Friday, January 6, 2012

Matrix Sleek Look Iron Smoother Spray

I have been playing around with all types of haircare products lately and the Sleek Look line from Matrix has been one that I have been repurchasing products from and trying them out for the first time since college.  The first product that I used from this line is the one that we are going to look at today and this is the product that I have repurchased more times than I can count.  This might actually be one of the few products that I have used consistently since college and still use to this day.  The Iron Smoother spray is one of the most unique products that I have used in the past few years and I believe that this was one of the first products of its kind to protect against the damage caused to the hair cuticle by flat irons and daily heat styling.

I blow my hair dry every single day and then use a ceramic iron on it for for touch ups so I am always attracted to a product that promises to protect and hydrate my hair.  Dry and coarse to begin with, my hair can get even worse after all the styling that I do to it.  I get lectured all the time from my stylist but I have told her that I never plan to stop heat styling so she recommends the Matrix line of styling products that will help reduce the daily damage to my hair.  I first used this product back in college when it was brand new and was in the front of a display at Trade Secret.

I found a product description of this styling spray on the website.  "Sleek Look 4-Step Professional Smoothing System balances moisturization levels to lock-out frizz.  Unique patented formulas helps transform curly, frizzy, dry, or coarse hair into a salon-smooth, sensuously sleek style.  For sleekest results, never skip a step.  Sleek Look Iron Smoother Step 3 Smooth.  Flat iron faster, stay sleeker longer.  Invisible shield protects against heat damage (up to 450 F/230 C) and humidity.  Maximizes the performance of thermal tools with heat-powered style memory.  Lasting shine and frizz control.  Style stays silky straight, ultra-smooth." 

This product is best used on dry hair and used every single time that you style your hair.  When I first purchased the product, it could be used on wet or dry hair but now I see that it is recommended for use on hair that it already dry for best results.  The "heat-powered style memory" might be a bit of a stretch but the product does perform best when used every single day, I think that the effect might be attributed to the product having a bit of a buildup and forming a film on the hair, if I skip a day or two of use with this product, my hair will not straighten as well or as quickly the next time that I use it.  Quite frankly though, most styling products work best when they are used everytime that you style and not just once in a while.  This product works very well however I do not really attach much credence to the "heat-powered style memory" claim.

If you decide to use one product only from this line to help straighten and heat style your hair, this is one of the ones that I really recommend.  Used on a regulat basis, it helps to cut my straightening time down and keep my hair is better condition.  It doesn't hydrate but it helps to keep my hair protected and help prevent moisture loss that comes with daily styling.  This product works best in conjunction with other smoothing or straightening products since coarse hair is hard to work with.  Last but not least, this product has a definite fragrance to it, I can smell whiffs of it in my hair throughout the day.  It reminds me a clean ozonic fragrance, it could be a bit lighter since someone who hates fragrance might not be able to use this product because of it.  The fragrance is the only major drawback of this product, it really performs well in protecting and helping to straighten my hair.

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