Thursday, November 21, 2013

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

I have been shopping like crazy at Sephora the past few months and I have been earning Beauty Insider points just as quickly.  I typically prefer to save my points up and spend them wisely on the 500 Point sets however I was very excited to see that one of the newest mascara formulas from Too Faced was offered as one of the 100 Point Rewards and I snapped it up on my last order.  It is rare that I open a product the second that my package arrives and start using it the next day but this mascara formula was rumored to be the among the top rated formulas for creating huge, beautiful lashes.  My last few mascara purchases did not give me the big, thick lashes that I usually crave and I wanted to find another formula that would.

I can't remember if I have ever used a mascara from Too Faced before, there is a very good chance that this is my first mascara formula from this company and I don't have much background with this type of product from Too Faced.  The Better Than Sex Mascara is a fabulous formula and I would completely satisfied if this was the only formula that Too Faced ever offered...

The Sephora website states, "An intensely black, volumizing mascara with an hourglass-shaped brush that separates, coats, and curls each lash to voluptuous perfection.  Inspired by the curves of a woman’s body, the hourglass-shaped brush was designed with extra stiff bristles to maximize the performance of this carbon black, collagen-fueled formula. One coat and lashes are full and defined. Two coats and lashes are even more luscious, curled, and dramatic. Three coats help you achieve the most intense, black, multidimensional lashes possible.  Better Than Sex mascara contains a film-forming polymer for smudge-proof, all day wear and unique peptides for the deepest, intense black possible."

The first aspect of this mascara that caught my eye was the unique shape and size of the wand, the past few formulas that I have used have been applied with small to medium-sized wands that were completely straight.  The brush reminded me of many of the more volumizing formulas that I have loved in the past and it made me very excited.  Thicker wands tend to take a bit of getting used to however I have used them enough times that it was very easy to pick it up again.  One of the keys to using a thicker wand is to make sure that your eyes are fully open when applying the mascara so it can be applied easily to the lash.

One coat of this formula is enough for the day and then I like to add a second coat for going out at night.  I have not needed to add a third coat yet as two coats give me the thick, full lashes that I love.  Better Than Sex holds a curl very well in the lash and it keeps the shape for about eight hours.  My lashes remain nicely defined with use of this product, I have had next to no issues with clumping during both application and wear.  My lashes remained soft with one coat of this product however the addition of the second coat had a bit of a tacky feel.  Overall, this formula from Too Faced is wonderful for those love very volumized lashes.

This mascara formula is very similar to Buxom Lash and the formulas from Benefit.  Better Than Sex is definitely going to be one of my Holy Grail mascaras and I will be picking up another tube of this product very soon.  I can't find any drawbacks to this product I love every aspect of it.  This is a formula for those who love high volume lashes and can work well with a more complex mascara wand, I wouldn't consider this a formula for beginners or ladies that like a more natural lash look.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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