Monday, July 15, 2013

Anna Paquin's Blowback Hair Style

I love wearing my hair up especially when the weather outside makes it very difficult for me to wear my long, thick hair down (at least without dying of heat stroke) and I try to find as many ways to style it like this as I can.  Right now, I have my bangs swept to the side and they are getting a bit on the long side.

I have a hair appointment later this week and part of me wonders if regular bangs would let me pull off a look like this a bit better or if they would only make it worse.  I am thinking that this might be more of a creative blow dry technique than an actual style.

I love this picture of Anna Paquin from early in the True Blood series (a favorite show and book series of mine) and this is exactly how I would love to get my hair to look for the summer.  It's clean and non fussy but still polished enough to wear with a sundress.  I am going to try and my bangs back and see what happens over the next few days!

photo courtesy of Google

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