Saturday, December 24, 2011

Creative Nail Design Solar Oil

I use hand cream every single day, often more than once a day.  However this time of the year, not even the best hand cream can help my hands and especially my cuticles.  I complained about my cuticles for the past few weeks until my friend gave me a small bottle of cuticle oil that her stylist had given her to try out.  Apparently she felt that I needed it a bit more than she did...

What she gave me was a bottle of Creative Nail Design's Solar Oil, one of the product most often used in manicures and a star on the Makeup Alley Nail Board.  "A synergistic blend of naturally light oils and Vitamin E, designed to deeply penetrate and protect skin and nails.  Jojoba Oil carries Vitamin E deeply into the skin to help reduce visible signs of aging.  Naturally light oils keep skin soft and supple.  Keeps natural nails, nail color, and nail enhancements tough and flexible.  Repeated use drives oils deeper into the natural nail.  Super-penetrating formula conditions skin and nails."

The most positive part of this product is that it works exactly as designed, when rubbed on the cuticles at least once or twice, it helps to soften them and greatly improves the appearance of dry, ragged cuticles.  I use this on bare, cleaned cuticles and then layer my regular hand cream on top, I don't recommend using them in the opposite order since the oil wouldn't be able to pentrate through the hand cream barrier.  It smells very pleasant, the Sweet Almond Oil in it is responsible for the fragrance of the product. 

This product is formulated with Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil, both of which are very effective.  But considering that they are the two major ingredients, this isn't a very unique formula and the same type of effect could be achieved by buying the pure oils at a health food store.  Not to knock this formula but I really think that it could be more complex if the company wants to treat it as a unique product and give the consumer a reason to only purchase this formula. 

This product only has one downside but it is pretty large, the product must be used every single day in order to keep the hydration levels the same in the cuticle.  I forgot to use it one night before bed and the next morning, my hands looked exaclty like they did before I began using this product, I would love if there was a product that would actually keep the hydration levels constant since I will end up being a slave to this product if I don't want my cuticles to be awful for the next few winter months.  I can see myself using through bottles of this product really quickly...

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