Monday, August 25, 2008

MAC Seventease

The final look that was created by MAC for the Fall 2008 season is called Seventease, based the makeup trends of the 1970s. The looks are as varied as the decade, ranging from overdone disco makeup that would be appropriate at Studio 54 to the hippie look embodied by Stevie Nicks. This season has seen a huge return to the 70s in fashion so it is very fitting that makeup looks are going back in time right along with them.

I fell in love with the Gold Mined look created for the Luca Luca fall runway show. This is one the few looks that I have seen so far this fall that I have looked at and fell instantly in love with because it is perfect for me. There are no harsh lines and the gold tones are exactly what complement my blue eyes. This look is a total winner and all the products used are now heading toward the top of my must have list.

The products used are…

- Pigment
- Golden Lemon - Bright lemon gold with shimmer

- Eye Shadow
- Brun - Muted blackish-brown
- Carbon - Intense black

- 7 Lash False Eye Lashes

Barring the false eyelashes, which I have already touched on in previous entries, this is the look that I feel could have been made just for me and my skin tone. I have never used the Pigments before so I know that I will need to visit a MAC counter in order to get help creating this look and I will need to practice it a couple of times before I can wear it out of my house. I am hoping that the Pigments are all that they are rumored to be. I think this will be the first look that I go for from MAC (even though its not my favorite of the bunch) because this one is just the best on for me.

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