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LUSH Holiday 2011 Collection - Body and Shower Products

Last post was the holiday bath product line and I found some wonderful products to shop for.  This post is about the shower products, including the famed Snow Fairy Shower Gel that I use throughout the whole year.  I already know that I will be buying at least one more bottle of the Snow Fairy and I will be looking at everything else in this part of the collection.  I do miss the year that LUSH did a whole line of Snow Fairy-based products since I would love to own this fragrance in as many types of products as possible. 

I have used both the Snow Fairy Shower Gel and the Angel's Delight Bar Soap and I love both of them.  They are back this year along with some other returning products.  I see some new ones too, including a candy cane-inspired soap that looks very promising. 
Time to check out the shower part of the LUSH holiday collection!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel - The Fairy is back again this year for her legion of fans.  The sweet bubblegum and cotton candy scent of this shower gel is mixed in with iridescent glitter, making her irresistable to those who love all things pink and glitter, making her irresistible to those who love all things pink and fluffy (and those who deny loving all things pink and fluffy too!).  Mark and Mo's daughter Claire asked for a sweet, shimmery shower gel when she was 15, so Mark came up with this fragrance.  We'd imagined it would be popular with girls, but never believed that it would be so popular with grown men too!  Use to wash your body and hair, and smell like a sweetie all day long.  Lathering up in mounds of sparkly bubbles always tickles us pink!  Being a vegetarian company, we use synthetic musk to give Snow Fairy her sweet vanilla-y scent.

Glogg Shower Gel - Get into a lather with Glogg (pronounced Glug), our limited edition shower gel inspired by a festive Swedish mulled wine.  While it may be tempting to take a swig, we recommend you save the warming effects of the organic red wine, brandy, and spice oils for the benefit of your body.  Wash up with these suds to get circulation flowing down to your toe-sicles and heat up those cold, sore muscles.  What better way to beat Father Frost than a steamy, revitalizing shower with Glogg?  Back again this year because we missed it so much!  Winter can chill you to the bone; Glogg spices things up and gets your blood flowing.  We use vegan red wine from a small organic winery in Canada to warm you up!

The Jilted Elf Jelly - Inspired by a brilliant fig, honey, and vodka cocktail from New York City, the Jilted Elf brings a dash of pizzazz to our winter showers.  He's a verdant, sparkling jelly with the sophisticated and stimulating fragrance of ginger and cinnamon leaf oil.  If you're feeling like a bit of a Scrooge or if you just need a pick-me-up this holiday season, pop in the shower with the Jilted Elf.  He's sure to work his holiday charm on you!  Brilliantly uplifting and warming fragrance.  This spicy fellow warms up chilly bodies; perfect for winter showers.  Honey and fig infusions are wonderfully softening on the skin.

Snow Globe Bar Soap - When Mark and Mo went looking for Christmas inspiration last year, they happened upon a giant snow globe in the middle of Hyde Park that you could climb inside and be part of the festive scene!  Mo was instantly inspired and headed home to make an equally spectacular frosty globe of snow, with a refreshing lemon, herbal myrtle, and zippy grapefruit scent to lift your spirits on a cold day.  We loved it so much; we had to bring it back this year.  Brightens your day during dark, winter months.  Refreshes body and mind with a single citrusy lather.  Grapefruit oil is used in aromatherapy for lifting the mood and clearing the mind.

Snowcake Bar Soap - Smitten with almonds?  You're not the only one...  For the softest, creamiest, most luxurious suds imaginable, grab a great big slice of Snowcake and float away on a cloud of marzipan and rose absolute.  Snowcake smells exactly like our Smitten hand cream, and is an all time holiday favorite among staff and customers alike.  It softens and cleans your body and scents it with a long-lasting almond fragrance.  The blend of rose, cassie, and benzoin gives Snowcake its irresistable scent; but those oils are also great for the skin, too.  Your body will be silky smooth and ready to face the cold outside.

Northern Lights Bar Soap - Every winter, a handful of lucky LUSH UK creators travel around different countries gathering inspiration for our holiday products.  Last year, Simon and Jo saw the Northern Lights while visiting Finland and Norway.  Although Simon admitted it was a little tricky to smell anything in Finland (his nose was frozen, it was so cold!), he asked one of our Finnish perfumers to knock out a fresh, interesting fragrance.  If you like clean, pine, lime, cypress, you're in for a treat!  Every piece of Northern Lights soap is unique and colorful, no matter how we slice it!  A super, natural vegan soap that smells of a fresh forest.  Pine needle oil is used for it's fresh, woody scent and cleansing properties.

Angel's Delight Bar Soap - How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways...  Angel's Delight is one of our LUSH Christmas classics and a best seller every year.  It really is hard to say what we love most about our heavenly holiday creation.  There's the refreshingly fruit scent, bursting with tangerines and black currants.  And the beautiful iridescent glitter mixed throughout a sea of bright purples, oranges, blues, and pinks.  What about the adorable star and moon shapes throughout each slice?  Oh, we give up!  We love it all, and we have a sneaking suspicion you will too.  Angel's Delight has a fantastic new look!  Mark and Mo (LUSH co-founders) were inspired by a gigantic, golden moon-shaped picture frame they happened upon in Venice.  And we have to admit, we agree with her: Angel's Delight is stunning.  If you really want to impress the guests at Christmas dinner this year, why not place a whole Angel's Delight on the table as a centerpiece?  Sweet orange oil comes from the peal of sweet oranges.  Orange blossoms have been regarded as highly symbolic in many cultures, often being worn by brides as a symbol of fertility.

Australian Igloo Sugar Scrub - First of all, we know there aren't any igloos in Australia.  Our perfumer Simon went igloo building in Finland, and an Australian fellow in his group had major trouble makin his, so we made one for him!  Fair trade sugar polishes and exfoliates away dry wintery skin, while extra virgin coconut oil sinks in to moisturize and soften.  The refreshing blend of Siberian pine, Australian eucalyptus and sandalwood oils revitalize your mind as well as your skin.

The first two items that I need are more of the Snow Fairy Shower Gel and the Angel's Delight Bar Soap.  Both are fantastic and the Angel's Delight can be saved for use in the spring and summer since it is so citrusy scented, that fact might make me want to purchase more than one of them; one to use now and a few to save for later in the year.  I also must order Snowcake and Snow Globe soaps, I haven't tried either of them but I have heard so many rave reviews on them that I believe they are worth an order. 

I am considering taking a chance of Glogg, I am a bit worried that it might irritate my dry, sensitive skin with some of the spice oils in it but I love red wine so much that I am really tempted to try it.  Perhaps I will see what is the smallest size that I can order it in (or see if it comes with other products in a gift set) so I don't feel bad if it doesn't turn out to be a great product for me.  I know that I will be skipping over the two products that have a pine scent in them, I can deal with the scent of pine in small amounts for home fragrance but I couldn't stand to have it on my body for any length of time.

LUSH holiday products make me happier than any other products that come out throughout the year and I really recommend that everyone try this company out this time of the year.  The returning favorites are best sellers for a reason and Snow Fairy has now achieved cult status and I can't wait to replenish my stock of it!

photo courtesy of LUSH UK

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