Saturday, August 23, 2008

MAC Honed

The fourth look from MAC is called Honed. All the looks in this collection consist of a natural look with minimal makeup and fuss. These low maintenance looks are perfect for lazy fall days and laid back weekends.

My favorite of the looks is called English Rose and there were only three products used to create this eye makeup look. Yes, only three. In fact, I really feel that anyone can create this look and there really is no excuse for not wearing makeup a look like this is out there. This look was created for Matthew Williamson, to match his fall collection of breezy outdoorsy clothing.

The products are…

- Brow Set Brow Gel
- Clear - Colour free

- Paint Pot
- Groundwork - Mid tone neutral taupe

- Pro Lash Mascara
- Coal Black - Honest-to-goodness black

MAC Paintpots are cream eye shadows that are supposed to be applied with a fingertip and be easily blended. I have never really done well with cream eye shadows because of the smudging issues and they have always ending up creasing in several hours. This was before I started using Urban Decay Primer Potion and I actually haven’t tried any of them since. I have heard that this primer helps cream shadows to stay put. I have decided to give them another chance and I will try the Paintpots from MAC first.

I can’t say that I am madly in love with any other looks in the Honed collection. They are really low maintenance and I think they are way too low maintenance even for me. I understand that every female should have products to create a low maintenance look but I am still not feeling these overall. Maybe it’s the lack of major mascara that is throwing me off this look.

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