Monday, January 23, 2012

Philosophy Valentine's Day 2012 Products

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and it is time to begin shopping for the holiday.  We all know that I am not a Valentine's Day person and tend to skip right over the actual holiday itself.  However this does not stop me from buying all kinds of candy and body products that smell exactly like candy.  candy Hearts are among my favorite kinds of candy so I tend to buy bags and bags of them at this time of the year.  Philosophy has taken the scent of the Candy Hearts and based their entire Valentine's Day product line on it.  This makes me want to buy everything in the collection so that I can use it all year round and enjoy the scent of the candies.

This line comes in a full sized 3-in-1, lotion, lip gloss and a set that contains smaller version of the items, wrapped up and ready to give to your Valentine or a good friend.  I will be needing to buy the full sizes, otherwise I won't have enough to fill my candy heart cravings for the entire year.

The 3-in-1 is my top choice from the collection, I love Philosophy 3-in-1s and I think that they are among the best body washes available right now.  "A luxurious three-in-one cleanser with a sweet candy fragrance.  Show your valentine some love year-round with this multitasking cleanser and conditioner for hair and body.  The shampoo and shower gel combin provides a multi-sensory bathing experience with a gentle formula great for everyday use.  The rich, foaming lather leaves the body silky soft from head to toe and the candy heart scent will please and sugar lover."  I don't even feel the need to elaborate any more as to why I must own this product, it smells like candy hearts!

The second item that I want from the collection is the full size body lotion, I go through lotions so fast in the winter months that I am actually considering purchase two of these so that I don't burn through it well before I have the body wash finished.  "A silky, ultra-moisturizing lotion that melts into skin with a sweet candy fragrance.  Wrap yourself in the delicious essence of Valentine's Day year-round with this luxuriously hydrating body lotion.  The anti-oxidant rich formula is packed with natural oils and shea butter to help moisturize, soothe, and soften, while protecting against environmental attack.  The lightweight texture absorbs easily into skin and the candy hearts fragrance lingers with the perfect blend of sweet and tart."

The Lip Shine is the last piece of the collection, I'm not a fan of Philosophy Lip Shines so I am betting that I can skip over this lip gloss.  "A high gloss, high flavor lip shine in the sweet flavor of candy hearts.  A must-have for Valentine's Day, Sweet Talk Candy Hearts Lip Shine is the perfect candy-flavored lip shine for sweet, kissable lips.  This highly emollient lip shine hydrates lips, adds a smooth shine, and offers a sheer pink tint."  This lip gloss shade is a "sheer pink sparkle".  Pretty gloss but also pretty generic and I already own lots of pink lip glosses...

The set is called the Sweet Talk Trio, it contains the regular size in the lip gloss and smaller sizes in the body products.  "A three piece set of lavish products for hair, body, and lips with a sweet, yet tart fragrance.  Give your sweetie something to smile about with this trio of luxurious hydrating products.  The three-in-one gel delicately cleanses skin and conditions the hair.  The body lotion soothes and softens with a formula of natural oils, shea butter, and anti-oxidants.  The highly emollient lip shine adds a sheer pink tint to any pout.  A perfect blend of sweet and tart, the Candy Hearts fragrance will please any sugar lover." 

I really want the full sizes in both of the body products, I want to have enough product to use it all year round instead of just at Valentine's Day.  I can skip the lip gloss and I have no reason to by the set since I will be buying the full sizes.  I many not enjoy this holiday but at least I can eay candy hearts and smell like them too!

photo courtesy of Sephora

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