Saturday, July 27, 2013

Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser

I was using an oil based face cleanser for the past few weeks and I have decided that this type of formulation will one that I will use more in the late fall and throughout the winter, I like face oils but I don't think that I need one at this time of the year.  I finished up that product and was excited to see that Sephora has restocked the Korres Milk Proteins Foaming Cream Cleanser after several months and I ordered it right away.  You guys may remember me lamenting that this product has been out of stock in both the stores and the website for at least three months and I have wanted to try it ever since I first saw it on Sephora's website.  I have used it for a few days now and I can firmly attest that this face wash was worth the wait...

I used the original formula of the Milk Proteins Face Cleanser earlier this year and that was a good formula for the fall or spring, I would find it to be too heavy for the summer months and am glad that I can use the foaming formula for the rest of the summer and early fall.  I couldn't use this formula in the cold weather but the combination of the two formulas would get me through the whole year in this face care line.

I am not sure if this product is exclusive to Sephora but I have only ever seen this product there and that is where I ordered it from.  "A gentle cleanser that transforms into a rich foam for effective, soap-free cleansing.  This product cleanses in one step, effectively washing away dirt, impurities, and makeup from the face and eyes. Formulated with milk proteins, it provides skin-enhancing lactose and essential amino acids to form a protective hydration shield on the skin. The combination of 100-percent natural emulsifiers and vegetable oils leaves skin supple and hydrated. This pure and mild formula is ideal for all skin types."

The following are key ingredients of the face cleanser.  "Milk Proteins: Nourish and moisturize the skin; provide essential amino acids.  100% Natural Emulsifiers and Vegetable Oils: Leave skin supple and hydrated while ensuring excellent tolerance across the eyes and skin."

I used too much of this wash my first time around and hated the results, I used the amount for this one that I would have used for the regular cream formula (about a nickel size, maybe slightly larger) and I was left with residue all over my face and couldn't stand the feeling that was on my face.  The next time that I used the product, I used the correct amount and got a much better result.  The dime sized drop foamed up completely and created enough foam to completely cover my entire face.  It rinsed cleanly and left very little product residue.  The only way that I knew there was product residue was that I used a Clinique toner after it and there was very little cleanser residue on the cotton ball.  There was a small amount of foundation/concealer/bronzer/primer residue on the cotton ball and this is normal for me.  I usually tend to have this issue with any face cleanser since I use such high quality primers.

This product doesn't dry my face out like some foaming or gel cleansers have and I attribute this to the Milk Proteins and the vegetable oils that don't strip skin and help to build the strengthen the skin's moisture barrier.  I need more products like this in my life, I love the Korres brand of skincare and will continue to eagerly jump on new products from them as they release to Sephora.  I think I might own the whole Milk Proteins line at this point...

photo courtesy of Sephora

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