Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Korres Wild Rose Mineral Setting Powder

Earlier in the spring, I finished up my beloved Make Up For Ever HD Loose Powder and I was undecided if I wanted to try something new and see what else what out on the market or repurchase the HD powder yet again.  I was able to table my decision for a decent amoutn of time since during the summer I just use powder bronzer instead of any type of powder.  However as the summer drew to an end, I had to make a decision on what to do.  I had been looking through loose powders on the Sephora website and I was leaning toward just repurchasing the Make Up For Ever product when I saw this brand new powder from the Korres Wild Rose line.  I have used and loved the face cream from this collection so I decided to take a risk and buy something other than the Make Up For Ever loose powder.

"A weightless mineral-based soft-focus finishing powder in a universally flattering shade for all skintones.  With Wild Rose Extract and reflective  mineral pigments in rose gold and nude rose, this ultra-sheer silky powder helps to absorb excess oil, leaving skin with a subtle, natural, healthy glow.  The soft focus mineral blend reduces the appearance of pores and fine lines and brightens skintone.  Silica and zinc oxide promote healthy, beautiful skin while simultaneously clearing the skin of toxins.  Titanium dioxide and iron oxide brighten the complexion for a smoother, more even skintone.  Vitamin C is a potent, natural source of Vitamin C that helps brighten skin and soften the appearance of fine line and imperfections.", states the Sephora website in a description of this product.

This is not a high definition powder and it was not designed for to accomplish that purpose, it is more of the traditional loose powder formulation.  However it is highly effective as a loose powder to set makeup and enhance my complexion.  I use this powder as one of the last steps of my makeup routine to help set concealer and make my makeup last through the day.  It isn't a product that I would put in my makeup bag to use for touch-ups during the day; it is a bit messy in application, must be used with a large, fluffy brush, and isn't as effective as a pressed formula to help control shine.  This is not a mattifying powder and therefore I would not recommend it to anyone with major shine issues, your skin will get oily very quickly and a oil control formula would be much more effective for you. 

I found that this powder is best for those of use with normal to slightly dry skin and who have redness or dullness issues with their complexion.  This powder comes in one shade that is recommended for all skintones and has a bit of both subtle rose and gold tones in it.  This powder helps to reduce the redness in my cheeks and even out my skintone.  It won't get rid of redness by itself, I still have to use it with foundation and primer to really reduce the redness.  This product is not made to be a miracle-worker, it is a good powder to set makeup and help your complexion look brighter.  The whole Wild Rose line is a good choice for someone with sensitive or reddened skin and I haven't had any issue with any of the products that I have tried from it so far, so I really recommend this entire line for someone who has had issues with sensitivity in the past.

This product is a great loose powder but doesn't replace the HD powder because it's not formulated to.  I am happy that I decided to buy this product going into the fall and winter, it hasn't settled into any dry areas of my skin yet and has helped to brighten my overall complexion when I wearing it.  If you must carry a powder with you all day, then this isn't a product that I would recommend for the reasons that I stated above.  This powder is best used to set makeup and a pressed powder is much better to carry in your bag.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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