I am dragging my heels on starting holiday collections.  I am just not ready to deal with holiday products yet, however I feel that I might in the minority on this.  Last week, Wal-Mart already had Christmas carols going in one of their sections in the store and all the makeup companies are starting to release their holiday color and gift collections.  Personally I would just like to celebrate Halloween a bit longer before I begin my holiday shopping and I am still trying to enjoy the first few crisp days of fall.  Thank you LUSH for just releasing a few Halloween products!

Some of the LUSH products for the Halloween season are only available on the website however I cannot tell which are simply by looking at the products.  I have seen some of these products over the past few Halloweens and while I have not ordered them, I just enjoy looking at some products that are perfect for the fall and I can use right now. I see some soaps and bath products in here and I also believe that I see the famed Twilight Bath Bomb has now been turned into a series of body products.  I am all about shopping for fun holiday-themed products as much as I can so I want to see what I can find from these limited edition products!

Here is the Halloween line from LUSH!

Jacko - Ghoulish fizzer for warming soaks.  This fall, carve out some time in your busy schedule for a spicy soak with this spooky fizzer.  Our great pumpkin will chase away your chills with a spicy, warming blend of clove bud and cardamom oils.  And for a shocking surprise, we add spearmint oil to our latern for a refreshing twist on traditional fall spices.  This one's worth waiting up all night in the pumpkin patch for.

Pumpkin - The leaves are changing color, the air is becoming crisper...and it can only mean one thing: Pumpkin soap is back!  There's nothing quite like washing with its creamy, spicy suds, filled with warming cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and a touch of spearmint.  It smells so much like pumpkin pie that we can't keep it outside the bathroom for fear of taking a nibble.  Lather up with Pumpkin on chilly fall days too.

Witches' Ball - Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.  When the weather gets darker, it can be tough to keep your spirits up.  We've created a spell of herbal bubbles to help you feel like yourself again, full of reviving peppermint, rosemary, and sage oils.  Sage is often used by pagan practitiioners to cleanse and renew energy.  We suggest making a wish on your star before before crumbling this magical bar under running water for huge frothy, warming bubbles.  You never know what might come true...

Ghost - He's back from the dead and ready to put quite a scare in your morning routine.  This year our favorite Ghost returns, but don't be afraid, he's actually more floral than he is frightful.  We added orchid infusion, jasmine absolute, and ylang ylang oil to give this shower jelly the haunting scent of lilies.  When you're feeling dead in the morning, get in the shower with this uplifting ethereal spirit, if you dare.

Something Wicked This Way Comes - When the doorbell stops ringing and the candy bowl is empty, it's time to indulge in this sensual soak.  We suspect you'll get up to some wicked fun after this bath melt leaves your skin silky smooth with the seductive scent of jasmine.  Turn out the lights, lock the front door and get ready to share this gorgeous fragrance in (and out) of the bathtub.

Calacas - Spooky, fruity wobbler.  Sugar skulls are an iconic image used in the Day of the Dead celebrations.  You can see them everywhere in Mexico in November; all painted, flowery, and truly beautiful.  We've created our own little wiggly skulls of seaweed and aloe vera gel to leave you soft and gorgeous, and filled them with neroli and lime oils to put you in the mood to celebrate.  Felicidades!

Twilight - Lavender lathers.  To our Twilight Bath Bomb fans, we heard your requests.  Here it is, a Twilight shower gel, so you can lather up in iridescent purple lavender and tonka bubbles.  If you haven't smelled this fragrance before, you're in for a treat!  It's slightly sweet with the perfect herbal balance.  Wonderful to use in the evening before bed, especially on cold, winter nights.  Dreams do come true!

I really want the Twilight shower gel, I love the scent of lavender and I have such a hard time finding good blends of it.  Many lavender blends are very heavy on whatever the herb is mixed with and much of herb itself is no longer able to smelled in the blend.  I hope this one is really good and the lavender is really prominent.  This is my top choice from the Halloween products.  I also love the sound of the Something Wicked This Way Comes bath melt, I love the scent of jasmine and I want to try this version of the scent.  The last piece that I would like from this collection is Calacas, neroli and line sounds like a great mix.  I will skip out on all the other products, spicy scents make me sick sometimes and I bet that they would irriate my skin too.  I don't really want to find out the hard way so I will skip over them this time around.

I see a tab for Christmas stuff on the Lush website, I don't think I can put holiday off much longer...

photo courtesy of LUSH

Saturday, September 29, 2012

MAC MAC and Marilyn Monroe

Earlier this week, the much-anticipated MAC and Marilyn Monroe collection was released onto their website and will hopefully be in the stores October 4th.   I see that MAC is continuing with the trend of doing collaborations and now I really see no end in sight for the collaborations.  Overall, I like the collaborations but I am getting sick of seeing at least two new ones a season for the past year.  So far, the collaboration that I was most excited about was that of the MAC and Carine Roitfeld and I must say that this collection is the only other one that got me as excited as that one.  I have been seeing pictures of this collection for the past few weeks and I excited for so many of the limited edition color products found in this collection!

So far the collection is only available on the MAC website so that is where I will be pulling all of my information from.  I am anticipating that I will have to pre-order any item that I really want from this collection as this seems to be the last big fall collection from MAC and I know that so many people are obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and will buy almost any type of item that she is pictured on.  I know that I will be adding items to next month's Most Wanted list while I am looking at this collection today. 

The overall collection description.  "Pure platinum Hollywood glamour.  Channel the legend's luster and sex appeal in a colour collection distinctively Marilyn.  It's everything you need to capture the MM look.  Specially designed packaging features imagery from The Black Sitting.  Limited edition."  The Black Sitting took place in 1956 and is one of the most famous (if not the most famous) photo sessions that occured between Monroe and photographer Milton Greene.  I know that everyone will recognize some of the photos from this sitting as soon they look at the packaging for the products in this collection.

This collection contains products and shades for every single facial feature and a series of new nail polish shades.  Of course, I am most excited for the lipstick shades, I believe that I already see a red shade and we all know how much I love MAC red lipsticks and especially those MAC lipsticks that come in special edition packaging!

Here is the MAC and Marilyn Monroe collection!

Marilyn Monroe Large Eye Shadow - Highly pigmented powder in a special compact featuring a black and white photograph of Marilyn.  Shades in shimmering metallics and diamond tones for silver screen allure.  Applies evenly, blends well.  Limited edition.
- How to Marry - soft white
- Preferred Blonde - pale champagne beige
- Silver Screen - true silver
- Showgirl - dark blue gray

35 Lash - Slightly more dramatic length.  Provides eye-opening fullness toward the centre of the eye.  If properly cared for, lashes can be reshaped or adorned if desired.

Marilyn Monroe False Lashes Extreme Black - Fashionably false in look, but honestly real, this mascara's key benefits of volume and curl are matched by a dramatic end look.  The unique edge: the ultra-thickening formula in combo with the plush-'em-up action of its unique double lush brush.
- Extreme Black - deep dark black

Marilyn Monroe Penultimate Eye Liner - A liquid pen-style liner that provides the ultimate, precise, bold line in a rich, deep carbon black shade.  Goes on fluidly, in one stroke, to achieve any style of of eye line.

Marilyn Monroe Penultimate Brow - A liquid pen-style marker for colouring and styling the brows to a well-defined, natural look.  Easy to control.  Tapered tip provides precision and helps to fill in and perfect the brows.  Flow-through, quick-drying formula means no smudges.  Longwearing.

Marilyn Monroe Brow Finisher - A slim-line, wax-style grooming tool specially formulated to shape and hold the brows, providing them with a sheer, slick, polished, and conditioned-looking finish.  Smooth, non-sticky, easy to use.

Marilyn Monroe Eye Kohl - Two soft-on pencil liners that line, define, and shade eyes with rich colour - in the intense black of Smolder and the pure white matte of Fascinating.  Ophthamologist tested.
- Smolder - intense black
- Fascinating - intense matte white

Marilyn Monroe Lipstick - The world, and your lips, can never get enough of Marilyn.  Colour plus texture with shades in rapturous reds and a sensual warm nude.  Special packaging features a black and white photogrpah of the legend.  Limited edition.
- Pure Zen - frosted warm nude
- Scarlet Ibis - bright orange red
- Love Goddess - midtone pink red
- Charmed I'm Sure - dark true red
- Deeply Adorned - deep scarlet

Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass - Lip colour with large particle pearls reflect and refract light to mimic the brilliance of quartz and opal crystal.  Wear alone, or layer over Lipstick or Lipglass for dramatic effect.  Vial features a photograph of Marilyn.  Limited edition.
- Little Rock - soft sheer white with pearl
- Phiff! - sheer yellow peach

Marilyn Monroe Lip Pencil - Designed for shaping with a smooth, creamy texture perfect for lining or filling in the lip.  Long-lasting and available in a selection of reds that evoke Marilyn Monroe at her iconic best.
- Redd - clearly red
- Cherry - vivid bright bluish-red
- Beet - vivid reddish-pink

Marilyn Monroe Powder Blush - Channel Marilyn Monroe's luster and sex appeal in colour for cheeks and face.  Satin or matte finishes - in a special compact featuring a black and white photogrpah of Marilyn.  Limited edition.
- Legendary - pale soft coral
- The Perfect Cheek - neutral pink beige

Marilyn Monroe Beauty Powder - It's everything you need for flawless MM skin in a special compact featuring a photograph of Marilyn.  Delicately tinted in a sheer pearl peach.  Apply as a highlight, soft blush, or overall finish.  Limited edition.
- Forever Marilyn - sheer pale peach highlighter

Marilyn Monroe Nail Lacquer - Nothing says Hollywood glamour like gorgeous, high gloss colour inspired by the woman who defined 20th century beauty.  Special packaging features a photograph of Marilyn.  Limited edition.
- Rich, Rich, Rich - glittery gold
- Kid Orange - coral
- Flaming Rose - true red
- Stage Red - dark berry red
- Vintage Vamp - rich deep retro wine

Ok so there is a lot going on in this collection!  First a few overall thoughts.  My inital reaction when checking out these products was that this collection is going to sell out instantly.  Between all of the people who love Marilyn Monroe to all of the people who love MAC to all of the people who just love makeup, the shades and products featured here are going to appeal to so many that this collection will be gone within days of hitting the counters.  Not only is this one of my favorite MAC collections of this whole year, the shades are right on trend and all of them are completely wearable.  This is one of of the strongest collections from MAC all year.

