Thursday, August 21, 2008

MAC De-Vine

The second fall trend from MAC is called De-Vine, which is all about makeup looks that are based on the colors of wine and burgundy. I really only like one look in this collection, the one entitled “New Chateaux”, a red wine lip color that was shown on the runway for the latest offerings from Donna Karan. This look is more for a red lipstick virgin or for someone who normally doesn’t wear a lot of makeup but needs a dressed up look for going out. The other looks have too much purple in them to be flattering with my skin tone.

This look features what are called gentle red lips. The lips are still the focus of the entire face but the red is more of a stain than a full on red mouth. The look should be rather simple to create in that there are only two colors involved on the lips and the eyes are very neutral and could be created with a wash of a nude, shimmery shadow.

The two lipstick colors used are as follows; the first one is called Lovelorn and it is a clean mid-tone blue pink, the other color is called Lady Danger and it is a vivid bright coral red. The website doesn’t say exactly how to use these two colors to create the look, however they do provide a picture of the finished look. It appears that Lovelorn is applied to clean bare lips and then Lady Danger is applied to the middle of the lips over it and the two are then blended together. I am not sure if this is the correct way to get this look but that is the way that it looks to me. This look is a simple way for any woman to break into fall makeup colors should have pretty universal appeal.

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