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MAC Holiday 2011 Colour Collection - Glitter and Ice

Snow!  And no power for several days...and still no internet.  I have been cut off from the world the past few days thanks to a huge snowstorm hitting my area, I still have no internet...I am blogging from school to reach out to you guys.  So it will be a long week and so I think we all need some MAC holiday to brighten up the next few days!

This week, MAC has began their holiday releases, one collection of single color products and the other of gifts and sets.  The gift collection looks very similar every single year, there are always different products and shades but the basis premise is almost always the same so I tend to be more interested in the color collections, hence why we are looking at it before I get to going through all the gifts.  Last year, the the color collection was A Tartan Tale and it ended up being one of my favorite collections of both the holiday season and the entire year.  Glitter and Ice is this year's collection and I am envisioning pale, shimmery shades that will be easy to dress up for holiday parties.

The MAC counter always looks lovely at the holidays and I get very excited when I go there...too excited sometimes!  The displays are top notch and can make me want to purchase products that I skipped over when just reading the product descriptions.  Considering that I already get excited over the colour collection, it is sometimes in my best interests to only visit that counter when I am gift shopping or have some extra money to burn.

This year's color collection is named Glitter and Ice and all the products come in a limited edition white packaging.  "Glide quickly past the competition!  Morning frost or glam night out, here's the twirl, whirl, and winter-wonderful snow globe shades needed to send boys and girls into a double-spin.  What will the judges say?"  I am very excited for the eye makeup shades that will be coming with this collection and I see that some new Dazzleglasses will be coming out with this collection.  I'm not all that pumped about some of shimmer face products, these could go very quickly into unflattering and unwearable territory.

The holiday color collection from MAC...

Glitter and Ice Mineralize Eye Shadow - Fresh as ice, shimmering cooly, this winterscape of six exceptionally chilled-out shades.  High impact solos to dramatic frost-on-frost duets, when it comes to party-style and performance, all score.  Limited edition.
- Snow Season - soft taupe melange
- Hold That Pose! - pale mauve melange
- Frozen Blue - blue silver melange
- Shimmermint - pale green melange
- Winterized - dirty purple with silver, indigo, and pink melange
- Fresh Ice - white silver melange

Glitter and Ice Paint Pot - Paint Pots take to the ice!  Soft colours glide.  Frost sparkles.  Winterized shades add to the mood.  With its creamy application and smooth, melt-free shine, an ultra-modern display is promised.  The glossy white metallic cap - a fabulous twist!  Limited edition.
- Let's Skate - pale pink with pearl
- Morning Frost - shimmering champagne taupe
- For Effect - black with pearl

Opulash - Superlative style & state-of-the-art science merge.  A new formula in a more saturated intense black with extra-volumization, expansion, & curl delivered dramatically with our most bodacious brush yet.  Lasts 15 hours!
- Black - pure deep black

Glitter and Ice Technakohl Liner - With this winning streak of high-style colour, glamour leaps ahead!  Six dramatic go-for-gold shades including new ultra-cool silver.  Line or blend.  Glitter and Ice's dashing white and silver packaging makes this an absolute prize!  Limited edition.
- Silver Skates - silver with pearl
- Going For Gold - gold with pearl
- Seasonally Spicy - brown with pearl
- Fancy Moves - violet with pearl
- Practice Makes Perfect - navy with pearl
- Smooth Manoeuvre - black with pearl

7 Lash - Natural length.  Everyday glamourous.  MAC Lashes are handmade to exact specifications.  Each pattern and design is perfectly shaped and arranged to give a striking effect, whether the look is natural or dramatic.  Available in a variety of shapes and densities.  If properly cared for, lashes can be reshaped or adorned if desired.

