Friday, December 24, 2010

Awake Clear Gel Wash For Combination Skin

Right now, I am in the process of alternating two face cleansers in an experiment to see if I get better results than with just the use of one. So far, I am not seeing much of a difference in my skin than if I would just use one at a time. I am alternating the Philosophy foaming cleanser that I have reviewed about a month ago and this one from Awake. Both formulas are similar and of the same type of cleanser so I still have ruled out if I would get better results from using two completely different types of cleansers, one foaming and one creamy for instance. But since that's not the case at the moment, I am going to write about the Awake wash that I am using and how much I like it.

This face wash is made for normal/combination skin. It could be too drying for dry skin. The website states the following as the description of the product. "A mild blend of gentle non-soap bases. This foaming, non-soap facial gel removes all dirt and impurities without drying out combination skin. It gently exfoliates to reveal healthier, clearer skin. Natural extracts of lemon, burdock, and ivy help tighten pores and control sebum". The texture of this cleasner will satisfy anyone who loves foaming cleansers or feels that they don't get their skin clean if the cleanser doesn't foam. This is one of the best foaming cleansers that I have ever used. It produces a thick, rich foam that actually doesn't dry skin out. I use a drop that is less than the size of a small button and got all the foam that I needed to clean my whole face.

I found that this this cleanser is more effective on my T-zone area than on my cheeks. It helps to control my oily areas and to reduce the appearance of my larger pores. This cleanser didn't irritate my skin and didn't leave any area tight or dry after I rinsed it off. I am gald that Awake released a non-soap foaming cleanser for those among us with love foaming cleansers but can't always use the traditional formulas on their faces. This formula rinses clean and removes all of my face makeup (I don't use it to take eye makeup off). It didn't irritate my redness but doesn't have any type of ingredient to reduce the appearence of ruddiness.

I have been such an Awake junkie lately and I just wish that I could buy these products at a store instead of just online. I bought this one from and I have no issues with the website, but I just prefer to try a product on my hand/take a sample home before I purchase it. The issues finding the line aside, I love this face cleanser and recommend it to those with combination to oily skin.

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