Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dior Anselm Reyle Collection from Dior

Chanel isn't the only company that released a second line this spring, Dior has followed suit with the Anselm Reyle Collection for Dior (actually Dior may have released their's first, according to some of the coverage that I have seen in fashion magazines).  This is another very small collection, it is targeted to eyes and nails only, with a strong emphasis on the purple hues that have been so popular this winter and spring.  This collection is actually a collaboration with German artist Anselm Reyle, apparently other companies are seeing how well MAC does these collaborations are going to start putting their own spin on it. 

A bit of background on the artist, Anselm Reyle specializes in all types of mediums, especially paint and sculpture.  He is best known as a master of abstract art and his use of foil as a medium in paintings.  This series is called "foil paintings", that are created using "foil arranged and installed in colored perspex boxes".  He best known series of sculptures are his version of traditional African tourist art, he takes what is traditionally sold in the marketplaces and puts his own spin on the artwork.  I looked at several of the "foil paintings" online and they are simply magnificant, it is hard to believe that typical household foil can be formed into these intricate structures and paintings.  I would love to see an exhibit of these works in person...guess this is yet another reason for me to move to New York City.

Here is the collaboration with Dior...

Anselm Reyle for Dior Eye Shadows Palette - A limited edition eye shadow palette created in partnership with the artist Anselm Reyle.  With this exclusive, chic, and ultra-modern palette, the artist reinterprets one of his favourite themes, that of the camouflage motif, in a combination of daring and unusual shades.  Hand pressed using traditional House of Dior expertise, it offers a variety of shimmering or matte looks in shades of violet, gray, and black for a sophisticated look.
- violet/gray/black

Anselm Reyle for Dior Dior Vernis - Striking shades of nail lacquers.  The "Anselm Reyle for Dior" palette in complemented by a fun range of trend-setting nail lacquers in striking colours.  Ultra Violet, Untitled Black, Pink Graffiti, Electric Blue, and Metallic Silver make up this electrifying range echoing Anselm Reyle's distinctive taste for fluorescent and saturated colours.
- Ultra Violet - bright blue lavender cream
- Untitled Black - true black cream
- Pink Graffiti - bright blue pink cream
- Metallic Silver - shimmering silver foil
- Electric Blue - bright blue cream

This might be one of the most beautiful eye palettes that has been released all season, it is another one that I would be afraid to use since it is so lovely.  I would be more likely to purchase the nail polishes from this collection, with Ultra Violet and Metallic Silver being my favorites of the collection.  I don't really need another metallic silver shade, I already own a great one from China Glaze and the silver foils aren't all that different.  My big pick from this collection Ultra Violet, it is very unique and I don't own any type of shade that is even close to this.

I love that Dior collaborated with an artist to make a collection, I hope that all types of beauty companies take up this trend!

photo courtesy of Dior

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