Glitter and Ice Lipstick - Poised, ready, waiting - six championship shades.  Haute matte red to shimmering silver.  Double loops all round!  Lips have never seen such a performance!  All take their bow in the dazzling packaging of this limited edition collection.
- Double Spin - pale mauve pink
- Whirls and Twirls - sheer pink with gold pearl
- Soft Sable - cool frosted taupe
- Eloquent Air - sheer white silver
- Such Flare - true red
- What Joy! - deep berry

Glitter and Ice Dazzleglass - Outshing the competition in multi-shades of bedazzle-me pearl, this glamourous six are spectacular, colourful, and daring!  The silver packaging and white cap only adds to the excitement!  Limited edition.
- Pleasure Principle - clear white violet
- Dressed to Dazzle - pale dirty pink with red and gold pearl
- Glitter and Ice - light nude with white and gold pearl
- She-zam - sheer silver with silver and red pearl
- Love Alert - raspberry red with red pearl
- Spanking Rich - raspberry pink with red and gold pearl

Glitter and Ice Beauty Powder - Cool and frosted.  Soft and shimmering.  The Glitter & Ice spirit of the season in an ultra-luxurious pressed powder.  Graceful as all Beauty Powders should be.  The inspiration behind the silver-domed glossy white compact - a snow globe!
- Snowglobe - frosted pinky beige
- How Beautiful! - pale shimmering taupe

Glitter and Ice Nail Lacquer - Your festive finery is not complete without these!  Three limited edition shades that invite you to get noticed!  Bright red to a deep violet, and a sparkling white Unconditionally Fabulous frost!  Look for them in their Glitter & Ice white cap!
- Festive Finery - dirty midtone grayed violet
- Unconditionally Fabulous - super sparkle with ice
- Get Noticed! - true bright red

My favorite pieces of the collection are from the lip product lines.  I love the new Dazzleglasses, my favorite of these shades is the Dressed to Dazzle shades (dirty pink with red and gold pearl), this shade is very unique and will be perfect with my skintone.  I am going to use this against a gold or bronze eye look.  To round out the Dazzleglasses, I like Pleasure Principle (clear violet with lots of shimmer) and the deep pink Spanking Rich.  To continue my love of the lip products in this collection, I have to add the Lipstick shades Whirls & Twirls, Such Flare, and What Joy! to my shopping lists.  The first shade will be best against a more dramatic eye and the latter of the three shades will be the focal point of my face since they are more deeper and more pigmented.  Of course I couldn't turn a true red shade down...

All of the eye shadows in this collection are the Mineralize formula, this is either great or tragic for MAC fans.  I have long marveled at how lovely the Mineralize shadows look in the pan but have heard very divided opinions on how they apply and what they actually look like when applied.  Semi-Precious really tempted me but when I got to the counter every single shade that I wanted was sold out and I wasn't going to try the formula unless I was using a shade that I really love.  Maybe this time around MAC will have more of the shadows in stock and I will be able to actually buy a shade that I love.  I love the more neutral shades of this eye shadow shade range, Snow Season and Fresh Ice.  I am going to start out slow and if the neutrals work well than I will buy the more jewel toned shades in this product.  I like one of the Paint Pots, the For Effect shade (black with pearl), this will be perfect to get dressed up with this holiday.  The Technakohl Liners are the last of the eye makeup that I am interested in from this color collection, again I love the neutrals in this product.  Going for Gold is a great gold pearl and Smooth Manoeuvre is a black pearl, I am so excited about the Going for Gold shades that I am considering buying two of them, I love gold liners.

The last two paragraphs have accurately summed up what I want to buy from the collection.  I will be skipping over the rest of it, I don't need another mascara at the moment (not that I won't buy Opulash at some point later but it's not at the top of my list right now) and I don't like the false eye lashes.  The three nail polish shades are nice but none of them are special and I could find dupes of them from almost any company.  The Beauty Powder is too shimmery for me to really get any use from it, maybe I will change my mind when I go to the counter but I'm not putting it on my shopping list at the moment. 

This collection may not be plaid but I still love it and I am already plotting my next trip to the MAC counter!

photo courtesy of MAC

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