Thursday, December 16, 2010

Awake Hydro-Force Eye Treatment

I have been an eye cream junkie lately, I feel like my bags and dark circles are getting worse by the day. Next to nothing has been making me happy lately and I feel that I am relying much to heavily on the concealer to get out of the house in the morning. I don't know if it's because my skin is so pale with the winter season upon us or that my eyes are getting worse than they were before. Right now, I have been using Awake Hydro-Force Eye Treatment for the past two weeks and am just beginning to see some results in this area. I have had great results from other Awake skincare items that I have used so I am very hopeful that this one lives up to the my expectations.

The website describes the product as follows, "Keep your under eye area hydrated and plump with this refreshing gel formula. Just dab on a little to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dullness, and dark circles - your makeup will glide on effortlessly from now on". This product is said to "instantly hydrate the eye area with a refreshing serum-gel formula" and "plump the skin and reduce the appearane of fine lines, dullness, and dark circles". This formula contains Ceramide and Almond extract to provide radiance to the eye area and reduce dark circles.

I use this product in the morning and evening after cleansing my face. I need only one pump of the product to do liberally cover both under eye areas. I love the feel of the formula, it glides on easily and smoothly and absorbs quickly. Over the past two weeks, I have seen a reduction mostly in the puffiness under my eyes. I am also happy to report that my under eye area isn't getting as dry as it usually does this time of the year. My dark circles are somewhat reduced with use of the poruct but I mostly find that it helps to make my concealer go on smoother and I have to use less makeup than before.

The Awake line is getting harder and harder to find but I do recommend searching for it. I bought this from the website but if you are close to Bergdorf Goodman or a Neiman Marcus, you will be able to get this product easily. I really like this product itself but I must say that I love the packaging even more. The pump bottle is very easy to use and one pump gives you the perfect amount of product for both eyes so I'm not wasting any product.

This product is best recommened for those who have dryness under their eyes and puffiness is more a concern than dark circles. I also believe that this product is best used by those who don't need extensive anti-aging products in the under eye area. This is another product that I really like from Awake skincare and I really wish the line wasn't getting harder and harder to find by the day...

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