Sunday, October 23, 2011

LUSH Avobath Bath Bomb

LUSH Bath Bomb's are among my favorite bath products, in fact they are among my favorite beauty products that I have ever used.  I tried a new one last night that I ordered from the LUSH website when I bought my Shark Fin Soap.  I couldn't just order a single, lonely soap, I had to try a few other new products out.  One of the ones that I ordered was the Avobath Bath Bomb, I had been wanting to try this one out for a few months now but I didn't get a chance to order from LUSH until the very end of the summer.  I am so glad that I decided to add this bath bomb to my cart since it quickly ended up being one of my favorites.

The first reason that I was attracted to it was the color.  As you can see from the picture, it is the prettiest shade of kelly green.  Kelly green happens to be my favorite color and the thought of having my bath water turn that shade was more than enough to entice me to purchase the product.  An added plus is that it smells like avocado and citrus, making it a pleasure to lie in. 
"Sharp citrus refresher that grabs you by the nose and sends you rocketing into the day.  It's our fruitiest Bomb with avocados mixed in to soften you up.  The bright green bomb turns the water into a shimmering haze.  As you inhale the invigorating fragrance, you'll find yourself ready to take on the world.  Each Avobath contains plenty of fresh avocados to rehydrate and moisturize dry skin.  The scent of lemongrass captures your mind and gives you a much needed boost."

The product is used exactly like ever other LUSH Bath Bomb; drop it in a warm bath and then let is fizz and melt.  Within minutes, my bathwater was turned into a bright green shade that made my entire day.  The scent is definitely citrus, it reminded me a stronger version of green Fruit Loops.  I can smell both the avocado and the lemon notes but I also thought that I smelled a strong lime note in it also.  The scent is very pleasant and isn't too strong.  Some people have complained that LUSH bath bomb scents are too strong to lay in for more than a few minutes but I can't see many people being able to complain about this one.  The scent could also be considered unisex, there is nothing girly about it and I could this being very refreshing after a run or other type of workout.  This is one fo the few Bath Bombs that doesn't leave a ring around my white tub in spite of the bright hue that it turns the bath water.

This Bath bomb is yet another winner for LUSH, all the hype that surrounded it was true and it is now up there with the rest of my favorite bath bombs.  I think that this might actually be up there with Big Blue for me, it is wonderful to lay and relax in and the scent is light enough to not annoy anyone.  This product is yet another reason that LUSH continues to be one of my favorite companies!

photo courtesy of LUSH United Kingdom

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