The products and shades in this collection will mostly be used to create a red lip look with a shimmery eye, whether neutral or silver.  If the red lip look is not your style, then I can confidently state that you will still leave the counter with some lip products, as there is a great nude lipstick shade offered and two very pretty Dazzleglasses.  To start with, I will be looking at the Lipsticks.  My top choice (as you all knew that it would be) is Charmed I'm sure, I love this bright red and will wear it all the time.  The nude hue is too wamr for me and therefore I will skipping over that shade and looking for the more dramatic hues from this collection.  In addition to Charmed I'm Sure, I will also want to pick up the following reds: Scarlet Ibis and Deeply Adored.  Scarlet Ibis is more on the coral side than any red that I own but I still like it and hope that it will work for me, Deeply Adored is a great deep red to round out my lipstick picks.  I can live without the Dazzleglasses and I don't used Lip Pencil so I will be chasing down the Lipsticks mostly.

Onto eyes and face.  The eye shadows are pretty but nothing amazing or unique.  I am sure that all of these shades have a duplicate in the MAC permanent range and they are not worth a big fuss for me to try and get.  That being said, if they are at the counter, I would purchase Silver Screen and Showgirl to use as highlighters.  Both of the Kohls are part of the permanent collection and I already own Smolder (though I do recommend it highly and encourage all of you to buy it!), as is Penultimate.  The mascara is part of the regular line as are the false eye lashes.  The eye makeup doesn't grab as much as the lipstick shades.  Neither of the blushes nor the Beauty Powder are of any interest to me either and I will be skipping over all of them.

The last part of the collection are the Nail Lacquers, a rather dicey formula.  MAC released a permanent line up of lacquers late in the summer and I have been told that the quality issues are much reduced as of the introduction of that line.  I still have not taken my chances yet on this formula however I love the bottles so much for this line that I think that I will be trying them soon.  Flaming Rose, Stage Red, and Vintage Vamp are great reds and I own few cream red nail polishes and need to add at least one or two to my collection!

I love this collection and all the reds in it and if you are like me then get your pre-order in because these shade will fly off the counters!

photo courtesy of MAC

Friday, September 28, 2012

Vincent Longo Cushion Lips SPF 20

I am one of those people who cannot exist without lip balm, I carry one with me everywhere and am using it all throughout the day and night.  My lips are on the larger side (which I love) and get dry so very easily so they chapp very easily in the fall and winter months so I need some type of lip balm even more than I normally do.  Over the years, I have tried many products that have worked well and many that have not done a thing to help my chapped lips.  I am currently in love with my tube of Fresh Lip Sugar and have not had any major issues with my lips since I started the tube last month.  I might be content right now but trust me, it took a long time and many errors for me to get to this point.  One of the errors was the Vincent Longo Cushion Lips SPF 20 lip conditioner...

I first tried this product a bit ago and initally liked the results so I ordered a tube of it.  It worked well at first but couldn't sustain any type of hydration.  I will admit that I made a mistake when I purchased this product, I normally prefer thick lip balms and this thin gel formula is not what I normally use.  Maybe I expected too much from this product but I found that it did not perform up to my high standards for lip conditioners.  

"Cushion Lips SPF 20 is a gel conditioner that adheres to lips and maintains lip moisture for hours, while helping shield lips from the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays.  The unique golden apple colour compliments the skin tone of all lips, accentuating the natural-flesh undertones.  Use Cushion Lips SPF 20 as part of your beauty routine, while traveling in flight, when lips are exposed to the environment, as well as for professional wear.  Complete UVA protection plus powerful UVB filtering.  Amazing lip comfort and long-lasting conditioning.  Universal complimentary colour.  Perfect travel-size, on-the-go lip refresher."

The Vincent Longo website advises the following to receive optimal use from the product, "Apply to dehydrated, chapped, and irritated lips as needed, and prior to environmental exposure.  For the more natural look, and as part of your bedtime beauty routine, apply a small amount of Bang Bang Lip Volume Lotion to clean, bare lips.  Wait 15 seconds and follow with Cushion Lips SPF 20.  You will encourage firm, plump lips and drench your lips in shiny conditioners for the softest, most kissable lips imaginable."

I first tried this product a few years ago when this brand was still carried at Bath and Body Works, I tried it on and it worked well initially but the store was sold out of the product so I wasn't able to buy the product.  I remembered that I liked it intially so when I was browsing on the Vincent Longo website several months ago, I added a tube of it to my cart thinking that I would still love it. 

The product works well when it is first applied, however this product cannot sustain the same type of results that it provides when first applied.  When I first applied it, it instantly hydrated my lips however I didn't see any type of plumping effect (not that I really would if I am going to be very honest).  The hydrated effect lasted for about an hour then faded away and I needed to reapply the product.  This cycle just continued over and over again for the next few days until I had the product finished up in slightly under two weeks.  The fact that I had to keep reapplying is the reason that I would not order this product again, Smith's Rose Salve works better and lasts much longer.  I felt like I was just throwing money away on this product since the result never lasted more than an hour or two.  Also I never saw the point of Longo making a fuss about the shade of the product, my lips never looked any different with the use of this product then when I wasn't using it...

This product would have been better for me if it would have lasted longer, there is no point in me using a lip conditioner that I have to keep repallying to reap any benefits of...

photo courtesy of Vincent Longo

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cartier Eau de Cartier Essence de Bois

I am craving all kinds of new perfumes at the moment however I still have no room on my bureau for any new bottles.  I have been living through my pile of samples of Sephora, I have just received a new order of skincare products and with them comes the pile of perfume samples.  I have been using through them so that I can decide what fragrances I most want to buy later on this season and then into the next fall season.  Essence de Bois is the newest fragrance from Cartier and came in my latest group of perfume samples.  I first tried this fragrance out over the weekend and have worn it for the past few days.  This fragrance took me a bit longer to decide what I thought of it, it is very unique and like nothing that I own and really wasn't the type of fragrance that I would tend to seek out for purchase in Sephora.  Thank god for Sephora and their sample policy!

This fragrance is very strong on the wood notes, with a bit of lavender and soft florals thrown in the mix.  When I first smelled this fragrace, the wood notes were so strong that I wondered if this was a female or male fragrance.  I actually looked it up on the leaflet that came with the vial and still came away with no answer, I had to assume that it was made for women as the bottle said nothing about "male" or unisex".  After this fragrance settled into my skin, it became a bit more evident that this was a fragrance geared toward women however I could easily see a man using this fragrance.  It was only after I had this fragrance on for several hours and it faded on my skin did this begin to smell very much like a woman's fragrance.  This is a fragrance that took me a few tries to warm up to, I hated it the first time that I used it and it took three or four tries to get me to point that I liked wearing it. 

Here is the description of the fragrance and the notes from the Sephora website.  "The new olfactory version of Eau de Cartier reveals its unexpected ardent woody freshness.  Essence de Bois is the unexpected combination of the freshness of water and the warmth of precious wood.  This alluring fragrance leaves a lingering trail for him and for her, both fresh and sensual."  I now think that this might be a unisex fragrance however it still might be too feminine for some men.  It is light enough for either gender to wear, however I don't see that it is a very universal fragrance, I would place this more as a niche fragrance since it isn't very traditional.  The previous fact is one of my favorite aspects of it and that is why I began to like the fragrance more and more as I began to wear it more often.

The notes of the fragrance are: Yuzu, Bergamot, Violet Leaves, Oud, Violet Flower, Lavender, Ambergris, Patchouli, Musk.

The Violet Leaves and Lavender are the notes that linger on my skin.  The fragrance starts out with a strong burst of the wood notes and initally smells very masculine.  After several hours of development on my skin, this scent fades down to the Violet Leaves and Lavender notes, making it much more feminine.  I find this fragrance pretty hard to wear for some people, females might find this scent too heavy on the wood and many men might find the drydown too feminine for them.  This is a very unique fragrance from Cartier and that is why I like it, this is another scent that I can honestly say that I own nothing like it in my current collection and I am considering buying a full size bottle.  I am on the fence about whether or not to purchase the large bottle, I do like the fragrance and it is very unique however I just don't know how much that Iw ould wear it.  This is fragrance that I would only wear in the fall and winter, a large bottle would take me a very long time to finish.  For the meantime, I will need to finish up my sample and then see if I can come to some kind of decision.

