Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Urban Decay Fall 2008

Urban Decay is another one of my absolute favorite companies, especially for eye makeup. Instead of creating a whole new fall line, they use a mix of existing and new colors to create fall looks, which are illustrated on their website. I went through all the looks and decided on a favorite or at least a first look that I would be trying for this fall. As stated above, I always use Urban Decay’s eye makeup but actually the look that I preferred for fall was one with that focused on lips.

The Look is called Gash and the main feature of it is deep red lips using the Gash lipstick and matching lip pencil. Gash was actually discontinued for a time, so its re-release is quite a big deal for Urban Decay fans. For a frame of reference, this is the lipstick that Gwen Stefani popularized and wore for the first in the music video for ’Don’t Speak” (circa 1996). The eyes are made up but take a back seat to the lip color. Muted gold shades are used to create a subtle yet noticeable eye look.

The colors that are used for this look…

- Eyeshadows- Half Baked and Honey

- Blush - Score

- Lips - Gash 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil and Gash Lipstick

There is something about strong red lips that reminds of old Hollywood and the height of sophistication. Also, a bold mouth forces people to listen to every word that comes out of it and I really believe these kind of shades can only be worn by someone with a large amount of self confidence. Wallflowers need not apply.

I was really expecting to prefer some of the eye makeup heavy looks for this fall but I guess it turns out that I can get into strong lips too. I always thought that lipstick was much easier to apply than eye makeup but I have recently become aware that heavily pigmented lip shades are just as hard to correctly apply and are much higher maintenance than most eye makeup shades.

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