Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Holiday 2011 Collection

Nail polish has been my obsession recently and I have been finding new companies and products to try for the past few months.  However even as I find new companies to try, I never forget my favorites and the companies that made me first start loving nail polish - Chanel and Deborah Lippmann.  We already looked at the Chanel holiday collection and saw the new nail polish shades in it and therefore today we are going to look at the new holiday shades from Deborah Lippmann.  This holiday season we have been seeing an abudance of glitter polishes and this new collection follows right along with that trend.

Five new polishes have been released, four that are glitters and one that is a shimmer.  I used to hate glitter polishes but ever since I bought China Glaze's Ruby Pumps last summer I have fallen in love with a few of them.  There is a red glitter in this collection that I am very attracted to but I want to see how different the shade is from Ruby Pumps since I can't see how many red glitter polishes that I will be needing in my collection.

First we will start with the one non-glitter polish.  This shade is named Glamorous Life and is described as a "Rolex rose gold".  Rose gold Rolex watches have been all over the pages of Vogue and In Style the past few months so I wasn't surprised to see that they have inspired a nail polish shade.  Rose gold jewelry overall has been very popular the past few months since it is flattering to many different skin tones and works with many hues of clothing.  This shade could be a staple of mine, it is flattering for my pink toned skin and is professional which still attracting attention.  This is the easiest of all the shades in the collection to wear.

The first of the glitter shades is the red that I was talking about in the introduction to this post.  Do Ya Think I'm Sexy is named after the Rod Stewart song from the late 1970s, I believe that the girl in the music video is wearing some type of red lipstick and has matching red nails.  This shade is a "risque red sequin" with a true glitter finish.  This one looks as though it will be more a true red glitter instead of the red glitter suspended in red polish like the Ruby Slippers.  This one seems as though it will need several coats to build all the way up to the a pure glitter red finish.  This one looks as though it will be brighter and more glittery than the Ruby Slippers shade.  I'm still not totally convinced that I need a second red glitter shade in my collection though.  I am considering using it more as a red glitter top coat and painting a sheer coat over a black or silver chrome nail polish.

The second of the glitter shades is a bright gold.  This shade is named Shake Your Groove Thing and this is the brightest shade of the collection.  This one is "full-on flickering gold" with a glitter finish.  This is one of the brightest glitter finishes that I have ever seen and is also one of the truest gold nail polishes that I have ever seen.  This one will get attention but needs to be paired with the corrent outfit and occasion, this is not an office friendly shade.  This might be too bright in many situations but for holiday parties, this will be the perfect gold shade.  I am thinking about using this polish as I was the red glitter shade, a thin coat over a deep navy or purple shade.  I think that the only way that I would really wear this polish to use it as a top coat but I don't really know that I can purchase it just for that.

The third of the glitter polishes is one that I would be more likely to purchase than the two previous.  Stairway to Heaven is a silver glitter that is a bit more subtle than the rest of the collection and will be one of the easier shades to pull off.  This is a glitter that a more conservative person could wear to a holiday party and not feel like people are spending the evening stareing at her nails.  Stairway to Heaven is named after the classic Led Zeppelin song is the only iridescent shade of the group.  This is an "iridescent icicle" and is the most subtle glimmer of the collection.  This one reminds me of sparkling snow and will be great to wear all winter long, this one is not quite as obvious "holiday" as the the previous two in this collection.  This is a polish that I bet that I will ordering within the next few weeks.

The last polish in the collection is my favorite shade of the group.  This polish is named I Love the Nightlife and is another very unique shade.  I don't own any shade like this in my collection and I can't even really think of many other polishes that are comparable.  This polish is a "groovey graphite" and is a deep charcoal gray glitter.  This polish is the most cutting edge of the group, it is a break from the traditional holiday shades and could be worn all winter and I would get the bottle out again next fall.  I want the shade the most and I will be ordering this one.

I Love the Nightlife is one of my favorite nail polish shades that has come out so far this year, I will be ordering this one very soon.  I want to purchase Stairway to Heaven and Glamorous Life since I will get lots of wear from both of them.  This is a lovely holiday collection and at least one of these shades will work with any type of party outfit.

photo courtesy of Deborah Lippmann

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