Sunday, January 15, 2012

Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Trio

I havent given much love to Clinique eye shadow lately, I have been using almost exclusively Urban Decay, Tarte, and MAC shadows.  Clinique is best known for their skincare products especially those that are formulated for sensitive or easily irritated skin types.  I have been using both their face cream and the Almost Lipstick a lot lately which made my remember the Eye Shadow Trio that I have and love from this collection.  I hadn't had some of the best experiences with this company's shadow so I skipped over them when I was buying foundation and lip gloss one day at the counter.  The counter was having some type of event and one of the makeup artists really wanted to do my eye makeup with a new trio that had just had just released.  I had some time so I was more than happy to give her the chance to play with it. 

Currently there are only four Eye Shadow Trios available from Clinique, a bit depressing sine I think that these are some of the better eye makeup combinations from this company.  "Three coordinating shades of velvety, shimmery colour to help create a wardrobe of looks, from subtle to dramatic.  Creamy, intense shadows build quickly, blend easily for lasting colour.  Wear them alone, as paired or layered together.  Ophthamolgist tested."  This trio contains three coordinating shadow shades, the highlighting shade takes up half the compact, since most people tend use the most of that shade.  The compact comes with a double-sided applicator, one side is a sponge tip and the other is a soft fan brush (overall applicator is too small to be useful and mine ended up in the trashcan). 

The four shades available in the Trio...

- Totally Neutral - classic neutral beige partnered with a deep grayed brown and midtone muted khaki gray
- Blushing Nude - palest neutral peach partnered with a midtone muted brown and tan with a hint of pink
- Come Heather - soft heathery violet partnered with a deep purple and a pale peach
- Ebb and Flow - palest blue green partnered with a midtoned seafoam and a blackened teal

I own Ebb and Flow, a more colorful trio then I tend to pick out.  I would typically use one colored shade with two neutral shades instead of doing thee colored shades.  Sometimes it pays to let someone else try something new out on you.  If left to my own devices I am willing to bet that I would have picked out any of the shades but Ebb and Flow.  I use the pale blue green shade as the highlighter, the seafoam in my crease, and then the blackened teal on my lid or as a liner.  This trio is striking enough to draw attnetion to my eyes but is still muted enough to be professional and use in a work setting.  The highlighter shade is the least pigmented of the three and is my least favorite, if I don't use a primer underneath it then it is barely visible on my skin.  The black teal shade is one of the most unique that I own and I wish that it was available in an eye liner formula. 

I hope that Clinique brings out more shades in this trio, I love the format and the way that the shades are put together.  I think Clinique will have a hit on their hands if more shades of this product are released over the next few seasons.

photo courtesy of Clinique

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