This is the first fragrance that I have really used from Cartier and I love how unique it is and I am deciding whether or not I would like to purchase the full bottle.  For now, I am tabling the decision until my sample is done and then I will make my decision...

photo courtesy of Sephora

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Giorgio Armani Fall 2012 Collection - Easy Chic

The last fall collection that we are going to look at this year is the Easy Chic collection from Giorgio Armani.  Just like Trish McEvoy and many of the new products from Guerlain, I have to travel a decent amount just to try these products at a coutner and therefore I can't count this brand among one of my favorites.  I have heard so many great reviews of the Armani Beauty products, especially the foundations, and I want to start using more from this brand however I still don't really like ordering foundations from brands that I haven't been able to try the shades out in real life.  Hence my issue with this brand, I am trying to come up with some things to do in New York City so that I can combine shopping and museums...

Easy Chic contains three new products, one palette and the rest single products.  I found a description of this collection on the Nordstrom website however all of the product descriptions are from the Armanio website.  The overall description of the Easy Chic collection is as follows, "This fall, Giorgio Armani reinvents texture.  His unique version of color and shapes play a masculine aesthetic against elegant feminity.  Perfectly harmonized shades are revisted in a neoclassic way to add a sultry decadence to eyes."  The model for this collection has a dramatic smoky eye with minimal cheeks and lips and will work perfectly with many of the trends that we have been seeing all throughout the fall season.

Here is the Easy Chic collection from Armani!

Easy Chic Face and Eye Palette - Giorgio Armani premiers a satin shadow that delivers long-lasting fine color film for a comfortable, no-smudge effect.  Two-in-one palettes.  On the first tier -  A feather-light face powder with micronized particles of Micro-Fil technology illuminates the skin with the signature "Armani Glow".  On the second tier - Two matte eye shadows in intense hues and a "satinized" illuminator formulated with the new Color-Fil technology.  Neo classic harmonies.  The Neo-Black palette features an ultra-fine transparent face powder in Sheer Beige teamed with Soft Beige, Taupe, and Jet Black Eye Shadows.  The Neo-Brown palette features a Sheer Rose blush partnered with Greige, Brown, and Earth Brown.
- Neo Black 1 - Sheer Beige Face Powder/Beige, Taupe, Jet Black Eye Shadows
- Neo Brown 2 - Sheer Rose Blush/Greige/Brown/Earth Brown Eye Shadows

Easy Chic Eyes to Kill Waterproof Eye Pencil - Eyers are defined in Granite Black or Earthen Brown shades with a wax-based, glide-on technology.  Two dual performance eye definers combine the precise application of a pencil with the skin comfort and sixteen-hour long-wearing capabilities of a liquid liner for color that remains comfortably  soft all day.
- Granite Black - deep charcoal black
- Earthen Brown - deep brown

Easy Chic Rouge d'Armani - Three new luxurious Armani shades in Beige 111, Rouge 408, and Plum 526 from Rouge d'Armani complete the color contrast.  Exceptional long-wear formula results in up to 8 hours of intense color.  Experience comfort and shine, without color fading and feathering.  Soft texture leaves lips feeling continously hydrated.  A lipstick packaged in an elegant black lacquered case with an exclusive magnetic closure.  Sealed with a click. 
- Beige 111 - soft rose nude cream
- Rouge 408 - medium cool rose cream
- Plum 526 - deep cool red plum

This collection allows me to finish the fall collections on a high note!  I was so unhappy with the Trish McEvoy fall collection and I didn't want to finish up the fall collections being disappointed.  I love both of the eye palettes and I know that Iw ould get lots of use form either shade, Neo Black 1 is what I believe that model for the collection is wearing, along with the Grantie Black in the eye pencil, and the Beige 111 Rouge d'Armani.  I want to buy all of those products in order to help create this look.  A trip to New York will be in my future oh so soon!

Well the fall collections have come to an end and now we are beginning to look forward to the wonderful products and giftsets that will be releasing for the holidays.  I am already getting emails from Sephora about sneak-peeks of their holiday products and I am already getting a bit excited for some of the Tarte and Stila sets!

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trish McEvoy Fall 2012 Collection - Watercolors Collection

Currently, I have two fall collections left on my list that I have not yet looked at.  Today we will look at the Trish McEvoy collection, Watercolors.  It is getting harder and harder for me to find counters for this company, I can only find one down in King of Prussia or up in New York City.  Therefore, as much as I like many of the products from this company, I can't get super excited to try them out as I will not get to the counters very often.  Once I can finally get to the counter, my main goal will be to try some of the fragrances out and see if I have found any new fragrances to take home with me.  I will be playing with some of the color products too, but they are not my top priority right now.

Watercolor is the new collection for the fall months and it is one of the smallest ones that I have seen in the past few months.  In fact, this collection consists of three (and only three) new palettes.  These are not large palettes or do they contain products for all facial features.  I don't quite see the point of releasing a collection this small and then focusing a whole season around three products but I guess quality is better than quantity...

I found this collection on the Nordstrom website and that is where I am pulling all of my information from since this would be the store that I would be the most likely to order from or visit the store.  I am already plotting a Nordstrom order in early October so if any of these palettes look very promising, I will take a chance and add one to my shopping cart.  On first glance, there doesn't seem to be anything unique or amazing about these shades but more information might come to light as we look at each product by itself....

From the Nordstrom website, "Inspired by the incandescence of watercolor paintings, Trish developed a collection of textures that makes you look lit from within."  We have two eye shadow palettes and one face palettes, I do not see anything for lips (very disappointing from my point of view).

Here are the new palettes from Trish McEvoy...

Effortless Eyes Wet and Dry Eye Shadow Trio - Handmade in Italy, Trish's extruded formula enhances eyes with high-definition color from soft to rich to dazzling.
- Lilac - white/pale lavender/black
- Nude - champage/medium nude/deep chocolate brown

Golden Face Color Trio - A customizable face color trio marries Bronzers Golden and Golden Tan with Blush Natural for a perfectly brightened complexion and a lit-from-within look.  Two shades of bronzers and a medium warm pink cheek color.

Well nothing has changed my life so far...  Both of the eye shadow palettes are nice.  And that's it...nice.  Nothing amazing and really nothing even that unique as I bet that I own each of these shades already or I could find them in any permanent eye shadow line up.  Perhaps if I loved the Trish McEvoy line and only used products from her, I would be very excited for these palettes but anyone who has more than 10 eye shadows in her collection will own pretty much all of the selections in the palettes.

The face palette does nothing for me either, I know that this company is big on using bronzer all year round and therefore puts it in all of their collections and palettes but I am not and so there is no way that I would purchase this palette for fall.  If I were to even entertain buying it, I would save it for next summer whne I would use the multiple shades of bronzers.

I think my fall collection coverage is ending on a lower note, hopefully Giorgio Armani produces a stunning collection or I will leave fall totally bummed...

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

Monday, September 24, 2012

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 3 Redux

I got my Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol 3 about two years, when it was first released.  This is the volume of the Book of Shadows that was inspired by New York City and I believe that there was a special release of it on Fashion Night Out in 2010 and then it was later released with the holiday collection from that year.  If my memory serves me correctly, this was one of the best selling Book of Shadows and sold out several times during the season.  In fact, it became so hard to find at one point that I had given up trying to find it at Sephora and one of my friends was able to find it for me at a Macy's close to Boston.  I have been using this palette pretty regularly ever since and this is one of my favorite Urban Decay palettes (with the exception of the Naked palettes).  When I saw in my email that Urban Decay was releasing a limited edition, new version of this palette, I can honestly say that I was a bit confused...are the eye shadows still the old formula and is the palette any different? 

As of right now, the palette is only available on the Urban Decay website so I have pulled all product information and shades from this website.  "A limited edition remix of our NYC palette, this ode to the Big Apple features 16 gorgeous shadows and cool pop-up display that lights up when you open it.  Urban Decay hearts NYC and we want the whole world to know.  So a little while back, we created a palette to profess our undying love for our Easy Coast home away from home.  Now this popular palette is back (with a NEW LOW PRICE, some shade changes and a few other tweaks) - but only for a limited time.  Pull out the drawer to reveal 16 amazing Eye Shadow shades, from versatile neutral hues and smoky eye essentials to bold, attention-grabbing brights.  You also get a travel-size Eye Shadow Primer Potion (for crease-free color that lasts for 24 hours) and a travel-size 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in our best-selling, award-winning zealous black.  Of course, no ode to NYc would be complete without a tribute to its glimmering lights and iconic landmarks, so we topped it all off with a pop-up, light-up collage of the city that never sleeps.  Whether you didn't get this one the first time around or you never miss a single Urban Decay palette release, snap up this specially priced set before it's all sold out - cause once it's gone, it's gone for good."

All of the shades are the Vintage Eye Shadow formula, you willnot find any of the new eye shadows in this palette.  Urban Decay did change some of the shade choices for this release so first we will review what the original 16 shades were and then see what the differences are.

The original 16 shades of eye shadows in the first palette (the one I have)...

- Bordello - purpley pink with gold shift
- Kush - bright green
- Loaded - deep emerald/black
- Money - silvery pale green
- Radium - bright blue
- Rockstar - deep eggplant with metallic base
- Suspect - oyster with dimensional shift
- Haight - shimmering mermaid blue
- Psychadelic Sister - purple amethyst
- Snatch - peachy pink with glitter
- Last Call - plum punch
- Maui Wowie - meidum gold with silver glitter
- Midnight Cowboy Rides Again - golden beige with bronze, gold, and silver glitter
- Smog - deep coppery bronze
- Perversion - matte jet black
- Uzi - metallic silver with big iridescent sparkles

I am willing to bet that when some of these shades were discontinued, Urban Decay couldn't put them in this new palette so that is why there are some shade substitutions.  I also see that the new version has one less eyeliner, my box has both the Zero liner and the Ransom (bright purple) shades and the new version only contains a black hue. 

