Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Carmindy's '5 Minute Face"

I recently picked up the book "5 minute face" by the makeup artist Carmindy. The first thing that attracted me to this book is that she herself is on the cover with flawless yet very natural looking makeup. Her philosophy is that every woman is beautiful in some way and makeup should be simple and enhance features rather than change features. This advice is worth a shot to me.

Here are some things that I learned from the book...

- Use a blush brush to apply powder in order to better target the areas that need powder.

- Use a powder brush to apply blush in order to better hug the apples of your cheeks.

- Wiggling a eyeliner pencil for better application and then softening the line with a q-tip.

- Use a red lip stain before applying red lipstick to make pigment last longer.

the above tips are things that even I have never heard of and am now eager to try. The red lip stain one is my favorite because i have a red lipstick from Vincent Longo that I love but I rarely use it because it is very high maintenance and requires almost constant touch ups.

I only had one real complaint with this book. Carmindy goes through different tones and hair colors and recommends makeup shades for them. Well, all brunettes do not have medium skin! The only place where she mentions pale skin is in conjunction with red hair. Most redheads have a complexion that supports warm and neutral shades, which is very much unlike mine. So I feel rather left out of this section and was unable to learn anything about shades that would work for my skin tone.

Carmindy gives step by step advice on how to create several trendy looks along with her classic 5 minute makeup routine. My next step is reviewing her book this book will be to try some of her advice on how to create these looks and see how well her advice translates into real life.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too! On What Not to Wear's website, my coloring most resembles Ellyn, the music publicist from New York. A great site, from a true redhead, is http://knittingtango.blogspot.com/2008/02/redhead-color-typology.html .

Otherwise, I did pay attention to her thoughts on "porcelain redheads" and how pink and mauve don't flatter. I'm testing Carmindy's theory still, but since my lips are mauve and my skin is alabaster, I thought I just might pay attention afterall.