Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bath and Body Works Cherry Vanilla

Last spring (around this time), Bath and Body Works released a limited edition line of fragrances called the Summer Vanillas.  They consisted of three fragrances and became such a hit that Bath and Body Works has kept the line permanently in their stores.  Which is great for me, I stocked up on the original launch and was so happy to hear that they were permanent that I went out and bought even more.  The line started with Coconut Vanilla, Lemon Vanilla, and Berry Vanilla.  I have bought products in all of those scents already, with the Lemon being on of my favorite scents of all time.  Sadly, the Lemon was discontinued and so was the Berry but the company brought the Apricot Vanilla back (this was only in several stores with the original launch) and have brought out Cherry Vanilla.

A bit of background, I love the scent of cherry.  Cherry anything, whether it be candied cherry or natural bing cherry.  I flipped out over the Fresh Picked Cherries candle that Bath and Body Works brought out last month and I was so excited for this scent to come out when I was first told about it.  I was at the store the other day and was able to smell and play with it and I just loved the lotion and the shower gel! 

Bath and Body Works describes the fragrance as a "luscious burst of fresh cherry and creamy vanilla".  The top notes of the fragrance are: Strawberry Aquafresca, Sparkling Dewberry, Watery Tangerine, White Cherry.  The heart notes are: Almond Blossom, Luscious Peach, Pink Jasmine.  The base notes are: White Amber, Vanilla Extract, Sugared Musk.  This fragrance is available in the Body Spray, the Shower Gel, the Body Lotion, a Lip Gloss, and a Hand Soap and Lotion Caddy. 

My favorite pieces of the collection are the Shower Gel, the lotion, and the lip gloss.  The gel and lotion are the perfect blend of tart cherry and yummy vanilla.  On my skin, the cherry is the stronger note (unlike last year's Berry Vanilla, which was one vanilla on me than anything else).  The lip gloss is mixture of vanilla frosting and cherry, it's great if you love sweet lip glosses.  I tried out the Body Spray but I didn't like the way that worked on my skin.  I got the almond note very strongly and it almost began to smell like a cinnamon scent on my skin, which is not my cup of tea.  I bought the shower gel and the lotion and have plans to go back for the matching lip gloss.

Also, with my review of Cherry Vanilla, we are going to relook at the Apricot Vanilla since it is now part of the permanent collection (and so few people got to smell it last year).  Apricot Vanilla is a another great scent from the Vanillas collection, the Vanillas collection is so much to my liking at the moment that it is my favorite collection at Bath and Body Works and I have to resist the urge to stock up on more of them every time that I go by the store in my local mall.  This fragrance is described as a "mouthwatering blend of juicy apricot and cool vanilla".  The top notes are: Juicy California Apricot, Meyer Lemon, Dewy Strawberry Leaves.  The middles notes are: Waterly Cyclamen, Creamy Peach, Sugared Honeysuckle.  The bottom notes are: Airy Marshmellow, Tahitian Vanilla, Sugared Musk, Soft Woods.

Apricot Vanilla is available in the Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Triple Moisture Body Cream, Body Splash, and the Lip Gloss.  So far, I have purchased this scent in everything but the lip gloss so far.  This one is more on the apricot side than the vanilla (exact opposite from what I have heard about the Philosophy version of this scent).  The vanilla is lovely in that it softens up the fragrance and makes it a bit sweeter than just the fruit notes alone.  I have even bought the Body sprya in this scent, it will be a light and pretty scent for the spring and summer.  I have plans to buy the lip gloss next time that I go shopping since I just love this fragrance so much.

These are two great new choices for the warm weather, I am so excited to work these fragrances into my collection.  Lately, I have been loving fragrances that are sweet without being overwhelming (like Pink Sugar) and these are two great new versions of it.

photo courtesy of Bath and Body Works


Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

I love this post. The Signature Summer Vanilla's are my favorite. I'm sad that they're getting discontinued at this year's Semi Annual sale (hello yellow sale).

Apricot Vanilla & Berry Vanilla are my favorites. I also like Coconut Vanilla & Cherry Vanilla. Unfortunately I never got a change to try the Lemon Vanilla.

queenisabelle29 said...

I know how you feel, I am trying to resist the urge to stock up like crazy on the Cherry and Apricot. You missed a lot with Lemon Vanilla, it was my favorite of the whole collection.