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Spring 2012 Beauty Trend Report

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday, I am working hard to get some blogging done and to get a few extra entries saved before the spring semester begins.  Winter may just have arrived last week however the spring collections are beginning to be seen on a few cosmetics' companies websites, I think that Too Faced posted their's on the first the day of winter itself.  Within the next month, the collections will come out faster than I can keep up (especially after the semester begins) so we are going to begin early by looking at some of the top trends that we should expect to see throughout spring.  At the beginning of every spring and fall season, Allure has an article with the top trends from the runways and I have seen that these lists are completely on point so I am going to continue to get my information from this source. 

Overall spring looks like it is going to be lots of fun and contains some trends that will be easy for me to work with.  I am anticipating that the late winter release to Sephora of Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette will be huge and that this product will be contained in the company's spring 2012 makeup collection.  I am glad that I am not seeing pictures of the brightly colored shadows that were all over the runways the past few years since they could get overdone very easily, I am seeing more of a shift to neutral eye shadow colors and more vibrant lips, trends that I can easily work with. 

Courtesy of Allure magazine...the top trends of spring 2012!

Red Lips - Makeup artists took red in totally unexpected directions.  Charlotte Tilbury chose a deep chocolate-red at Donna Karan, while Pat McGrath went for a glossy cherry at Balenciaga and a metallic crimson at Yves Saint Laurent.  She described the latter and "young and slighty eccentric".  Trick of the trade - To avoid any hard lines, skip lip pencil and clean up the edges of your mouth with a finger, as McGrath did at Dior.  "It's a fresher way to wear red.", she said.
Messy Updos - With updos, neatness was not a virtue.  "The more disheveled the hair, the nicer it looks.", Guido said of the wispy crown of braids at Valentino.  French twists were soft and loose at Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana, while the bouffants at Fendi were "destroyed a bit" by hairstylist Sam McKnight right before models right the runway.  Trick of the trade - For a roughed-up twist like those at Louis Vuitton, spritz a texturizing spray on dry hair for matte finish.  After securing the twist with pins, pull out a few pieces from the top and bottom, "so it's a little bit punk-y.", Guido said.
Earth-Toned Shadows - In shades of taupe, khaki, and copper, there was nothing overly dramatic about spring's smoky eyes - but smudged all over the lids and under the eyes, these tones were subtly sexy.  At Haider Ackermann, clear gloss topped the copper shadow, which "made the look even more seductive.", said makeup artist Stephane Marais.  Trick of the trade - Soften the edges of the shadow with a domed brush.  "It should look like a watercolor.", said makeup artist Lucia Pieroni, who employed the technique at Missoni.

Tough Hair - Grungy, wet-looking hair - achieved with loads of mousse or a combination of sprays - "has an edge and coolness", said Guido, who created the looks at Prada, Lanvin, and Alberta Ferretti.  At Giambattista Valli, hairstylist Orlando Pita left the bottom half of the hair dry and fuzzy for the same kind of grunge-meets-glamour effect.  Trick of the trade - Start with dry hair.  curl your hair from the ears down, then rake mousse from roots to tips until your head is saturated.  But skip hair spray: it makes the hair too crispy.

Flushed Cheeks - Two was better than one for the sweet cheeks at many shows this season.  Makeup artists dusted a combination of peach and pink blushes on the apples and along the cheekbones.  "It gives a really gorgeous hue without looking too heavy.", said makeup artist Diane Kendal who used the trick at Alberta Ferretti and Proenza Schouler.  Trick of the trade - When wearing two shades of blush, don't layer one on top of the other on your face - the colors won't blend sufficently.  Instead, swirl your brush in both blushes before applying.

Ponytails - All manner of ponytails came swinging down the spring runways.  Some were curled and romantic (Nina Ricci), while others were slicked back and architectural (Herve Leger and Marchesa), and at Balmain, they looked as if they had traveled straight out of The Official Preppy Handbook.  Trick of the trade - Spritiz a saly spray on your ponytail for a messy vibe - Guido's last step at Reed Krakoff - or curl the ends for a polished look, like he did at Nina Ricci.

Crazy Hair Color - Hairstylists went wild with temporary color.  At Gucci, Luigi Murenu brushed on streaks of black and gold; Eugene Souleiman added rose gold extensions at Peter Som.  At Thakoon, Odile Gilbert coated the updos with colored chalk that's used in Europe for indigestion.  Trick of the trade - For real life, colorist Aura Friedman, who dyed the extensions for Peter Som suggests getting a couple of one-inch streaks under the top layers of hair on either side of your part.  Rose gold is pretty on blondes, and pale coral or mauve works for brunettes.

Black Eyes - Black on the eyes sounds basic, but when the rest of the face is bare, it becomes dramatic.  Thinly lining the top lashes at Jil Sander added definition to an otherwise minimal face.  A line on the inner rims at Prada looked tough with concealer-covered lips.  And at Gucci, McGrath used black shadow and glitter for a "graphic, rebellious effect".  Trick of the trade - For a charp, clean line, as at Jil Sander, choose a retractable pencil, as makeup artist Peter Philips did.  "It makes it so easy because it's just like a pen".

I am torn with what my favorite of the new trends will be, I love both red lips and the earthy eye shadow shades.  I can't wait to wear Naked 2 all spring and I am hoping that I find a few more great earth toned shadows this spring.  The colorful hair trend intrigues me but I don't know that I can bring it into the real world, I doubt that I will be taken seriously if I have a few streaks of mauve in my hair even if I can hide it well.  Perhaps I will try this trend with clip-on streaks of color and see how it goes one night when I am going out.  The Tough hair trend is not me but I will try the Messy Updo trend, normally I prefer my updos tight and polished but I will try it out and see what happens.  And the Flushed Cheeks trend?   Just the reason that I needed to order even more blushes!

The picture included with this post is from the spring 2012 collection from Louis Vuitton.

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