Friday, June 6, 2008

June 2008 Lucky

The June and July issues of Lucky are normally pretty small (seen all the summer stuff and nowhere near time for the fall stuff), so I didn't expect all that much from this issue. Truth be told, I'm more into spring beauty than summer beauty. Summer to me means citrus fragrances that go sour on me and 100% humidity to ruin my hair.

So here we go with what I wanted from this issue...

Very Irresistible Givenchy Summer Cocktail - "In this expertly tweaked version of very irresistible, the boldness of the rose is cut with crushed mint leaves - like a mojito in a summer garden" (I LOVE rose scents!)

Ren Body Wash in Moroccan Rose Otto - "This works into a nice lather, and the rose smells so real - it lingers on your skin in a soft, unobtrusive way" (Are we noticing a trend yet?)

Chanel Powder Blush in Rose Petale - "I love the Chanel blushers; this is the prettiest rosy pink and works well over bronzer" ( I love pink blush but i must admit that I never thought to put it over bronzer)

This issue of Lucky has a small article on the Kat Von D makeup line and was what actually made me crave it in the first place. However, I have posted my thoughts on this line previously and have curbed wanting the line.

Not strictly beauty products, but this issue also has a bunch of books in it that I would like to read especially the one about sugar aging our skin written by Dr. Brandt. I need to get this one.

Jean Godfrey June's column...she resumes talking about her love of the Dr. Brandt anti-oxidant water boosters and introduces his latest one, blueberry. This booster is supposed to possess the same amount of anti-oxidants that are found in 15 cups of green tea in only one little dropper full. This is must buy next time I go to Sephora.

It seems weird to say this but I'm beginning to look forward the issues on fall beauty...even just to see some new products.

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