Here are the eye shadows that are in the new box...

- Oil Slick - black matte with silver micro-glitter
- Uzi - metallic silver with big iridescent sparkles
- Stray Dog - cool ash brown metallic
- Mildew - mossy green shimmer with gold shift
- Midnight Cowboy Rides Again - golden beige with bronze, gold, and silver glitter
- SWF - pale cotton candy pink shimmer with silver micro-glitter
- Last Call - plum metallic
- Rockstar - deep eggplant with metallic base
- Haight - shimmering mermaid blue
- Maui Wowie - medium gold with silver glitter
- Aquarius - aqua green shimmer
- Smog - deep coppery bronze
- Goddess - deep smoky blue with aqua micro-glitter
- Sin - champage shimmer
- YDK - cool bronze shimmer
- Ecstasy - bright purple shimmer with slight pink shift

After reviewing the shades, it appears that Urban Decay took the limited edition shades from the first palette out and replaced them with permanents from the Vintage range.  There would be nothing wrong with this if I didn't already own the palette, I have no need to buy another version of this palette.  I like the shades better in the second one, it seems like there are a few more neutral shades instead of all the brights that were found in the original but I wouldn't rebuy this palette again just to get these shades (I can already see one that I have in one of the Naked palettes). 

This palette is only worth buying if you missed it the first time around, there is no reason to own two of these palettes even though some of the shades have changed.  I already own some of the "new" shades from other palettes and I don't need more of them.  This is a great palette but if you have a few Urban Decay palettes already then you don't need to buy this one.  I haven't quite figured out why Urban Decay is doing this re-release...

photo courtesy of Urban Decay

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Philosophy Fall 2012 Body Products

The weather has cooled down and now I can officially use all of my fall perfumes and body products, I love returning to old favorites and discovering new scents this time of the year and it is one of my favorite aspects of early fall.  I already looked at the Fall Traditions body products from Bath and Body Works, I actually went back to the store a few weeks after writing this post and tried the Brown Sugar and Fig fragrance again.  I hated this on my body when it first came out but it smelled less intense this time and smelled more subtly musky than full on fig on my skin.  I was so excited that I picked up the shower gel and matching lotion to use this fall.  So I already bought a few new products for the fall but I still am interested in picking up some other products from Philosophy...

It seems that every single year, two of the best-selling Philosophy fall scents come out.  The Caramel Apple and I Love Candy Corn are staples for this brand and are the backbone of the fall products.  This year is no exception and both of those scents are back along with a brand new one.  The Caramel Apple has always been my favorite every single year (these are my favorite fall treats) and I am willing to bet that this year will be exactly the same!

We will start out with the single 3-in-1s, as these are among Philosophy's most popular products.  In Love Candy Corn is the star of the fall products for this company.  "An oh-so-sweet caramel candy corn shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath.  Back with a caramel twist, this oh-so-sweet caramel candy corn shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath is everything you love about candy corn with a rich, creamy layer of caramel.  It's moisturizing formula provides a rich, foaming lather to gently cleanse and condition, leaving skin and hair feeling soft."  I never bothered to smell this when I last saw it at Sephora as I thought that it was the same scent as every other year but I will have to smell it again now that caramel notes have been added.  The original scent was so sweet that I couldn't use it very much and I would never use up a 16 oz bottle of it, let's see if that is still true with the caramel scent addition.  The Caramel Apple is always my favorite.  "A delectable caramel apple shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath that cleanses and conditions skin and hair.  You won't be able to resist bathtime when you dip into the delectable scent of caramel-coated apples.  Its moisturizing formula provides a rich, fomaing lather to gently cleanse and condition, leaving skin and hair feeling soft.  The delicious blend of red delicious apple and creamy caramel scents makes this shower gel the perfect bath treat on a crisp fall day."

The newest scent in the 3-in-1 is Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa, the drink that was made popular by Starbucks several years ago.  "A three-in-one cleanser for hair and body with the delicious scents of melted caramel and chocolate.  Cover yourself head to toe in the sweet scent of delicious caramel with this luxurious cleanser.  The multitasking formula provides a rich, foaming lather to gently clean and condition, leaving skin and hair soft and healthy.  The perfect bath and shower treat, this oh-so-sweet concoction is gentle enough for everyday indulgence."  This one sounds wonderful...Rolos are a favorite candy of mine and I am willing to bet that I would love this product and I must smell it the next time that I go to Sephora!

Sephora all makes lip glosses to match the candy corn and hot cocoa scents!  I have never really used Philosophy Lip Shines before, they are mostly clear with a slight shimmer and are mostly for the flavor.  First the I Love Candy Corn gloss.  "A high-gloss, high-flavor lip shine.  It's everything you love about candy corn, combined with Philosophy's lip-loving gloss formula, for deliciously soft lips.  This product's naturally emollient ingredients and Vitamin E help hydrate, soothe, and soften lips.  It leaves a sheer, lustrous finish and sweet candy corn flavor that stays delicious on lips.  It's the perfect lip treat for fall."  The I Love Candy Corn shade is clear with a hint of shimmer, this is only worth buying if you love candy corn.  The Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa has a bit more tint to it.  "An emollient-rich gloss that coats lips with the sweet flavor of cocoa and caramel.  Soften, hydrate, and smooth with this sheer gloss that guarentees a sugary pout.  The perfect treat to moisture and beautify, this oh-so-sweet formula is gentle enough for all-day indulgence."  I like both of these shades but I don't love either of them.

There is also a lip gloss set that I see on the Sephora website, it contains two different shades of lip shines that are not seen separately anywhere else on this website.  The Trick or Treat Lip Shine Duo is my favorite of the lip gloss products.  "A set of two high-gloss, high-flavor lip shines.  There's nothing spooky about these delicious lip treats.  Philosophy's trick or treat calls to mind the scent of crispy marshmellow bars and the delectable scent of caramel-coated apples.  Both are made with emollient formulas that hydrate, soothe, and soften lips to leave a sheer, beautiful shine."  Marshmellow Bars is a clear gloss with gold shimmer and the Caramel Apple gloss has a sheer deep red tint, Caramel Apple is my favorite of all the Lip Shines. 

On the Philosophy website, there is an additional giftset available that I didn't see on the Sephora website.  And it has the Caramel Apple scent in it!  "No tricks, just treats.  Trick or Treat features Sweet Cinnamon Icing and Caramel Apple Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath.  Leave skin and hair feeling soft."  This Trick or Treat set is awesome looking and I will be looking to use it from the company's website.  I have never smelled Sweet Cinnamon Icing but it sounds like a scent that I would fall in love with.  Years ago, Bath and Body Works had a scent called Cinnamon Frosting in their original Tutti Dolci line and this was one of my favorite scents and I have never smelled anything like it since.  If this scent matched it, then I would be in heaven!!!

I am so excited for more fall products, I am beginning to think that I could use these products all the way through the winter.  I love the Caramel Apple scent and I want to collect it in as many forms as possible!

photo courtesy of Sephora

Saturday, September 22, 2012

China Glaze Halloween 2012 Nail Polish Collection

It seems that the fall collections are coming to a close and I am so excited to see a few Halloween collections before the holiday collections start releasing at the beginning of October.  Halloween is a holiday that I really enjoy, even though I don't always get dressed up, I still start buying Trick or Treat candy as soon as it hits the supermarket shelves.  For me, the true arrival of fall occurs when I see the seasonal aisle in the supermarkets change the picnic items to all kinds of Halloween candy and treats.  I have been picking up candy nearly every single time that I have bought groceries the past three weeks and crave candy all the time now.  It's that special time of the year!

I am so excited to see that China Glaze has released a series of new polish shades for Halloween, six brand new hues that are perfect for those who love this holiday.  And for those who just want to keep adding more nail polishes to their already large collections!  All of these shades are bold and great for someone who wants to get noticed!  I wouldn't recommend wearing any of these in a professional environment, they are strictly for fun...nothing wrong with that at Halloween!

Here is the Wicked collection from China Glaze!

Nail Lacquer - China Glaze is a professional quality nail enamel that is resistant to chipping and color fading.  China Glaze is a professional-level nail enamel made with a special balance of polymers and resins that combine to create a nail lacquer that is long-lasting, chip-resistant and resistant to color and shine fading.  Will not thicken in the bottle, no thinners necessary.

The new Halloween shades...

- Roguish Red - warm red cream
- Glitter Goblin - clear base with large pieces of orange and silver glitter
- Make a Spectacle - clear blase with small silver shimmer and large pieces of holographic glitter
- Cast a Spell - black cream with green and gold shimmer
- Bizarre Blurple - blue purple base with blue shimmer
- Immortal - light gray cream with blue shimmer

The glitters are my favorite shades in this collection, the creams are nice but they aren't anything special and I could find them in many different permanent polish collections.  Make a Spectacle is my favorite shades, this one can be worn on its own or as a top coat over all shades of polish.  I would wear it this time of the year over jewel tones or black and gray hues and then next spring, I will wear it over pastels.  I hope China Glaze made enough bottles of these shades to keep up with the demand because I must own this color!

