Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Holiday Body Products

In addition to all the of traditional holiday scented Signature products and candy scented candles, Bath and Body Works has brought out two new fragrance blends in their Aromatherapy line.  Vanilla Cinnamon and Nighttime Tea are the two newest, limited edition fragrances in their Sleep line.  The two current fragrances in the Sleep line both contain lavender and I already love both of them and I couldn't wait to try these new fragrances out after I first saw them on the company's website.  The packaging on these is what first drew me to the products, the bottles are among the most beautiful that I have ever seen from Bath and Body Works and just made me think of the holidays right when I saw the beautiful shimmering bottles.

Aromatherapy products help the user to create a mood, whether it be creating a restful atmosphere to help promote sleep or to help the user get ready to go in the morning.  Sleep and Relax have traditionally been my favorite blends from this company and I first tried them out when I was in college and have been using them ever since.  I feel like very few new fragrances ever come out in this line so I get extra excited when new products and blends come out since I often feel like I just end up buying the same products over and over again.  This holiday season I get extra spoiled since I have not just one new fragrance, I have two new ones to buy.

Vanilla Cinnamon is the first of the new fragrances and the one that I am really on the fence about.  I don't like strong cinnamon scents but I wondered how the vanilla would tone it down and make it a wearable fragrance.  "Warm comforting nutmeg and cinnamon essential oils promote restful sleep."  This fragrance is really warm and just a bit too spicy so I will be skipping out on this one but I can see that lots of ladies will love it in the winter months.  Nighttime Tea is a whole different ballgame though, I just love this fragrance and this one is one of the most unique fragrances that I have ever smelled from Bath and Body Works.  "Soft and soothing cedarwood and orange essential oils help calm and comfort like tea before bedtime."  Nighttime Tea is wonderful and one of the best fragrances that has ever come out in the Aromatherapy line.

This limited edition line is available in the best products in the Aromatherapy line; the Dream Bath, Body Lotion, Body Wash and Foam Bath, and large 3 Wick Candles.  I have bought and loved all of these products so I know that I will be investing in all of them in the Nighttime Tea scent.
The Dream Bath is one of the most luxurious bath products that I have ever tried.  "It's dreamtime!  Our ultra-luxurious, ultra-pampering Bubble Bath moisturizes and nourishes the skin for the ultimate bathtime ritual.  Our formula contain aloe to nourish and rejuvenate skin."  This product is not a traditional bubble bath, it doesn't create the huge bubbles that are traditionally associated with this type of product.  It makes tha water milky and creamy rather than over-the-top bubbles.  It fills the whole bathroom with fragrance and is one of the best ways to unwind after a long day. 

The Body Wash in this Aromatherapy line can also double as a foam bath, this is the better of the two products is you prefer more of the intense bubbles found in traditional products.  I have never used this product as a foam bath in all the times that I have used but I can say that the foam bath properties make it a very effective shower gel.  A small drop of this completely foams up on my bath pouf and rinses completely clean, this is a favorite body wash of mine.  "Birch and bamboo, precious botanical extracts known to purify and soothe skin while pearl powder conditions skin.  For a calming bubble bath, add a couple of ounces to warm, running water."  Maybe one day I will try this out as a bubble bath but for right now, I am very content with how it performs as a body wash.

The last of the body products that came out in the limited edition Sleep fragrances is the Body Lotion.  The Aromatherpay Body Lotion is a bit of thicker texture than the traditional lotion in the Signature Collection and seems to have a bit more of a oiler texture.  This is a great lotion to use in the winter, it is very hydrating and sinks in quickly without leaving a residue on the skin.  "Our ultra-creamy, nourishing Body Lotion formula contains white water lily and malachite, precious botanicals and minerals, known to soothe skin so it looks and feels its best."  I have bought this lotion over and over again for both myself and many other people because I love it so much.

From these new additions to the Sleep line, I skipped over the Vanilla Cinnamon but completely indulged in the Nighttime Tea products.  I bought all of the products in this collection including the matching candle, this is will be the perfect group of products to combat holiday stress and to use throughout the whole of winter.  I wish that these were a permanent part of the collection since I love the Nighttime Tea soooo much...

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works 

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