Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chanel Knightsbridge Collection

As I was looking at the Chanel spring collection, I saw a second new collection on their website, the Knightsbridge Collection.  The name Knightsbridge made me think of London and some of the places that I remember reading about in Agatha Christie books, I love the English and have always wanted to visit London.  Therefore, I was very excited to check this collection out since all of the shades were inspired by London and named after well known areas of the city.  This collection is very small, it consists only of one new blush shade and the rest are lip shades.  There is lots of pinks in this collection so I am hoping that it contains some hits for me!

The Chanel website states, "Limited edition hues inspired by the rich and colourful spirit of London, exclusively on".  Now I know not to go to the counter looking for this product line...

The Knightsbridge collection from Chanel...

Poudre Tissee - This exclusive creation, part of the limited edition Knightsbridge Collection, brings a radiant flush and iridescent shimmer to the face.  A unique and flattering compact formula, the powder is decorated with the signature Chanel logo and an elegantly embossed surface.
- bright pink with light pink detailing

Rouge Allure - Hyde Park - The iconic Chanel lipstick debuts in an exclusive new shade - a vibrant coral pink named for a landmark Royal Park in London.  This ultra-flattering hue is part of the limited edition Knightsbridge Collection.
- Hyde Park - warm medium coral pink cream

Rouge Allure - Belgravia - This new addition to the iconic Chanel lipstick collection dresses lips in a lustrous and vibrant rose hue.  Part of the limited edition Knightsbridge Collection, the colour pays tribute to a region of London, rich with history and classic architecture.
- Belgravia - cool medium pink rose

Rouge Allure - Kensington - This lustrous lipstick formula is now rendered in a bold and brilliant fuchsia, inspired by London's most posh shopping districts.  This vivid shade is part of the limited edition Knightsbridge Collection.
- Kensington - bold medium pink fuchsia

Glossimer - Chelsea - This brilliant pink lip gloss delivers the ultimate pop of colour, along with subtle shimmer and a high shine glow.  Part of the limited edition Knightsbridge Collection, its striking hue is named for a thricing artistic and cultural area of London.
- Chelsea - bright pink shimmer

Chanel's new blush hues have been fanstatic this spring, I love this pink hue.  I am just afraid that I would never use it because I wouldn't want to ruin the "C"s in the lighter pink shade.  This is another one of the limited edition products from Chanel that is almost too beautiful to use and might just end up being a waste of money.  So the verdict is up on this product for the moment.  I love the Kensington Rouge Allure shade, I have really been into bright pink lip shade lately and this one will fit the bill perfectly. 

I now want to go shopping in London.  Perhaps I will bury myself in an Agatha Christie book and pretend that I lived in London during the 1930s...

photo courtesy of Chanel

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