Immortal is my second choice, I love grays and silvers in the fall and winter and this one is very unique.  Glitter Goblin is very festive but I am on the fence on it, its nice but I feel like I would only wear it once or twice a year and I would be more likely to buy it if I could get it in a small size in a set.

Hopefully we see some more Halloween collections soon!

photo courtesy of

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dior Fall 2012 Collection - Golden Jungle

We have a few fall collections left and therefore we are going to end on a very high note for this season!  I am already seeing holiday stuff, both in the beauty world and nearly every single time that I go shopping.  I am very excited about all the Halloween candy and decorations that I am seeing but I am dreading the holidays that seem to be coming earlier and earlier every single year.  I have to head to Wal-Mart tommorrow morning for some grocery shopping and I can only imagine what I find there, a mixture of Halloween costumes and Christmas trees!

Golden Jungle is the fall collection from Dior, I saw hints of this collection all summer and then products from it were all over the fall fashion magazines.  I thought that I did this collection earlier in the summer but when I read over my list of companies that I had left to look at and this one wasn't crossed off so I decided to visit the Dior website right away and check out this collection.  I remember stalking the Dior website at the very beginning of my fall collection coverage and it wasn't up for the longest time so I may have put it on the back burner and then somehow forgot about it.  But now it is time to look at this collection and then decide what I need to pick up from it to round out my fall shopping.  Considering that I will start picking up some early favorites from the holiday collections by the middle of next month, I need to up with fall and then start getting my Sephora shopping list updated for the next group of seasonal collections!

The Golden Jungle eye shadow palette from this collection was in almost every single fall fashion magazine that I can remember and therefore that is wear I will be starting with this collection.  The Golden Jungle collection is all shades of neutrals and golds, shades that I love to wear on my eyes but I don't always like on my face or lips.  So I can envision picking up some eye makeup shades from this collection however I doubt that the lip shades will be anything for me bring home...

Here is the Golden Jungle collection from Dior!

Golden Jungle Palette - Essentials for radiant eyes and lips - Panther eye shadows and lip gloss.  In its precious case, the Golden Jungle palette captures the essence of the modern jungle: 3 assorted matte, pearly, iridescent pressed eye shadows in a panther motif to sculpt the eyes, and one gloss to enhance the radiance of the lips. 
- Golden Browns 002 - pale champagne/medium bronze/deep brown eye shadows and a medium nude lip gloss

Dior Vernis - Haute couleur,high lasting.  Never before has the colour of the new Dior Vernis displayed such lacquered and vibrant shine!  A cocktail of Shine and Sparkle Amplifying ingredients directs pigments and pearly particles to enhance light reflection tenfold.  Application is even easier with the new brush.  Dior Vernis also features a new chip-resistant formula that protects and embellishes the nails, day after day.
- Amazonia - dirty olive green khaki
- Bengale - deep rosy bronze

5 Couleurs Designer - All-in-one artistry palette.  Dior has created 5 Couleurs Designer,  an ultra-professional and totally new version of the mythic 5 Couleurs Palette.  Five different textures have been brought together in a single case to create eye shadow styles through layering.  1 Base - light, 2 Color - iridescent, 3 Shade - satinity, 4 Shine - pearlescent, 5 Liner - mat; represent the essential steps used by professional makeup artists to draw attention to the eyes and create ultra-graphic eye makeup looks.
- Khaki Design 308 - deep olive green/medium champagne/deep black/pale gold/medium cool bronze

Diorblush - Glowing color powder blush.  Dress your cheeks in color and light!  Dior presents the first blush that plays in color intensity and a variety of finishes to create a natural, healthy glow with a subtle sparkle.  A matte finish enhances the natural skin tone, while a pearly finish highlights the planes of the face.  Silky and lightly scented, this Couture blush comes in a wide range of colours to suit all skintones.
- Sugar and Spice 849 - matte medium bronze/shimmer medium bronze
- Sunkissed Cinnamon 639 - matte light bronze/shimmer light bronze

Dior Addict - Vibrant color, spectacular shine.  Lipstick, the ultimate fashion accessory. The new Dior Addict Lipstick is a declaration of love between beauty and style, between colour and couture, between Dior and its addicts.  44 shades for a catwalk effect.  Easy to wear yet impulsive, the essential Rouge Addict shades play on the excitement and fashion desires of the moment.  This completely new, high-shine sensorial formula is totally is totally addictive.  With 25% less wax than a classic lipstick, it contains instead an extraordinary reflecting gel.  The result is modern transparency, intense plumping effect, and a magnifying glass effect to intensify shine, plump the lips, and above all, enhance colour.
- Wild 646 - medium rosy nude
- Daring 952 - deep berry brown

The palette with the three eye shadows and one lip gloss in is one of my favorite pieces of the whole season, this palett eis still in stock on the Dior website so I hope that I can get my hands on it without any issues.  I will wear the shades in this palette all fall and then all year round since they are just perfect for my blue eyes and will work very well with many of the eye shadows that I already own.  I also would like to buy the 5 Couleurs Designer for the exact same reason, when Dior has a hit on their hands, I will want everything in the collection!  My only concern is that quality of the eye shadow palettes has been all over the place in the past and I don't want to be disappointed again, my policy with Dior products to fully research and play with them before I decide to buy them or not.  I will have to visit the counter and hope that I can leave with a bag full of fun products.

The rest of the collection is a total miss for...exactly as I knew it would be.  None of these browns will flatter my skintone but would be showstopping on someone with a warmer skintone than mine.  I will be skipping over these shades however I want to try the Diorblush formula in a different series of shades.

I can't believe it but I must accept reality...fall is ending and I am almost done with the fall collections and my thinking is shifting towards the holidays already!

photo courtesy of Dior

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guerlain Fall 2012 Collection

We are now heading toward the very end of the fall collections and I am going through my list and seeing what lines I haven't looked at yet.  One of the collections that I haven't viewed is the newest from Guerlain, I have a mixed outlook on this line of products.  Everything that I see from this line I tend to fall in love with but I can only get my hands on a few of the products at my nearest Sephora store.  I am impressed that Sephora has added more products from this brand to their counter however I still wish that I could have the same selection that is found at the counter at Saks or Bergdorf Goodman.  One day when I move into the city...

The Guerlain fall collection only consists of two new products (at least from what I can find) and they are featured on the company's website.  I doubt that I will be able to find either of these products at my Sephora counter for at a few seasons so I can't work up a ton of excitement for this collection.  The Guerlain website didn't give a name to this fall collection so I don't know what trend it is focused on or what themes ties these products together.  I get as bit disappointed when I don't see a theme for a collection because I find it harder to use some of the products and shades together to create a "look" for the season...

This collection contains the much hyped Blush Duo, a product that has appeared in almost every single beauty magazine this fall and is the one product that I am really excited from this collection.  I am hoping that this product is worth me ordering it from the Saks website and that it will not disappoint me.  I have never heard a bad review of a Guerlain cheek product and therefore I am want to do some shopping from this line of products!

Here are the two new products that Guerlain brought out for the fall season!

Rouge G L'Extrait - This exceptional liquid, creamy, consistent, ultra-pigmented, and velvety lip color delivers an incredibly sophisticated makeup result.  Wear it not to tease but to awaken desire!  The colour becomes matt in a moment and reveals its superb qualities.  Non-sticky, non-drying, non-feathering, this luxurious texture is a waking dream that lasts for hours for all women who love colour.  A formula with rejuvenating and smoothing benefits that are tangible on application and over time, day after day.  The Rouge G case has been interpretated in a sleeker version to hold this liqud texture.  Pull and click...and watch the familiar double mirror gracefully open.  Then, simply turn the cap to take up the colour and apply it elegantly and easily with its flocked tip.
- Avarice M06 - medium nude matte
- Colere M25 - bright blue red matte
- Luxure M27 - deep brick red matte
- Envie M11 - medium warm coral matte
- Paresse M65 - medium dusty cool rose matte
- Gourmandise M71 - bright cool berry matte
- Orgueil M69 - deep cool plum matte

Rose aux Joues - A luxurious case in the House style.  A colour duo with a main shade to make cheekbones blush.  And its smaller conterpart for a savvy mix or a striking juxtaposition.  The dense, tapered brush glides easily and precisely over the skin on application.
- Peach Boy 1 - medium coral/pale peach
- Red Hot 6 - deep rose/medium rose
- Golden High 5 - medium bronze/pale bronze
- Chic Pink 2 - medium pink/pale pink
- Over Rose 3 - medium rose/medium pink
- Pink Punk 4 - medium rose/medium plum

This collection may be very small but contains some fantastic products, I want several shades from both of these products.  I am seeing a huge trend with several lines releasing liquid lipsticks for the fall season, I hope that these formulas can create the high pigmented, long-wearing look that a traditional matte lipstick can provide.  The Colere M25 shade is my favorites, this bright blue red is right up my alley and looks to be the shade that the model of the collection is wearing.  This would be my first choice from the lipstick formula.  If I love this formula, then I will continue to collect more shades.  My next purchase would be the Luxure M27, the deep brick red, the Paresse M65, a lovely rose, and the Gourmandise M71, the bright berry.  I am in the market for a very dark berry shade but I don't believe that I will find it in this formula.

