Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Katy Perry's Bang Hairstyle

I got my bangs chopped about five weeks ago and now I am heading toward another hair appointment and I need to decide if I plan to keep them or if I want to let them grow out.  I think that I am planning to keep them shorter than I normally do but I feel like I need more ways to style them.  I have been using Katy Perry as one of my style icons all throughout the haircut process and I spent more time looking at pictures of her when trying to decide what I am doing with my hair next. 

I don't typically wear my hair curly but I am really liking the way her hair is styled in this picture.  I don't think that I would wear my hair curly like she does but I love the look of the hair scarf with the bangs.  I have a feeling that this is a wide headband and not an actual scarf so I will need to search some styles like this on Amazon and then make some decisions.

I believe that I will keep my bangs shorter for the time being and then try to style them around this type of hair accessory.  I will need to straighten my hair and then style my bangs before putting the hair accessory on and then touch up the whole look.  I love the 1920s flapper look of this picture and I want to try a simpler version of it.

photo courtesy of Google

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