Friday, December 23, 2011

Aquolina Pink Sugar Body Mousse

Earlier this season I wrote about the Pink Sugar Glossy Body Gel that had been part of my body product collection for quite a long time, I love that gel but can't deal with the rest of the body product collection.  The Body Mousse is the major illustration in why this is one of my least favorite body product brands and I wish that Aquolina would improve on the quality of the line.  I bought these products for the same initial reason that everyone else did and I will not repurchase for the exact same reason, the quality is just not there even though the fragrance is wonderful.  I think that is what this company banks on to get people to buy the products, they all love the fragrance and want to be able to use it in more ways than just the perfume.  I had stopped using the perfume itself a few years ago but I still got great pleasure from using the scent in body products.

"A rich and luxuriously soft cream based on a compound of limnanthes alba oil with extract of karite butter, to moisturize and nourish the skin after a bath or shower.  Notes: Lily of the Valley, Candy Floss, Licorice, Fruits, Strawberry, Woody Notes, Powdery Musk, Vanilla, Caramel."  Now I never talk about prices on this blog, being a firm believer that if you love something enough than you will figure out how to pay for it, but this collection is way over priced.  The pricing is along the lines of Laura Mercier and LUSH however the quality is something like you would buy at the drugstore.  Many people buy this product once for the smell and then are so disappointed in the product itself that they never repurchase it. 

I was expecting a body butter-like texture for this product but sadly it is nothing like a great butter or cream.  The texture is light and whippy yet somehow sticky at the same time.  This cream has next to no hydrating properties to it and does nothing but fragrance my skin.  It leaves a film on my skin that will annoy me for the rest of the night and the only way to avoid this is to use such a small amount of the product that I get hydration benefits at all.  There is just no point to whatever hydrating ingredients are in this formula, I could find 20 better formulas on the market for practically half of the price.  The formula is why no one ever repurchases this product, I firmly believe that if Pink Sugar improved the product quality, they would have a surefire winner on their hands.  Not even lower the price, just improve the quality of the formula, I would glady pay the full price that is asked for this price if I felt that it actually helped my skin.

The shower gel is great in this line and I might try the regular lotion in an attempt to find something to layer the gel with.  If this doesn't work than I am going to have to find a cream in one of the major notes or just give up on this whole body product line.  Which is such a shame because it smells so great and I will only use the body products now.

photo courtesy of Nordstrom

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