Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fall 2008 Beauty Trends

We are now in the official season to buy new beauty products for fall. Gone are the lazy summer days, bright shades, and bronzed skin. This season, beauty is returning to elegance and sophistication. This season focuses on an intense eye or a dark red lip. These two trends have reoccurred every fall for the last few years but of course, every year a new spin is put on them.

This fall we are seeing a lot of bronze colors for the eyes. The one thing that we are definitely not seeing is an emphasis on subtlety and see through washes of color. Multiple shades are being used to create these eye looks and both eyeliner and shadow are needed. The color bronze for eyes is one trend that I am all over. We are also seeing a big emphasis on the smoky eye again this fall. It is now again being created with blacks and grays instead of the colored smoky eye looks that have dominated in seasons past.

To top off all of these dramatic eye looks, a huge number of new mascaras have been released for this season. This fall, mascara is moving away from the basic and some of the new products include products with a vibrating wand, a wand that looks like torture device, and all promise lush lashes. Mascara is my heaven and it looks like I am going to like this fall.

Lips are either taking a back seat to the dramatic eye of are the standout feature of the face. Red is back with a vengeance but this season, we are given many different offerings for red. It is no longer just basic red lipstick colors. Companies are letting us choose if we want to do a strong red lip or we want to be more timid and use a red stain of gloss. This will be fantastic season for every woman to find her ideal red and stay in her comfort zone. No lady should be without a red lip hue this fall.

I have really been looking forward to beginning of fall beauty and so far I have not been disappointed yet this season. I love bronze eye makeup and am really excited that there is now a slew of new products for me to purchase. Mascara this seasons has gone to new heights and amazing effects and I will be testing out all the new products to find the best one yet.

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