Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fekkai Essential Shea Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been on a Fekkai spree recently and my latest purchase is the shampoo and conditioner from the Essential Shea line. The Essential Shea line is perfect for people with dry, coarse, or curly hair. And I have all of the above with the addition of static flyways becuase of the cold, dry air right now. "Moisturizing Renewal Complex and Shea Butter combine to lavish hair with moisture, from root to tip, protecting against dryness and brittleness. Hair becomes silky, supple, and easy to style". All of the products in this collection are enriched with the Moisture Renewal Complex and Shea Butter for deep hydration, from the shampoos, conditioners, to the styling products. So far I have only tried the shampoo and conditioner but am looking forward to using the mask that I purchased from this collection too.

The Fekkai website describes the shampoo as following, "Gently removes oil and build-up from dry, fragile hair while nourishing each strand for softness and strength against damage. Sulfate-free." This shampoo is safe for color treated hair even though it is not in the Technician line of products. All of his products are safe for color even if they are not specially made to enhance color treated hair. This shampoo produces a thick, rich foam that fully lathers on my hair and rinses clean in the shower. I have noticed that after a few washes, I get a bit of build up on my hair from both this product and the styling products that I use. I do have to alternate this shampoo with others in order to clean all the products out of my hair.

The conditioner is described as, "Nourishes each strand with smoothing and softening ingredients to help protect against dryness, styling damage, and split ends". This conditioner is among one of the thickest daily conditioners that I have used in a long time and the texture is closer to a deeper conditioner than some of the daily use ones that I have tried. Based on the texture of this product, I haven't found this conditioner to rinse out as fully as others that I have used.

This product line is closer to the Protein Rx line than the others that are in the Fekkai collection. Both products have a thick, rich texture that really help to hydrate and smooth my dry hair. However, with the texture of this product line, I have found that it doesn't rinse out fully and can cause build up so I have to alternate it with others. I have also noticed that the fragrance of this product is strong and I can smell it on my hair throughout the day. The fragrance is of shea butter and is a make or break aspect of this line. I love the fragrance of these hair care products so much that I have it in all the body products too.

I find that this line makes my hair softer and shiner than others have and it is very easy to style. I am quite pleased with the results of it. I still think that I prefer the Technician line of shampoos and conditioners but I do really like this line too and am glad that I bought this line to try out. I might try alternating them for maximum results. I still have the mask to use in this line so I will have some more thoughts on products in this line coming soon.
photo courtesy of Fekkai

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SHARON said...

Nice shampoo! Great fragrance, makes hair soft. Lathers quickly, feels rich, rinses well. I recommend! Great product.