Friday, August 22, 2008

MAC Glamodrama

The third look from MAC is one that I feel is the one that seems to truly embody the way I think of MAC (and the thought that kept me away from their counter for the longest time). This trend is named Glamodrama and all the looks under this category feature color, color, and more color. Furthermore, all of these looks appear to be higher maintenance and would take time and practice to get them to appear the way that they do on the website. The look that I love from this collection is called La La Bollywood.

La La Bollywood was created for Manish Arora’s collection of Paris couture. This is strong eye look with black eyeliner and false eyelashes, a look that I have never been able to conquer. False eyelashes are something that I have always wanted to try out but I have never had the nerve or the needed skill to get them on correctly and to pull them off without fear. So this look may not be for me at all but I still love and would eventually like to be able to pull it off without any problems.

What is needed for the look…

- Fluidline Eyeliner
- Blacktrack - Solid, flat black

- Eye Shadow
- Blanc Type - Creamy beige
- Soot - Deep slate gray

- Adhesive/Dark - adhesive for false eyelashes
- 2 Lash - Wispy fringe

I was looking at this look further and I think that it could be pulled off without the use of the false lashes. Of course, it then wouldn’t be near as dramatic but false lashes really don’t work for everyone and I have always been scared to put the adhesive that close to my eyeball. This can be still be dramatic look for the use of the Fluidline and would work best for nighttime. Overall, I think this is my favorite look of the entire MAC fall collection.

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