Monday, December 26, 2011

Vincent Longo Water Canvas Blush

Vincent Longo is a line of products that I used to use all time about five years.  However in that time, it has been pulled out of the Sephora stores and Bath and Body Works has stopped carrying makeup in their larger stores so I now have to find this line online and therefore I have bought much less of it in the past few years.  One of my favorite products in the line was always the Water Canvas Blush and this is one of the only products that I still continue to use from the line, I have been using this blush since before I started this blog.  It was always a staple in my train case yet I kept forgetting to write about it for some reason, this blush is fantaastic and is the reason that I started using cream blush (and haven't looked back ever since!).

Pretty much the only way that I can get this product line is to order it from the company's website so that is also where I am getting all of my product information for this post.  "Based on the patented technology of our legendary Water Canvas Foundation, Water Canvas Blush is a moist, refreshing formula, so light and natural looking, it perfectly mimics the flush and glow of healthy skin.  Contains 75% Microwater, and unique 100% natural botanical seaweed polymer, along with Vitamin E, and silica.  Moisturizes and protects the skin.  Easy to apply and very long lasting.  Two shades may be used to sculpt cheekbones for the most dramatic, yet utterly natural finish."

This product is the most concentrated cream blush that I have ever used.  Ever...  I am still using the same jar that I purchased over five years ago, I only need a very little bit of this product for my cheeks.  Due to the Microwater in the product, care must be put into closing and opening this product.  The jar is airtight so the product isn't aging at the same rate that other products do.  This product must be kept airtight, it will quickly dry out if it is closed wrong and the whole product can be lost in a matter of hours, the case contains a mechanism that produces a clicking noise when it is closed correctly. 

The Microwater in this product is exclusive to the Vincent Longo Water Canvas line, I don't know how long the company has this patent for so I don't know when we will be seeing other companies using this type of technology.  This technology actually makes the product feel cold when applying it, an odd feeling in a cheek color product.  This blush produces the most natural flush on my cheeks and I get many compliments on how great I look when I have it on.  Compliments on my overall look and skin, not on my makeup shades. 

This product can be applied with either clean fingers or with a sponge.  Vincent Longo provides a variety of application details on their website.  "For a clean, natural look, apply Water Canvas Blush onto the apples of the cheeks with your fingers.  For a more professional look, blend color more intensely along the cheekbones with Vincent Longo #37 Foundation Brush or Vincent Longo Wedge Sponge."  I have found that this product is best used with clean fingers, over bare skin or a liquid foundation.  I didn't like the way that this product blended over a powder foundation (which I rarely use anyway).  The #37 Foundation Brush gives this product a very dramatic, sculpted look which I don't really like.  I have used it with the #26 Highlighter Brush, this tools provides more pigmentation than using it with my fingers but still looks more natural than using it with the sponge or the stiffer brushes. 

This product is available in the following shades...

- Aqua Crimson - peachy pink
- Aura Passion - medium neutral
- Lucky Light - light peach
- Mermaid Muse - deep warm peach
- Clover Mist - deep warm pink
- Forever Flush - medium warm peach
- Morning Tender - bright rose pink
- Nature Ray - light neutral
- Savannah Fresh - medium warm pink
- Swan Lake - medium cool rose
- Terra Dew - bright warm red
- Tuscan Spell - deep brick red

The only shade that I have from this product is Swan Lake, the cool medium rose.  These blushes are very pigmented so many of them would look awful against my pale skin.  Any of the warm peaches looked very unnatural and the deeper neutrals and reds were just too much for me.  I wish that this product contained a few more shades for cool skin since I love this formula.  I would love to buy this product in more pink shades, I feel that the shade range is too skewed to warm and deep shades.  In addition to wishing that there were more shades in this range, I am also wary of ordering these online since they are so pigmented and can look very different in person.

photo courtesy of Vincent Longo

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