The new blush formula is also of interest to me, I always want new blushes and this formula looks lovely.  I haven't bought a new blush in the past few weeks so I can indulge in these.  My first choice is Over Rose 3 and I also like Red Hot 6, these are both great choices for rose shades and both of them will complement my pale, cool skin.  I can't wait to head up to the city and check out this formula, hopefully my vacation day snexgt month will allow for some great shopping!

photo courtesy of Guerlain

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aveda Fall 2012 Collection - Passion Flower


This is the first season that I am looking at the color collection from Aveda, now that I have found an Aveda concept salon to visit, I am much more excited about this brand and all the different products that they carry.  So far, I have had the shampoo and conditioner used on me at the salon however I haven't bought anything yet and I have decided to begin to slowly pick up a few items each time that I visit the salon.  My salon carries the skincare, haircare, and has several makeup tables so I have tons of products to chose from and try out.  I am excited  to try all of the products from this brand but I must say that I am the most excited for the makeup line and the upcoming fall collection that was just released.

The new fall collection is named Passion Flower, it only contains four new products and therefore is one of the smaller collections that has been released this season.  Aveda makeup products are more natural and contain many natural ingredients and pigments.  I am more interested in skin and hair care products that are natural and organic as makeup will sit on my skin and not be absorbed the way the products in the other two categories can be.  My stance on natural makeup is that it's a nice to have but not a "need" to have.  Lip products are the one item that I would be most likely to purchase more natural or organic line of products as this product is easiest to accidently ingest.  How many of use have gotten lipstick or gloss in our mouths and didn't realize it right away?

The collection description is as follows, "Luxurious petal tones grounded by sophisticated neutrals."  The collection offers petal tones in several lip products and one eye shadow shade.  The last group of fashion magazines that I read are all over the deep berry lip tone and I am now checking out some lipsticks in this hue to wear the rest of this season.  I will have to look for these exact shades the next time that I go to salon!

Here is the Passion Flower collection!

Nourish-mint Soothing Lip Color - Plumps, smoothes, and moisturizes.
- 907 Wild Fuchsia - bright fuchsia pink
- 908 Snap Dragon - warm saturated red
- 909 Rare Orchid - cool red violet

Nourish-mint Lip Liner - Reduces feathering of lip color.
- 380 Foxglove - matte nude pink
- 480 Tarragona - matte warm berry

Petal Essence Single Eye Color - Soft to the touch eye shadow.
- 926 Night Iris - satiny plum berry

Nourish-mint Hydrating Lip Glaze - Lip gloss infused with plant emollients.
- 910 Star Dahlia - red berry with shimmer
- 911 Gilded Lotus - shimmery camel neutral
- 912 Pearl Rose - soft rose with shimmer

I usually start with buying lip colors when I try out a new color product line so I will follow that same trend with Aveda.  My favorite pieces of this collection are the lipstick and the lip gloss, I love that both of these formulas contain spearmint oil (mint is a favorite ingredient of mine for lip products!) and that means that I know that I will love these formulas.  From the lipstick shade range, I want the 907 Wild Fuchsia shade (the one that I have pictured here) and I might try the 909 Rare Orchid shade to fulfill my need for a deep burgundy shade of lipstick.  For the lip glosses, I am going to start with a more natural shade so I will buy the  912 Pearl Rose.  I can wear this light rose against strong eye makeup or really with any look that I can dream up.  I also could wear that lip gloss hue all year round and I can see myself loving this shade (if I love the formula enough) and I bet that I will be buying a few more shades of this product.

I am so excited for my next salon visit so I can play around with the Aveda makeup tables!

photo courtesy of Aveda

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MAC Face and Body

MAC had a bunch of huge collection releases over the past two weeks and this collection is one of the group.  Face and Body is all about base colors for the face and also for use on the body.  Originally I had no interest in this collection and still have next to interest in it, I don't have any reason to use most of the major products in this collection.  I don't have any major tattos or imperfections on my body that I would need to cover up so I have no need to purchase a whole separate foundation and cover up for my body.  I have enough with all the products that I use on my face...

So why am I even looking at this collection?  I became interested in it when I read reviews of one of the new products contained in it, I have already read that the many of the products released in their Office Hours collection were awful and now I have read that these are even worse.  What is going on with MAC's quality lately...I have commented before that their permanent products are a higher quality than their limited edition products but their products have been been awful before.  I am very surprised that two collections in a row have gotten awful results from the beauty industry...

"For natural looking dimension, a colour-coordinated trio of modern formulas for face and body.  Add highlights and create contours with neutral/skin-tone shades of Pro Sculpting Cream, Pressed Pigments, and Face and Body Foundation."  I don't know how much sculpting I will be doing of my face and body areas but I guess that it can't hurt to look and see what these products are about.  I will be very disappointed in MAC if their seasonal collections continue to have quality issues, especially if the issues carry over into the MAC and Marylin Monroe collection that is coming out at the beginning of October.

Here is the Face and Body Collection!

Pressed Pigment - An intensely creamy highlighter offering extreme pearlescence and versatility of finish.  Apply dry for high shine, or on damp skin for a dramatic wet look.  Provides eye-catching sheer-to-moderate buildable coverage and natural dimension finish.  Pressed Pigment is delicate.  Please handle with care.
- Light Touch - high pearl powder in W10 shade
- Warming Heart - high pearl powder in NW20 shade
- Spot Lit - high pearl powder in NW35 shade
- Day Gleam - high pearl powder in NC30 shade
- Beaming - high pearl powder in NC50 shade
- Deeply Dashing - high pearl powder in NW55 shade

Pro Sculpting Cream - A cream-to-powder formula for sculpting and shaping key features.  Silky-smooth, easy-to-blend and neutrally-shaded.  Apply where extra dimension is needed, eyelids included.  Provides moist, skin-soothing, natural-looking, sheer-to-medium buildable coverage.
- Accentuate - peachy beige
- Naturally Defined - warm beige
- Pure Sculpture - neutral pink beige
- Coffee Walnut - deep dirty, cool brown
- Copper Beach - warm golden brown
- Richly Honed - warm deep brown

Face and Body Foundation 50 mL - A fluid foundation that provides low-to-medium buildable coverage and a flawless natural satin-shine finish.  Skin conditioning, water-resistant and long-wearing.  Now available in two sizes, including the new 50 ml.  Available in a range of shades to suit every skintone.

215 Medium Shader Brush - A paddle-shaped brush with short, extremely dense, natural bristles.  Pro-preferred for smoothly shaping/defining the eye with colour.  Flawlessly applies both powder and cream eye shadows.

163 Flat Contour Brush - An ultra-smooth brush with short, luxuriously silky, synthetic bristles and a flat wide top.  Multi-purpose, multi-medium, but specifically designed to help create sharp contours with shaping/sculpting products such as Pro Sculpting Cream.

The products in this collection are pretty unique but still nothing that I would ever really use.  I don't need a face and body formula foundation, I only use foundation on my face and currently don't have any reason to use it on any areas of my body (prehaps this may change after I decide what I will be doing with getting tattoos), maybe I will revisit the product later on in life.  This foundation formula is the first product in this collection that I ruled out and then I just continued ruling products out with every review of this collection that I read...

The Pro Sculpting Cream is a highlighting product that I am very on the fence about.  I don't know how much I would use this type of product and I would need an explanation of how to use it from my favorite MAC counter.  I am only considering using some of the paler shades to accentuate my cheekbones when I decide not to use blush.  The product that I would most excited about initially was the Pressed Pigment, I was envisioning a great highlighting shade for my eye area.  However I read on the Temptalia blog that this product performed really badly when she was testing the shades out.  Based on her review, I know that I would be ok skipping over this product and I know that I could find some great highlighting eye shadow shades in the MAC Eye Shadow range.

I hope that this is the last MAC collection of the year that I am very disappointed by, I have bought less MAC products this year than the past few and this is disappointing to me.  I am so excited to see the holiday collections that will be coming soon and I hope that I have a few pieces that I fall in love with from the line up.  I hope that MAC is just going through a few issues with formulation, I still love everything that I bought from Hey, Sailor! and I have been working all the lip and eye products into my fall makeup look.

photo courtesy of MAC

Monday, September 17, 2012

Balenciaga L'Essence

The fall weather is now beginning to catch up with us, there is a chill in the air when I go to work in the morning and when I get out of class at night.  Now that the weather is really beginning to feel like the season is changing, I have begun to look through my perfume and sample collection and see what fragrances I will be wearing over the next few weeks.  With all the Sephora orders that I make, I still have a very healthy perfume sample collection and I will be digging through these for a fragrance that I would like to start wearing in the cool weather.  As of right now, I don't have room on my shelf to get any new bottles of perfumes out so I need to try something new from my sample collection and focus on using a bottle or two up before I am able to open anything else up.  Of course, as I work through my sample collection I am sure that I will only find more fragrances that I want to buy in the full bottles...

The first sample that I have decided to pull out of my sample collection is from Balenciaga, a brand that I have never tried a fragrance from before.  This couture line only has two fragrances out and Sephora is the only place that it near me where I can find fragrances from this company.  L'Essence is the fragrance that I requested the sample of, I always leap toward ordering samples of fragrances that I have never tried or heard of before since I can always throw the sample away if it smells awful on me.  I have used this fragrance for two days now and I have found yet another perfume that I want in the full bottle size!

I found the description of the fragrance and the notes on the Sephora website so I will pull the information from that website.  "Balenciaga L'Essence captures the essence of Balenciaga Paris with added intensity.  A feminine and modern fragrance, it gets as close to the skin as leather and vibrant woody notes express an assertive sophistication.  The fresh yet coarse scent of violet leaves exudes an exquisitely stimulating sense of purity and youth.  Ands it note of vetiver, at one wild, unruly and incisive, takes the upper hand.  Inspired by Balenciaga jewels, the bottle reflects the high quality and savior-faire of the brand.  The hematite cap and a pyrite collar, both true expressions of elegance and modernity, complement the green gradation of the bottle."

