Friday, June 27, 2008

Island Michael Kors and Spinoffs

I have been a fan of the original Island Michael Kors since I first smelled it in the summer of 2005. I bought the largest bottle that it came in and have been using it faithfully every summer since. This fragrance has inspired a bunch of spinoffs, which got me very excited to buy more and more products in this family. I have received samples of all of the fragrances and very disappointed to realize that none of them are all that original and all smell very close the original island. The notes for comparison...

original Island - "dewy, sparkling top notes of chinese kiwi, honeysuckle, and parrot tulip; lush vibrant heart notes of champaca flowers, gingerlillies, bulgarian rose, and stephanotis; woody smooth base notes of white bark accord, driftwood, and rice fields accord" (from the Michael Kors website)

Hawaii - "orange, orange flower, gingerlily, jasmine sambac, balsam (from

Capri - "orange bigarade, bergamot, violet de parma, dark fig, olive tree accord, white moss" (from

Fiji -"kauai waterfalls accord, oxygenated water accord, cactus par, mango mist, chinese kiwi, hydroponic honeysuckle, parrot tulip, tiare flower, jasmine sambac, gingerlillies, bulgarian rose, plumeria, stephanotis, galapogos driftwood, rice fields accord, birch wood, white bark accord" (from

To the best of my knowledge, Fiji was the first of the Island spinoffs to come out, which is why I believe that it is the closet of the fragrances. A large amount of the notes are matches and really Fiji just seems to be the original Island in a different colored bottle. For the next fragrance (Hawaii) the company seemed to try and branch out and made orange and orange flower a huge part of the fragrance. Quite frankly, if they wanted to release another Island, they had to do something very different to it and give the public a reason to consider purchasing it. Capri returns back to the Island base with a bit of a fruity note with the fig but its still not far enough away from the original to make it its own fragrance and let it stand alone.

In a nutshell, Michael Kors should have created Island and let it alone. The series of fragrances are not different enough to be worth purchasing and will eventually detract from the original if they continue to be Island in different colored bottles.

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