Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Essie Holiday 2013 Collection - Encrusted Treasures

I have been reading reviews of the new holiday collection from Essie and I think that I will tackling the Encrusted Treasures collection today.  This collection contains six new polish shades and is the first time that Essie is trying the "textured" polishes that OPI has made popular in the past few months.  I am not a fan of OPI's Liquid Sand polishes and I have heard that the Essie shades make these look nice...

The prettiest holiday color collections gain media and blog coverage for beautiful shades and unique products, this collection is gaining coverage for being one of the ugliest collections of the season.  I was reading about Encrusted Treasured on The PolishAholic's beauty blog and I was intrigued by her reviews of what she considers to be a group of truly hideous shades.  It is rare that I am attracted to ugly shades but I couldn't look away from the swatches of these over-the-top colors.  This collection contains six new shades for the holiday season, four of which are glitter finishes and two of which are this company's version of the textured finishes.  There is a chance that I might be attracted to one of the glitter finishes but we will see what my thoughts are when I look at the whole collection.

We are starting with the four glitter shades and then finishing with the two textured shades. 

- Ignite The Night - silver and gray glitter
- Lots Of Lux - bright blue glitter with hints of gold
- On A Silver Platter - bright blue hexagonal glitter suspended in a gold base
- Peak Of Chic - large white bar glitter suspended in a clear base

The textured shades...

- Hor D'oeuvres - silver and gold glitter with large silver pieces in a clear base
- Belugaria - big black pieces of glitter in a black cream base

This collection has a few pretty shades in but it is definitely not my cup of tea.  Ignite The Night is my favorite of the collection, I would wear this silver and gray glitter more often this winter than any of the other shades.  Lots Of Lux is very pretty and quite unique, I don't own any blue bright glitters in my collection and I think this shade will fill the hole very well.  Peak Of Chic is a good neutral glitter shade and I like that I would be able to wear this shade all throughout the year.

The rest of this collection are not shades that I would wear.  On A Silver Platter is an ugly combination of hues, I have never seen anything like this shade and I doubt that I will ever see anything like it again.  Both of the textured shades have too many going on in the bottle for me to ever want to wear them.

I can see the Belugaria shade being a cult favorite, this is a one of a kind shade that only comes around once in a few years.  I like that Essie has broken with the "traditional" holiday shades for this collection but I can't say that I really love this collection.  This is probably one of my least favorite collections of the season however it is certainly one of the most unique.

courtesy of Essie

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