Thursday, August 7, 2008

MAC Starflash Collection

MAC has released their first collection for fall 2008 and even though I am still rather timid with MAC, this one has me very excited. It is called Starflash and so it is all eye makeup. I used to be lip gloss crazy all through college but lately I have really been getting into eye makeup and have been obsessed with correct application of it. So the collection (all descriptions are from the MAC site)…

- Eye Shadows

- Star by Night - frosty midtone blue

- Talent Pool - frosty blue green with gold pearl

- Smoke and Diamonds - frosty dirty taupe

- Top Hat - frosty dirty indigo

- Lotusland - frosty pinky lavender with gold pearl

- Sunset B. - frosty clean midtone pink

- Bold and Brazen - frosty light copper

- Grand Entrance - frosty neutral peach beige

- Glamour Check! - frosty reddish brown

- Mink and Sable - frosty olive green

- Dreammaker - frosty yellow gold

- Go - frosted bronze

- Kohl Power Eye Pencil

- Orpheus - intense black with gold pearl

- Mystery - rich black with green and teal pearl

- Feline - rich black

- Raven - intense black with red pearl

- Plush Lash - a mascara that is designed to instantly plump up lashes and give an extreme voluptuous effect.

So, wow… I pretty much want to purchase this whole collection and all the brushes that they would recommend to go with them and to create all their amazing eye looks. Since I can’t get the whole collection, I will narrow it down a bit. Of the eye shadows, I really want to get Smoke and Diamonds, Lotusland, Sunset B., Bold and Brazen, Grand Entrance, and Go. The kohl eye pencils look completely amazing and I must have the Orpheus and Feline shades. Knowing myself, I say that I don’t need another mascara but I will cave and purchase it next time I go to MAC.
I must say that this collection by MAC has me very excited, maybe more excited than another other collection that I have ever seen by them. I can’t wait to get to the counter and purchase all of these amazing eye colors.

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