Saturday, October 8, 2011

China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat

The past few weeks, I have been talking about my new China Glaze obsession and along with all the polish shades that I have been ordering, I made one practical purchase of buying a new top coat.  I had finished up my last bottle of Deborah Lippmann top coat so I was looking for a new product and decided that I should add a bottle to one of my Sally Beauty Supply carts when I was checking out more polish shades.  So far this top coat is just adding to my China Glaze obsession and is giving me even more reasons to continue ordering more bottles of this brand.

The top coat that I ordered was the Fast Forward Top Coat, a product that turns my nails very shiny while protecting them from the elements.  "Fast Forward Top Coat penetrates and dries all layers of nail polish quickly.  Dries in 60 seconds.  Leaves lacquer with a glossy finish.  Good for natural and acrylic nails.  DBP, Toluene &, Formaldehyde Free." 

I use this product every other day on top of my manicure in order to help prolong my polish.  I tend to change my polish at least three times a week so I don't always need to apply a top coat over my polish since I change it before it has a chance to really chip off.  The aspect of this polish that I use the most is the shine factor, this top coat makes my polish very shiny and is perfect over deep reds and jewel tones.  It makes my deep blues and silvers new car shiny, exactly the way that I like to wear them. 

I can't say that this is the best top coat that I have ever used since I barely keep polish on long enough to really give them the test of wear.  I tried it out over a pale pink shade and it kept my the finsh chip-free for about five days but it didn't really go any longer than that.  When I pick out top coat, I mostly look for at the shine factor first and then the long-wearing factor second.  I love that this polish has a huge brush and covers my whole nail in two strokes, it is easy to apply and dries quickly so it is very easy to fit it into my daily routine.  The face that it dries quickly and makes my polish really shiny makes this is a great top coat for me and it makes me want to try some of the other China Glaze nail treatments out too.

photo courtesy of China Glaze 

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