Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Eye Shadow

I have made my first purchase from Bobbi Brown and already one product has convinced that I will be buying many more products from this brand in the coming months.  I had often read great reviews of the best sellers in this line and really liked many of the seasonal collections but being the creature of habit that I am, many of you know that I will immediately head to the NARS and Urban Decay counters as soon as I enter Sephora and miss most of the other products that are featured.  I decided to ignore both counters when I was in there at the beginning of this month and see what I walked out with.  The answer - Bobbi Brown...and a new obsession is born!

The Bobbi Brown area of Sephora is pretty large and there is a full counter from this brand in Macy*s so it was hard for me to decide where I wanted to begin with trying this brand out for the first time.  I considered lip gloss but I have been trying to expand my eye shadow horizon and add to this area of my makeup collection more than any other.  I also wanted a makeup product that I could use now and then into the fall and winter months, nothing super trendy or that would only work with a summer tan.  After looking at nearly everything in the collection, I decided to buy a pot of the Metallic Long-Wear Cream Eye Shadow and see how I liked it in comparison to my favorite Chanel cream eye shadow formulation.

I just bought this product at the beginning of the month but cannot find it on the Sephora website at the moment so I pulled all my information and photos from the Bobbi Brown website.  "Luxe metallics for eyes. Our award-winning formula-infused with sparkle. For a sheer effect, blend on lids with your fingers. For a more dramatic look, add another layer. Or wear on top of your favorite matte cream shadow for soft shimmer. Stays color-true and crease-free all day."

I only saw this product available in one shade at Sephora so imagine my surprise when the Bobbi Brown website offered it in six shades.  I will have to order more from that website since I really like this formula. 

This product is available in the following shades:

- Antique Gold - deep gold sparkle
- Black Pearl - medium purple
- Brown Metal - warm brown sparkle
- Goldstone - gold sparkle
- Opal - opalescent pink
- Pink Oyster - shimmering pink

Sephora only offers this product in Goldstone and this is the shade that I purchased.  This is a bright gold shade with a great sparkling finish to it.  I used this product with the Bare Minerals eye shadow primer and I wouldn't use any product without some kind of primer on my eyes, I can't use any type of eye makeup by itself anymore.  I have used this product in both ways that are mentioned in the description, one coat is good for a sheer day time wash of gold shimmer and two coats are best for a full shimmering gold eye.  I prefer to use the product in the second way, this is how the product really shines and makes it unique among the rest of the cream eye shadows on the beauty product market.  Two coats are best reserved for getting dressed up at night, this look is a bit dramatic for the daytime and would not work in a professional environment.  Either method of use will ensure all day wear and the color doesn't budge until I use eye makeup remover to clean it off at night.  I do need two swipes of an eye makeup soaked cotton ball to get this product off fully, it really is long wearing and I wouldn't even attempt to remove it without some type of good quality makeup remover.

When compared to other cream eye shadows, this is one of the better performing products that I have used.  It is higher quality and longer lasting then the Paintpot formula from MAC.  It is on the same level of quality and pigmentation as Chanel's Illusion d'Ombre (a current favorite of mine).  It is less dramatic than either Liquid Metal or Cream Pigment from Illamasqua and is easier than both of the formulas to wear.

This product from Bobbi Brown is very high quality and I am very excited to order more of the shades from the Bobbi Brown website.  I want to order most of the shades now, I want Antique Gold and Black Pearl for the fall months and then to order Opal and Pink Oyster for next spring.

photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown

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