Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MAC Fashionflower

The MAC collections just keep coming and this is the one that I have been the most excited for since I first read about it earlier this spring.  Fashionflower is collection of shades that have been inspired by tropical flowers and are perfect to wear in both the spring and summer.  We all know that I love flowers and I am so excited that the flowers in my yard are finally blooming.  I can't wait to go to the MAC counter later this week and pick up some of these new items, new pinks are at the top of my list!

"A stylish fusion of the floral and the fashionable in a summer colour collection that evokes the cool side of the hottest season.  Join these rare blossoms and succumb horticulturally to a bouquet that's equally parts fleur and couture!", states the MAC website when describing the collection.  This collection is right on trend with all the floral designs and products we have been seeing the past few months.

Here is the collection...

Fashionflower Eye Shadow - Get a cultivated connection to the greenhouse and the fashion house with daisy-debossed Eye Shadows in scintillating summer shades perfect for every budding beauty!
- Fresh Daisy - frosty white yellow
- Aqua - aqua blue
- Lucky Green - frosted midtone lime
- Free To Be - bright true coral
- Groundcover - midtone warm gray
- Bows & Curtseys - metallic hunter green

Studio Fix Boldblack Lash - Fashionflower girls' confidence stems from petal-light lashes that sprout dramatically with a new Mascara that's intensely carbon.  A high-coverage, long-lasting formula matched with a molded brush.  Get lashes that are blacker than black!
- Boldblack - carbon black

Penultimate Eye Liner - A liquid pen-style liner that provides the ultimate precise, bold line in a rich, deep carbon black shade.  Goes on fluidly, in one steady stroke, to style any fashion on eye line.
- Rapidblack - carbon black

Lipstick - Colour plus texture for the lips.  Stands out on the runway.  Simmers on the street!  What made MAC famous.
- Mlle - light white pink
- Summer Shower - light aqua
- Growing Trend - midtone taupe nude
- Ever Hip - bright creamy coral

Lipgelee - A soft-textured jelly glosser for the lips.  Fab to apply.  Squeezes on.  Distributes evenly and easily via its special slanted tip.  Moisturizes and conditions the lips - saps them up!  Makes them look wet, shiny, super-lush!  Comes in a wide range of sheer, soft tints.
- Fashionflower - pale pink
- Now in Season - pale yellow
- Budding Beauty - pale coral

Fashionflower Beauty Powder - Unfolding and flourishing, perennial prima donnas embrace the Growing Trend of faces lightly dusted with daisy-debossed Beauty Powder.
- Light Sunshine - pastel neutral pink with soft gold and pink sparkles
- Alpha Girl - soft peachy pink with gold nuances

I just love the flower imprints on the powders in this collection, reminds me so much of A Rose Romance!  I think my favorite piece of the collection is the Lipgelee in Fashionflower, the pale sparkly pink.  I have read that this formula of gloss is super shimmery but without much pigment.  For the lips, I also like the Mlle Lipstick shade, the pinks are only shades that I am interested in this collection.  I have a love/hate relationship with Beauty Powders, I often love the shades however using them as blush doesn't always give me the pigment payoff that I crave.  They usually work best on me in the fall and winter months when my skin is pale and I have to put them away in the summer months becuase they do not show up at all with a tan.  Knowing this, I still like the Alpha Girl shade but I am going to try to find a MAC Blush close to the shade itself.

I have heard very mixed reviews on the Eye Shadows, several were considering to be fantastic, others chalky and harder to work with.  I read about these shades on the Temptalia blog and I was happy to see that two of my favorite shades were listed as the better ones of the collection; Fresh Daisy and Lucky Green.  Free To Be didn't fare quite as well in her reviews but I still want to play with it at the MAC counter since it is a very unique shade.  I love all three of these shades for the warm weather.

What I can say?!  I just love flowers!

photo courtesy of MAC

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