Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted

Over the past few months, Bath and Body Works has had two great fragrance releases with Paris Amour and Charmed Life.  I bought lots of the products in both of the fragrances and Bath and Body Works continues to be a on a roll for me with a series of great fragrances.  Be Enchanted is the newest of their Signature Collection fragrances, a new fragrance to both give and receive for the holidays.  Last year, the release of Secret Wonderland at holiday was a great coup for this company since it was a great fragrance and I still hear people talking about how much they love the fragrance.  The packaging on the new Be Enchanted fragrance is perfect for the holidays and to celebrate the rest of the winter months.  I need more perfume like a hole in the head but we all know that I will visit Bath and Body Works and check this one out.

"Master perfumers blended iced pomegrante, sugared petals, and creamy musk to create this fresh, sparkling frosted floral fragrance sweetened with sugared pomegranate and inspired by all that glitters.", states the Bath and Body Works website in a description of the overall fragrance.  Well...I hate the scent of pomegrante, both to smell it in products and to smell it on me.  Based on that observation, this might be the first fragrance in a long time that I will be skipping over...

The top notes of the fragrance are: Mouthwatering Citrus, Iced Pomegranate, Chilled Wildberries, Crystallized Pineapple.  The heart of the fragrance: Sheer Honeysuckle, Floral Frosted Bouquet, Sugared Violet, Dewfruit, Asian Pear.  The bottom notes are: Whipped Vanilla, Creamy Musk, Sandalwood. 

I love the floral notes in this fragrance but the addition of the pomegranate and the citrus make this a fragrance that won't wear well on my skin.  I tried some of the lotion on a few weeks ago in the store, it smelled nice on my skin but I just didn't like how it wore on my skin after a few hours.  The top notes woere off very quickly except for the pomegranate note.  The fragrance developed into a pomegranate and sweet vanilla fragrance on me, it just isn't my cup of tea.  I can see many people liking this fragrance, especially if you are more into sweet fruit and/or vanilla fragrances.

This fragrance comes in the full range of the products that are offered in the Signature Collection.  It comes in the EDT and Body Mist to wear it as a fragrance.  For hydration, it comes in the Body Lotion, Triple Moisture Body Cream, and the Body Butter.  Since it is the holidays, the fragrance comes in both the Shimmer Mist and the Dial-A-Shimmer Lotion, in addition to the full size Shimmer Mist this fragrance is available in the smaller sized version.  This will be great to put into a small clutch for parties, I love the choice to put this product into the fragrance collection.  To round the collection out, both a Shower Gel and a Bubble Bath are available too. 

I haven't bought anything in this fragrance yet and I doubt that I am going to, unless the EDT smells radically different on me than the lotion did.  If the EDT is more of a creamy floral, than this might be worth a purchase but not if the pomegranate is still as strong a note on my skin.  What a lovely bottle though, it will make a great gift or to display on your dresser!

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works

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