The notes of the fragrance are: Violet Leaves, Vetiver, Woody Notes.

This fragrance is very strong when applied to my skin and I will need to wear this during the cooler weather, wearing during the summer would clear an elevator (to say the least!).  This fragrance starts with a strong hit of violet, it very powdery and unique.  I have never used many violet fragrances in the past but now I love this fragrance and am also looking forward to trying the Violet Blonde fragrance from Tom Ford.  This was a very new type of fragrance for me and I am seeing my perfume collection head into a new direction.  The violet note stays on my skin for several hours and next the vetiver note begins to comes out and then the woody notes come out and the mixture remains on my skin for the next ten hours.  This fragrance is another one of those that lasts forever on me and will be a great purchase. 

This scent would be appropriate for any type of professional environment, it is clean and subtle (at least in cold weather) however this type of fragrance does need to be applied in moderation.  Wearing this fragrance made me want to put on heels and a pencil skirt and this is the only way that I would wear it, this is not a weekend fragrance.  I could also see this fragrance dressed up for night, it would still work weel with crisp tailoring and great heels. 

This fragrance will go on my shopping list however as I stated above, I don't even have room for on my shelf for the fragrances that I already own.  Realisitcally, I will use the rest of my sample over the best few weeks and then I will buy a bottle to put aside for next fall and winter.  I now want to try the other fragrance from this company and see if I love it the way that I do this one!

photo courtesy of Sephora

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nails Inc Autumn Winter Collection

Nails Inc is one of my new favorite lines and I am painting my nails with their best-selling shade, Baker Street, as I type this.  Baker Street is now becoming one of my favorite nail shades and I know that I will be using it for the rest of the fall months and I head over to their display very soon after I first enter Sephora.  I have been trying to slow down the growth of my nail polish collection over the past few months, as I now have no more room in my storage container and am struggling to close it every single time that I am done painting my nails.  The Nail Bar at Sephora is making my life so very difficult...

As much as I am trying to lessen my nail polish shopping, as soon as I see a new set from Nails Inc on the Sephora website, I lose all sense of self-control and immediately click to see what shades are included with the set.  I love sets of small nail polish bottles as I often get sick of a shade before I even get halfway through a regular-sized bottle.  This new set of polish contains six small bottles in shades that will fit perfectly with all the trends that we have been seeing on the runways.  This new set is named Autumn Winter and so far I have only seen it on the Sephora website, I hope that it is one the stores very soon so I can see exactly what shades look like. 

The description of the set and six shades that are contained in it is found on the Sephora website.  "A collection of six mini lacquers that shimmer, glimmer, and shine.  Match your nails to the season with this set of six gorgeous shades.  The runway-inspired colors vary from rich and bold, to delicate and romantic, and include formulas featuring glitter, pearls, and heavenly gloss."

The shades included in this set are...

- Sloane Gardens - unique navy glitter
- Chester Street - delicate pearl
- Bruton Mews - deep forest green
- Richmond Terrace - rich glossy plum
- Jermyn Street - classic taupe
- Chelsea Bridge Road - tomato red

This set is limited edition however the Sephora website does not state whether or not each of the individual shades is limited edition.  Some of the names (Bruton Mews and Jermyn Street) are very familar to me from the counter.  I hope that these shades are actually all part of the permanent collection since there is a good chance that I would want many of them in the full sizes after I try out this set.  My favorite of the shades is Sloane Gardens, a navy glitter shade, and my second favorite shade is Bruton Mews, a deep forest green shade.  These are actually shades that I could see myself buying in the full sized bottles and actually getting a ton of use from.   First I will buy this set and then I will end up buying a few of the large bottles in these shades.

Another gem from Nails Inc!

photo courtesy of Sephora

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lancome Fall 2012 Collection - Midnight Roses

Midnight Roses is the newest fall collection from Lancome and I must say that I am betting that this will be one of my favorites.  I love roses and Lancome has produced some great collections inspired by roses in the past few years and I am hopeful that this one is as wonderful as the previous.  The previous rose-inspired collections have been spring or summer collections and this one is very different, the hues are deeper and much more dramatic.  This collection consists of color products for all facial features and one of newest fragrances from the company.  I am already beginning to plot out my shopping list for this collection, I love so many of the shades and I must own the perfume that is grouped with these products!

The Nordstrom website provides a full description of the collection and the Lancome website provides more details about the products themselves.  "Lancome is excited to present Midnight Roses, our Fall 2012 Color Collection.  Inspired by Tresor Midnight Rose and the majestic hue of purple, the makeup evokes mischievious feminity and glamour.", states the Nordstrom website to describe the collection.  I love all the deep berry shades for the lips and all the lovely purples for the eyes, this is a great collection!

Here is the Midnight Roses collection from Lancome!

L'Absolu Nu - For fall, L'Absolu Nu undresses your lips in three new sheer shades, 3393 Parme Fianelle, 3397 Prune Mantille, and 3389 Rouge Resille.  Still using the same ultra caring lipstick with Pro Xylane, L'Absolu Nu enhances your natural lip tone and replenishes lips.  From mauve to raspberry and plum, these limited edition colors are the perfect transition to the Fall while keeping lips moisturized with a delicate veil of color.
- 3389 Rouge Resille - deep rose berry
- 3393 Parme Fianelle - sheer berry
- 3397 Prune Mantille - light plum

L'Absolu Creme de Mat - A liquid rouge with a matte finish.  L'Absolu Creme de Mat combines the gentleness of a gloss and the coverage of a lipstick with a deep velvety finish on the lips.  Three limited edition shades, ranging from bright red to profound burgundy, will cover every look from day to night.  The precise-angled, tapered tip applicator ensures an even and contoured application. 
- 300 Magic Pourpre - matte bright berry
- 301 Prune Elixir - matte plum
- 100 Potion d'Amour - matte deep berry red

Color Design Eye Palette - Infinitely luminous.  Sensationally smooth.  All-in-one 5 shadow palette to brighten eyes.  Build with absolute precision and apply the shades in 5 simple steps (all over, lid, crease, highlighter, and liner) to design your customized eye look.  Contour, sculpt, and lift in soft day colors or intensify with dramatic evening hues for smoldering smoky effects. 
- Violet Magnetique - matte pink (all-over base), shimmer taupe plum (lid), shimmer periwinkle (crease), metallic silver (highlighter), deep shimmery plum (liner)
- Mauve Cherie - shimmer soft yellow (all-over base), shimmer plum (lid), matte taupe plum (crease), shimmer silver taupe (highlighter), shimmer black (liner)

Le Crayon Kohl - Create a sensual, intense eye look with ease.  This smudgy, creamy-smooth eye pencil delivers a dose of decadent color that glides on effortlessly and blends beautifully.  In an instant, eyes are perfectly lined, defined, and contoured for a smoldering effect that's absolutely irresistible.
- 300 Purple Dusk - deep purple

Vernis in Love - Vernis in Love is a high potency nail lacquer perfectly themed to compliment every woman's mood and style.  With ultimate brilliance, intense color, and a mistake-proof application, your nails will love the lasting shine and pop of color that stays put for days.  Limited edition shade 453 Infusion de Prune and top coat 030 Givre Magique are the perfect finish for any of the Midnight Roses-inspired looks.
- 453 Infusion de Prune - deep berry
- 030 Givre Magique - clear matte top coat

Blush Subtil Palette - Sensationally smooth.  All-in-one blush palette to sculpt and enhance your best features.  Artistry is made easy with three simple steps to contour, blush, and highlight your complexion.  For any skin tone, any face shape - your complexion is naturally enhanced.  Define your face, enhance or diminish any features for a complexion that is illuminated, brightened, and lifted.
- 323 Rose Flush - matte tan/shimmery rose pink/iridescent pale pink
- 359 Framboise Flirt - matte tan/radiant bright pink/iridescent pale pink
- 385 Plum Elegance - matte cocoa brown/shimmery plum rose/shimmery copper steel
- 126 Nectar Lace - matte tan/shimmery pinky coral/pale gold shimmer
- 158 Peche Savvy - matte tan/shimmery bright coral/iridescent beige
- 192 Rouge Allure - matte chocolate brown/radiant burgundy red/shimmery copper

Tresor Midnight Rose - Charming.  Mischievous.  Desirable.  A sexy-sweet blend of raspberry, rose, vanilla, and sensual musk for mischievous feminity.  Catch my heart if you can!  Top notes: Raspberry, Black Currant Bud Absolute.  Middle Notes: Rose Absolute, Jasmine.  Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk.

I love these lipstick and lip gloss shades, I know that I have been trying to buy less lip products this season but so many great shades have come out so far this season and I continue to find more and more shades that I want to buy.  My favorite shades are from the new lipstick shades, Rouge Resille and Parme Finalle are both lovely and will be very flattering on my pale skin.  I must go to the counter for both of these shades as soon as I can.  I like the lip gloss but I want to see how pigmented they are before I decide what I want to order, they look as though they will be more like liquid lipsticks than just lip gloss.  Assuming that it is a liquid lipstick, I want to buy another berry hue from this formula (Magic Pourpre is my choice!).  I know that I should not be buying any more lip products but these are just such great choices for me!

