Thursday, August 20, 2009

MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics - Marilyn Minter

For their newest collection for fall, MAC has teamed up with three artists and allowed them to express themselves through a new canvas - that of makeup. Three artists who each use different mediums were chosen and the results of each collection are both unique and mind-blowing. The first collection that we are going to look at is the one designed by Marilyn Minter. Marilyn Minter is a photographer and her collection seems to be heavy on the glitter and bright pigments. Minter's works have often included both pornographic images yet have remained on the cutting edge of beauty and glamour.

Here is the description of her collection from MAC, "Erotic imagery that zooms in a on dappled, glittered eye, or a silverized stilletto splashing in the mud from this Whitney Biennial Artist. Push The Edge Pigment and Fushcia Glitter have the power the make anyone feel like the WILL be seen - and desired".

And her collection...

Glitter - MAC Glitter can be appiled directly to the skin or combined with products to create high-level glitter and sparkle effects on all areas of the face, skin, and hair.
- Gold - sparkling chunky gold
- Reflects Copper - sparkling saffron
- Reflects Rust - sparkling warm red
- Fushcia - sparkling fushcia

Pigment - Pigment is a highly concentrated loose colour powder that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Create a subtle wash of colour or an intense effect. Does not streak or cake. Easy to blend and long-lasting.
- Brash & Bold - bright magenta
- Push the Edge - deep bright purple with pearl
- Cocomotion - dirty gold with an olive undertone with gold sparkle
- Heritage Rouge - dirty brown plum

Clear Gloss - A colour-free gel formulated for full-on shine, MAC Gloss adds polish, shine, and highlights to bare or made-up skin. May be used on the face or any part of the body where shine is desired.

This collection might be a bit on the out there side for my tastes. I think that I could never pull off the Glitter shades or any of the Pigments except for Cocomotion or Heritage Rouge. Really they are the only two products that I would pick up from this collection. Amazing collection but not for me. I do have a friend that would love this though...

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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