Friday, August 21, 2009

MAC Make-Up Art Cosmetics - Maira Kalman

The next series of products is from Maira Kalman, a noted illustrator. Her accomplishments include illustrating a series of children's book and writing a blog for The New York Times that grew in popularity until eventually expanding into a book in 2007. Her collection for MAC is full of bright, fun colors for the eyes only.

Here is the description of her collection from the MAC website, "Cheeky, witty, always amusing, Maira's style is cute and colorful, wonderfully child-like...and sophisticated all at once. Technakohl Eyeliners and magical Eye Shadows full of cock-eyed optimism, with just the tiniest smudge of city-girl-snobbism. Simply sublime!"

Here's the collection...

Eye Shadow - Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well.
- Crest the Wave - rich yellow (Frost)
- Haunting - light turquoise blue (Satin)
- Off the Page - dirty mustard orange (Frost)
- Maira's Mood - yellow pink (Satin)
- Purple Shower - dirty blue pink (Satin)
- Violet Trance - deep blue purple (Matte)

Technakohl Liner - A mechanical pencil-style liner. In formula, soft and creamy, with an intense, rich, colour deposit. Blends on application: dries quickly to a long-wear, non-smudege finish. Versatile. An easy way to line the top and lower lash of the eye. When applied at a 90 degree angle, provides a thin, precise line. For thicker application, apply at a flat angle.
- Colour Matters - bright lime
- Obviously Orange - dirty coral
- Artistic License - bright turquoise blue
- Full of Fushcia - deep blue magenta
- Graphblack - rich graphic black

I think that this is another collection that is really not my speed. First of all, this is a collection for fall but all the shades seem very springy and bright. They are quite unique in the offerings that have come out so far this fall but I don't see them ase being very wearable in the months ahead. Also, they will not work with my blue eyes. Maybe if I had brown or hazel eyes, I might be more apt to get into these shades. The only item that I would get from this collection would be the Technakohl Liner in Graphic Black.

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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