Friday, January 13, 2012

Philosophy Amazing Grace

Philosophy's Amazing Grace is one of the fragrances that I put in the same category as Pink Sugar, wore it in my early 20s and now cannot wear any of the perfume versions of it.  These two fragrances have been best sellers for Sephora for years and I remember seeing then recommended to me as Top Picks when I first began ordering from there in college.  I bought my first bottle of Amazing Grace right after I got out of college and wore it religiously for several months, this actually is one of the bottles of perfume that I finished all the way to the last drop.  Wearing a fragrance all the time eventually burned me out on it and once the bottle was done, I put off buying another one until the next season.  And then the next season.  I never did end up buying that second bottle of perfume and instead bought it for my mother for Christmas.  Then she wore it almost everyday too...

Amazing Grace is the most popular fragrance for Philosophy and I believe that it was one of their first fragrances, if not their first fragrance.  I do know that it is their best selling and is available in the widest range of bath and body products of any scent from this company.  I may be done with the fragrance but I still list the body products among my favorites, exactly the same fate as the Pink Sugar fragrance.  This clean soapy floral fragrance is great any time of the year and I love picking up new products in this scent as they are released.

The Philosophy website provides a great description of the fragrance and the Sephora website fills in the blanks of the fragrance notes.  "Embrace your beauty, and express your feminity with Amazing Grace spray fragrance.  Our best-selling, amazingly clean, beautifully feminine scent."  Sephora states that this fragrance is "a uniquely feminine blend of soft, floral blossoms accented by a hint of light musk." 

I bought this fragrance is the EDT and the 3 in 1, I want to buy both of the hydrators that have been released in this fragrance too.  The EDT was my favorite piece of the product line initially but now it is the 3 in 1.  The fragrance mist was very light and I mostly wore it in the spring and summer months.  This fragrance smelled very soapy when I first sprayed it on, then the florals came out within the hour.  After about two or three hours, the musk came out and then the fragrance wore off soon after.  I got many compliments on this fragrance but it still never managed to be one of my favorites, I think it is because I smelled this fragrance all the time when I was walking down the street or at work and the appeal of it wore off.  Speaking of wearing off, this fragrance has one of the worst staying powers of any fragrance that I owned, it lasts less than three hours and I have to touch it multiple times during the day.  The lasting power is a big reason why I went through a medium sized bottle of this scent so quickly.

There is nothing wrong with this fragrance, but it just isn't unique enough for me.  I still like using the body products but I associate this product with college and it being a fragrance of the masses.  Another fragrance relegated to my fragrance graveyard...

photo courtesy of Philosophy

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