Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Essie Fall 2009 Collection

So far in the past month, we have been looking at all types of new makeup for fall but we haven't yet gotten to any of the new nail polish trends and shades. So far, it is looking like both matte finishes and deeper shades will be very popular. The first collection that I looked at was that of Essie. This collection contains six shades that are named after clothing items that are normally worn in the cooler weather months. Essie offers the shades individually and in a kit for those who love all the shades.

Here are the colors...

Angora Cardi - With this deep, dusty rose on your fingertips and toes, the grey days of fall won't have anything on your cheeky disposition.

Bright Tights - To keep the optimism alive this season, try adding this electric orange burst to your wardrobe. The pop of color is vibrant and exciting.

Chinchilly - With the runways saturated in every classical neutral shade this season, try this chic and versatile sleek granite grey to stand out in the crowd.

Midnight Cami - Elegance and sophistication are everywhere. Try this shimmering twilight blue to express your sultry side.

Mink Muffs - Classy and refined, this smoky plush taupe is just as soft, silky and chic as your favorite pair of mink muffs.

Pink Parka - This piping pink hue is the season's must-have amp of color - fashion never shined so bright.

Out of this collection, I only like Chinchilly and Midnight Cami. Of course, I will get my hopes up for Midnight Cami to be a Ciel de Nuit dupe and will end up horribly disappointed. But no matter, I still like the shade and Chinchilly so they are worthy of purchase. I am not really a fan of wearing brighter shades in fall and since I never really used the bright shades even in the summer, these have no appeal for me. The other two I just don't like at all so the same applies. So I guess I would only be getting two shades out of this collection.

photo courtesy of Essie

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