Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fresh Rice Sake Bath

If you ask any major editor of fashion magazines to name their favorite company for luxury bath and body products, you will get an overwhelming response of people voting for Fresh. This company started back in 1991 and in the less than 20 years that they have been around, they have gained a full-fledged following from the beauty community. My favorite product from this collection is the Rice Sake Bath, a product that I first tried several years ago when Fresh released a limited edition line for the Memoirs of a Geisha flim. That started my love affair with Fresh and sake...

Since sake isn't a common ingredient in many body products, I looked on the Fresh website for the uses and benefits of this Asian ingredient. For those of you who are familiar with sake itself, it an Asian wine that is rice based. The Fresh website states that in Japan, geishas take purifying baths of 100% pure sake. This bath started as pure sake and then other ingredients were added to fragrance and refine the mixture. The final formula is what we have named one of the best bath products ever invented.

Fresh states, "Rice Sake Bath, composed of more than 50% pure sake, unleashes the detoxifying potential of rice and delivers a fusion of Japanese bathing traditions. Sake increases circulation and body temperature, inducing a purifying sweat to eliminate toxins, while active enzymes soften the sin and even skin tone. Pine extract promotes easy breathing as pure ginger renders muscles pliable and relaxed. Inspired by geishas who performed their baths with real peaches, an infusion of exquisite peach absolute makes for an unparalleled experience."

I love this product in the winter months since the sake raises body temperature and I am always freezing. The bath produces thick, rich bubbles that are a pleasure to lie in. The effect that I have often gotten from this bath is explained by the pure ginger included in the mix, I can almost fall asleep in this bath and I feel like rubber when I go to stand up and get out of the tub. I love the slight peachy fragrance and I get some florals out of it too. I bought both the Memoirs of a Geisha version of this product several years ago and the original when I needed to replace my bottle.

If this is how the geishas treat their customers in Japan, I can see why they have the following that they do... This is one of the world's best bath products and makes a lovely treat for yourself or a gift for a close friend or family member.

photo courtesy of Fresh

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