Sunday, July 28, 2013

OPI Fall/Winter 2013 Collection - San Francisco

Today we are back to the fall collections and I am ready to look at more new nail polish shades for fall!  We looked at the Butter London fall collection earlier this month and while I did like them, I was somewhat dismayed because the company released several shades that would be perfect for summer and decided not to create "traditional" fall shades.  I am ready for some deep jewel tones and want to expand my collection, I must say that my neons are getting a little old and I am ready to buy some new shades.  I saw the advertisement for the new OPI collection in several of the August issues of leading beauty magazines and this is a collection that will meet my expectations of what I want for fall.  I have been using OPI more than usual recently and I love the huge brush and how easy the polishes are to apply, this brand is truly error proof in application and the recent shades that I have used have much better formulas than those from when I first started using the brand about a year and a half ago.  I wonder if I got a few bad bottles in the beginning or if OPI has slowly been revamping its polish formula...

The fall/winter collection for this brand is another one of their city-inspired collections, this one is inspired by San Francisco and contains a huge variety of hues and some shades that are available in the new Liquid Sand finish.  I personally have not found a shade that I like in this finish but maybe this collection will change my mind.  I like OPI collections for how easy they are to find and how wearable most of the shades are, this is one of the safest and most widely used nail polish lines on the market today.  I am excited to see silver, blue, and deep purple hues in this collection and am already starting to think about what shades I want to add to my collection this fall!

Here is the San Francisco collection from OPI!

- A-Piers to be Tan - medium warm tan cream
- Dining al Frisco - medium blue with silver frost
- Haven't the Foggiest - medium silver foil
- Peace and Love and OPI - deep charcoal foil
- Keeping Suzi at Bay - navy blue cream
- Incognito in Sausalito - very deep navy blue cream
- Lost on Lombard - deep cool berry red cream
- I Knead Sour-Dough - warm plum brown with subtle shimmer
- Muir Muir on the Wall - deep plum with shimmer
- In the Car-Pool Lane - deep oxblood cream
- Embraca-Dare Ya! - bright magenta with warm gold shimmer
- First Date at the Golden Gate - medium warm red cream
- It's All San Andrea's Fault - medium cool taupe (Liquid Sand Finish)
- Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! - medium navy blue (Liquid Sand Finish)
- Alcatraz...Rocks - deep cool purple (Liquid Sand Finish)

The blues and silvers in this collection are the shades that I will be adding to my collection first.  Haven't the Foggiest is my first choice, I am almost finished with my bottle of Platinum Silver from China Glaze and would benefit from a new bottle of silver foil.  Peace and Love and OPI is my second choice, I use silvers as neutrals all throughout the year and this is another good choice for me.  The blue shades would all have a home in my collection, I love Keeping Suzi at Bay and Incognito in Sausalito and I will be playing around with them and the silvers in accent manicures this fall.  Muir Muir on he Wall and In the Car-pool Lane will round out the rest of the collection for me and Muir Muir will fill the lack of ox blood shades in my polish collection.

The navy blue shade in the Liquid Sand finish makes me want to try it more now than in collections past.  I will try to find more photos and reviews of Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! and see how finish looks when applied.  I will also see if my salon carries this shade and what the overall thoughts are on it.  I will report back if I decide to purchase this Liquid Sand shade.

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