I want both of the eye shadow palettes, I have been trying to buy more shadow and blush shades this season and so far have picked up a few great shades.  My favorite of the eye shadow palettes is Violet Magnetique, I have been all over purple eye shadows this fall and this is another great choice and therefore I can't wait to see this palette at the counter.  I am very interested in the new blush palette that has been brought out with this collection however I want to make sure that this will be a product that I can easily use in the correct fashion.  Rose Flush is the shade that I would start out with and I will want to play with this at counter when I go!

Midnight Roses is one of my favorite collections of this season so far and I don't think that I will be adding many more to that list at this time in the season.  I can't quite state if it is my absolute favorite yet but it is a contender for this title!

photo courtesy of Lancome

Friday, September 14, 2012

Murad Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer

The Murad Vitalic line is reported to be one their best-selling overall product lines, this line of anit-oxidant based skincare products can be used by a wide range of skin types and helps to fight the free radicals that have been all over beauty magazines for the past two years.  The Vitalic line of skincare was my first introduction to the Murad line several years ago when I was in college and I have been using it ever since.  I first bought a tube of this product when the Murad line was still available at certain Bath and Body Works and I made the trip down to King of Prussia one day to see the "fancy" store.  This was one of my first clinical skincare products and I still remember how excited I was to buy this product!

The Vitalic line is a series of products that all contain pomegranate as one of the active ingredients and is an anti-oxidant rich line for all skin types.  "Combination skin, also known as normal skin, is the most common skin type.  It might be oilier in the T-Zone with perhaps some dryness at the perimeter of the face.  Murad Vitalic line features pomegranate extract to balance oily and dry zones and creates beautiful skin through the science of Cellular Water.", states the Sephora website in an overall description of how the line itself functions.  The line contains the full array of traditional skincare products; cleansers, moisturizers, and more targeted products.  So far I have only used one product from the line however I have replaced it several times over the years, considering that I rarely rebuy products and am always on the lookout for the newest products and ingredients, this is saying something huge about this face lotion. 

The main moisturizer in the Vitalic line is the Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer.  "A lightweight moisturizer that infuses skin with hydration and energy.  Stimulates and shields skin by infusing energy and providing oil-free, essential hydration."  This product is a lightweight lotion, with a pleasant smell and very light texture, this is a product that I would use in the late spring and summer only, so I will not be buying another tube of for quite a bit.  It provides enough hydration for my cheeks in the wamr weather months, but it is much too light for fall and winter months, since I am already beginning to feel the change in my skin and we are only halfway through September. 

This is nice, but basic, moisturizer.  The products in the Vitalic line are targeted for younger skin that really hasn't begun to show any major signs of aging, they help to prevent some of the signs of aging with the Murad Pomegranate Complex and wouldn't work very well in someone who already is beginning to show obvious signs (I would recommend the Vitamin C line for this type of skincare issue), this product is not going to change your world and it is not designed for someone who wants and needs major results from their moisturizer.  I recommend this product for someone who truly has "normal" skin, it hydrates a bit but not too much and doesn't contain any mattifying ingredients.

My least favorite parts about this product?  My first issue is the tube, somehow I can never squeeze out exactly how much product that I need.  The tip is different from some of the other Murad products and one squeeze was never enough to cover my whole face but two squeezes released so much product that I still had some left on hands after application.  This is the Goldilocks of Murad packaging...  My second issue is the one that I often have with other Murad day creams, an SPF of 15 is way too low for me and this product is not applied heavily enough for the sunscreen to be fully opaque on the skin.  I know that many people applaud doctors that put SPF in their products but having too low an SPF is worse than none at all, I prefer to find my own sunscreen formula to use and I can't layer it with this product without the higher SPF being diluted.  So annoying in such a great line of facecare...

photo courtesy of Sephora

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clarins Fall 2012 Collection - Ombre Minerale

Clarins skincare is among a favorite of my serums and primers however I haven't tried as much of the makeup as I would like to.  I rarely visit my local counter at Macy*s since the counter is rather small and focuses more on the skincare and tanners than any of the color products.  They also tend not to always have the latest releases and carry only some of the core products, I wish that I had a bigger counter so that I had more exposure to this brand since every self-tanner or skincare product that I have used was fantastic and I have loved the results that I have gotten from it.

With the facts as stated, I doubt that I will be seeing a huge display of the products at my counter and I may have to order some of these products from the Clarins website.  I should be able to get some of the basics at the counter, I should be able to find the mascara and the eye liner but I may not be able to find the limited edition eye and face products.  I always need more mascara so being able to easily obtain the Instant Definition Mascara should still make me happy...

I found this entire collection on the Nordstrom website as well as the Clarins' website.  In addition the product descriptions and photos, the Nordstrom website has a full description of the collection that ties all the new products and shades together.  From the Nordstrom website, "Clarins is dedicating this season's makeup collection to naturally chic, intensely enhanced beautiful, feminine eyes.  Sparkling results with just a hint of mischief, lots of tenderness or a bit of fun.  You decide on the you wish to achieve!"  This collection consists of six new color products, including some great eye kohls and liner formulas that I really think that I will want to order from Nordstrom!

The Clarins website itself provides full details on all the products and shades so we look at everything in detail and then I can begin getting my shopping list together. 

Here is the Ombre Minerale Collection!

Instant Definition Mascara - A dual-purpose, ultra-volume, intense colour mascara with a rich formula that enhances the beauty of all types of lashes.
- 04 Intense Plum - deep rich plum

Rouge Prodige True Color and Shine Lipstick - An unrivalled formula that delivers long-lasting lip colour, shine, and hold that lasts for hours.  High Fidelity Pearl Technology ensures that colour and shine stay true for hours with this rich, creamy texture provides nourishing skin care benefits to lips.  A wide range of colours to choose from to create your own glamourous look.
- 134 Orchid Pink - deep berry pink cream
- 135 Dark Cherry - deep red cherry cream
- 132 Spiced Orange - medium warm orange cream
- 133 Fig - medium neutral cream

3-Dot Liner - Clarins' revolutionary "trident" tip eyeliner pen gives you precision control for a flaw-free effect.  Three prong applicator fills in the spaces between each lash, dot-by-dot, to accentuate eyes and add volume to lashes.  Rich, deep pigments deliver intense color results and lasting wear.
- Black - black

Colour Accents Powder and Blush - Four harmonious shades in one chic compact bring instant illumination to every skin tone and complexion.  Translucent powder blends easily to smooth skin and even-out imperfections.
- three shades of light bronze and a light pink shade

Kohl Eye Pencil - Discover a velvety-soft pencil with a creative edge.  You control the line - from precisely defined to smoky and smudgy.  New artistic license - that's the point of it all!
- Black - black

Ombre Minerale Mono Eye Shadow - Pure, lasting eye shadows shade, define, highlight, and line in fall's most fashionable colours.  Glide on wet for high-intensity colour; dry for subtle look.  Ultra-soft mineral formula blends easily.  Won't crease, fade, or settle into fine lines.  Available in matte, satin, and pearlized finishes.
- 01 Sparkle White - cool white shimmer
- 02 Nude - pale champagne shimmer
- 03 Petal - medium pink
- 04 Golden Rose - medium gold pink
- 05 Lingerie - medium beige
- 06 Tea Rose - deep warm rose
- 07 Auburn - medium brown
- 08 Taupe - medium gray taupe
- 09 Lavender Tea - medium cool lavender
- 10 Slate Blue - medium blue gray
- 11 Silver Green - medium olive green
- 12 Aubergine - medium red plum
- 13 Dark Chocolate - deep warm brown
- 14 Platinum - deep silver gray
- 15 Sparkle Black - deep black shimmer
- 16 Vibrant Violet - bright purple

I must say that I am most excited about the new eye shadow formula that is offered with this collection, I thought that I would be most into the eye liners but I am really excited about some of the eye shadow shades in this formula.  None of the shades are very unique but I still love so many of them.  I have to say that my favorite is the Vibrant Violet shade, this bright purple will look great with all the purple eye looks that I have been craving for this fall season.  My second favorite shade is the Golden Rose, I am still creating the rose gold eye looks this fall (just slightly heavier on the gold and gold eye liner this time around) and I would love to add this shade to my collection also.  Thos two are my most loved shades and the ones that I must buy.  After I pick up these two shades, I would like to also buy the following: Tea Rose, Lavender Tea, Silver Green, and Platinum.  I am so excited to play around with this formula and I hope that they will appear at my counter in Macy*s.

I am also excited for both of thew eyeliner formulas that are offered with this collection.  The 3 Dot tool looks exactly like what was just offered by Too Faced and is always sold out at my favorite Sephora store.  I might buy this one instead, depending on the availability of the product.  I don't see much of a difference between them, if anyone reading this has used both of them please let me know if I am missing something here.  To finish up thoughts on the eye makeup part of this collection, I want the mascara formula but in the traditional black shade, I wouldn't ever use the plum hue. 

The face powder is take-it-or-leave-it for me, if it looked amazing at the counter, then I would consider buying it but as of right now, I don't need this product.  The last item that I want to check out is the new shades in this lipstick formula, I love the first shade that came up with the product, the deep berry pink shade (Orchid Pink), this shade will look great on me all fall and winter.

This is one of the most wearable fall collections that we have seen so far this season, these products and shades will work in many different scenerios and I can see these products selling out very quickly.  This isn't the most unique or original collection but I still love it all the same.  I can't wait to get a few of these eye shadows and I will report back on them after I get to play around with the shades.

photo courtesy of Nordstrom