Saturday, January 21, 2012

Clinique Almost Lipstick

This spring, Clinique has released new shades in their best selling Almost Lipstick product.  This line used to consist of one shade, the cult favorite Black Honey, a lipstick shade that I have worn for years and always counted among one of my favorite lip shades ever.  I often wished that more shades were available in this this formula and my wish has finally come true.  This lip product is now available in a range of eight shades, from the palest pink all the way down to the traditional Black Honey shade.  I have owned the original Black Honey shade for a long time now and I have already bought three of the new shades to go into the spring season.  This formula is more hydrating than the average lipstick so these are a great product to use in the winter when my lips are very chapped and the shades will work all the way into the warm weather.
"Transparent pigment merges with the unique, natural tone of your lips to create something wonderful and yours alone.  Sheer, glossy.  Emollient-rich and very lightweight.", states the Clinique website when describing the product.  This lipstick technically could be considered a tinted lip balm, each shade is sheer enough to be universally flattering, helping to create the coveted "my lips but better" look that never goes out of style.  Black Honey remains the most pigmented of the shades, the new shades are easy to wear even if you never wear color on your lips.

The shades!

- Black Honey - deep plum red
- Chic Honey - deep berry
- Flirty Honey - bright pink
- Lovely Honey - warm medium rose
- Luscious Honey - bright pink coral
- Shy Honey - cool pale pink
- Spicy Honey - warm medium beige
- Tender Honey - neutral medium bronze

We have already talked in detail about Black Honey so I am not going to revisit this shade today.  I purchased the Flirty Honey, Chic Honey, and Shy Honey.  Flirty Honey is my favorite of the shades, it is a sheer bright pink that will be best in the spring and summer months.  It is a bi too bright to wear already so I will be putting it away after testing it out.  This one is the most pigmented of the three that I bought and works well against many skin tones.  Chic Honey is a shade that is best for the fall and winter months, this one is a deep berry.  It isn't all that different than Black Honey, maybe a shade or two lighter.  If you already own Black Honey, you don't really need this one but I don't regret buying it because it will be another staple for me in the cool weather months.  Shy Honey is the least pigmented of the three, I get a very sheer pink tint on my lips.  If your lips are very pigmented to begin with, you will get next to no color from this shade.  I like this shade but it is the only one that I doubt that I will repurchase since it is just so sheer. 

All of the shades applied well, the formula is creamy and hydrating.  This formula makes chapped, dry lips look and feel much better.  This formula contains some of the most universal shades on the market today and I am confident that everyone will find at least one shade that they love from these.  My initial favorite when I saw pictures was the Shy Honey (the really light pink), I went to the counter to buy that one and Chic Honey.  I grabbed Flirty Honey as an afterthought when I was being rung out and that one ended up being my favorite of the group.

photo courtesy of Sephora

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