Monday, August 24, 2009

Kenzo KenzoAmour Florale

KenzoAmour Florale is a new fragrance that has just been released for the Fall season. Normally, new fragrances for fall are deeper and heavier and have a tendency to spiceness and stronger florals. However, once every few seasons, a fragrance comes out that breaks the mold and feels to many as though it has been released in the wrong season. In this case, we are talking about KenzoAmour Florale, a fragrance is light, clean, and floral.

Here is the description of the fragrance from the Sephora website, "Begin a journey of love with Kenzo KenzoAmour Florale. In Asia, the light is written in flowers that whisper their solar freshness onto your skin. This scent's gently dazzling impression begins with a luminous, airy top. The essence reveals its luminous, floral heart and comes to completion with a clear, senstive base. The hours pass by gracefully, given away by changing light, enticing you to fall in love. Inspired by the sensuality of the female body and the sense of taking off, of being in flight, the bottle reveals itself with renewed transparency. Suffused in light, it is softly brushed by a poetic white mist".

The notes of the fragrances are: neroli, grapefruit-blackcurrant, cardamom, frangipani blossom, rosebud, gardenia, white musk, cedar wood.

This actually sounds like a fragrance that I would not only purchase, but somehow end up reaching for every single day. This sounds like it will be light and fresh with just the littlest bit of floral, as to not offend even the most sensitive of noses. The bottle is a work of art itself and would look fantastic setting out on a bureau or nightstand.

KenzoAmour Florale...breaking the fall fragrance mold.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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