Monday, December 5, 2011

Entre Derm Facial Toner

I have been trying the Entre Derm system over the past few months and now I am onto trying my last product from this system.  I have worked through the hardest and most technical of the products, both face creams and the eye cream.  My last review was of the cleanser, a good basic creamy cleanser for normal to drier skin types.  Today we will look at the toner that came with this set, this is another step to the cleansing routine in this collection.  Toners are made to get any excess makeup and residue off the skin after cleaning and to help clean out and tighten the pores.

This toner is made to continue the cleansing of the skin and to get all of the excess makeup residue off so that the creams from this collection can penetrate deeper into the skin and help to deliver the anti-aging ingredients deeper into the epidermis.  "Although crucial in daily skincare protocol, cleansing the skin affects the natural pH levels.  Using a toner helps restore this balance and acts as a primer to receive active ingredients.  Entre Derm Facial Toner compliments the Entre Derm Facial Cleanser by opening the pores and conditioning the skin to respond to the Entre Derm Day and Night Creams containing Somazone.  Entre Derm Toner also helps to add elasticity and resiliency so you look and feel refreshed."

This is your typical toner and the only thing that it accomplishes is getting any excess makeup residue off at nightime.  I never use toners because they tend to dry my skin out, making all of my redness issue even worse.  This toner is no different than the typical toner, it helps to get all of my excess makeup residue off in the evening.  It helps to complement the cleanser since cream face washes tend to not always get all of the makeup off my face especially with the way that I use primers to help keep my makeup in place.  I like that it gets all the residue off but it still dries my skin out like any other toner that I have ever tried does.  I just prefer to use a cleanser that will get all of my makeup off in the first place and not give me a reason for a separate toning step. 

I am very happy that I was sent the whole Entre Derm set from a PR company since it gave me a chanvce to learn about the company and how all of the products work together.  My favorite product was the day cream with the face cleanser being my second favorite.  I would recommend this system to someone that has more issues with aging that I do at the moment since I wasn't able reap any of the reparative benefits from this product line.  Also this line is best for someone with normal skin since neither of the face creams are made for very dry skin and the cleanser is too creamy for oily skin types.

photo courtesy of Entre Derm

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