Friday, June 13, 2008

Bare Escentuals...Why the Hype?

so far I have yet to mention Bare Escentuals at all in my posts. Like almost every other female in the United states, I have fallen prey to hype around mineral makeup and have purchased the Bare Escentuals starter set at Sephora. After two years of lusting after this product, I finally got to a Sephora in Manhattan (until several months ago I didn't have one near my house at all) and was prepared to be amazed at what I thought would be my flawless looking skin.

I first tried using the Flawless Face brush and realized that it gives no coverage at all. I went up to the stiffer kabuki brush only to realize that it gives moderate coverage. I looked in the mirror expecting to be amazed. WRONG!

The motion of pushing the brush repeatedly onto my face made my face even redder than normal (How can this be good for sensitive skin?) and provided a fair amount of coverage in other areas. I still had to sit and blend it with the flawless face brush to get my face to look remotely natural.

The DVD that came with the set and instructions insist that the concealer brush can be dipped in the powder and used for heavier coverage for dark circles, blemishes, etc. again...WRONG! I still have to use a liquid concealer in order to effectively cover up flaws. The next step is the Mineral Veil finishing powder. For this I used the Flawless Face brush and was happy with the results.

Oh yeah...this whole routine took almost 20 minutes and I ended up covering my black clothing in the powders since I was not used to working with loose powders. I have gotten better at handling the powders but I still manage to cover something with them every time I use the products.

My least favorite thing about Bare Escentuals...the products make my pores look HUGE and very noticeable. Which is not quite what I had in mind when putting makeup on.

Bare Escentuals is great for the woman with fantastic hand - eye coordination, time to put on makeup, skin that is already nice enough to not need the kabuki brush, and who has very tiny pores.

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